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  1. This thread reminds me of the first marathon runner: After running 26 12 miles and breathlessly giving his message, he was killed. Pakprotector does come across as opinionated on AK IMO. His penchant for choke input power supplies puts him at odds against Craig's preference for capacitive input pi filters. He is also biased toward the old Citations. Again, IMO, the only good thing about the Citation is the output iron. Send a pair to Craig and, I'm sure, he could build a pair of mono-blocs that would bow the doors off a stock, recapped Citation II. Gary, I feel your post was uncouth and unwarranted. It can only hurt your stellar respect here abouts. Craig is big enough to stand up for himself. He doesn't need the homeboys riling up trouble. Obviously unaware of Douglas' post before reading of it here, Craig responded just this evening. I'm off. Got to catch a plane early in the AM for a big 3D shoot in Indiana.
  2. What a sad moment.>( Yet the future is bright:<) Good luck with the build Tom.
  3. Someone has a visual on their ilium. Who, As to you initial hypothesis: If we the aged hearing impaired have gone to thermionic valves to get more high frequency output, why do we eschew tone controls? Wouldn't t make more sense to say that the high frequency impaired music lover would opt for SS and a large range of tone controls?
  4. Scarcity is the key to their value. Not many people were willing to lay out the big bucks JBL wanted back in the seventies when one could get a pair of similar sounding Cornwalls for $800 or LaScalas for a few hundred more. Even Khorns were less expensive and much better.
  5. Thanks for the good wishes Craig, Gregg and Patrick. Pete, There is a big tournament in Vegas every February. It is possible to win $100K in Vegas. Just not in archery.-) The top pro in Vegas this year got about $20K total from the tournament and his sponsors (endorsements). (I typed this like 2 hours ago. Forgot to hit "post". Duh!) Thanks CP1. Thebes, That was the new Poseidon front end boards for the Dynaclones. That's sooo yesterday!^) Really, they are playing now. Beautiful sound. Craig says his VRDs are better but even if they are just equal, I can see why people rave about his amps.
  6. You forgot "handsome"!!!! ROTFL!!!! "Old hens" I like that.
  7. Hello!!!! Thanks all for your concern. It's been a busy spring with archery, landscaping and sleeping taking up most of my time. I love my system as it is and have not built or bought a danged thing audio in a while. This coming weekend, I'll be in Bedford, Indiana at a 3d shoot. The first leg of the IBO Triple Crown. Here is a pic of me with one of my accomplishments in March. My first 300 score in a tournament. I won the State Championship my class.
  8. "Those being, able to hear the cabinets, and mildly abrasive mids/treble". Funny, "the mildly abrasive Mids/treble" is the exact quality I look for in my speakers. I have never been to a live concert where the mids and treble have been smooth as in the audiopile sound. To paraphrase Henry Clay:"But, as for me, give me mid-range bite or give me silence". I'll be watching with the others for your review of the Tomwalls.
  9. From Powerline: Nat "King" Cole was born on St. Patricks's Day, though until Daniel Mark Epstein did the research for his biography of Cole, we weren't entirely sure that the year was 1919. He was born in Montgomery, Alabama and grew up in Chicago after his father moved the family there in 1923 to pursue a career in the ministry. Cole first made his name as a jazz pianist. He developed an intensely loyal jazz audience with the King Cole Trio, the trio that established the piano/guitar/bass format as a formidable jazz vehicle. It is almost unbelievable, given Cole's talent as a vocalist, that the Trio in fact began as an instrumental combo. Cole was a child prodigy on the piano, which he took up at age 4. He played by ear until he was 12 and began taking lessons. By age 15 he had dropped out of high school to become a full-time professional musician. Earl Hines was Cole's original inspiration: "Everything I am I owe to that man, because I copied him." Like Louis Armstrong, Cole must have been a man of incredible inner strength to withstand the racial indignities of the era and convey nothing but ease and joy in his music. In the video above, Cole performs "Sweet Lorraine" with Oscar Peterson on piano, Ray Brown on bass, and Herb Ellis on guitar. Coleman Hawkins joins in for a solo on the instrumental break. "Sweet Lorraine" was one of Cole's favorite songs. Indeed, Cole recorded it with the Trio (Oscar Moore on guitar and Wesley Prince on bass) in 1941 at their first Decca session. I don't know whether Cole's version of "Sweet Lorraine" charted, but 118 of his recordings did, placing him in the company of Sinatra (209), Elvis (149), Glenn Miller (129) and Louis Armstrong (85) in the empyrean of American popular music."
  10. "nice murders" Grasshopper? []
  11. I'll third that! Outside of swapping between my favorite amplifiers, Mono 10s and Dynaclones, SETs, I am thrilled with the sound of my system. I listen 10 hours a day and it plays overnight as my wife likes the music to help her get back to sleep if she wakes during the night. ENJOY Joe!!! BTW: I've had to send back brand new SS equipment for problems. At least with tube amps, I can fix them myself. []
  12. I think the one that sounds better to an individual would depend on the prejudice of the listener. Who was hornier, Paul Klipsch or Bruce Edgar.
  13. Good show OB!! I'll let you in on a deep, dark secret. Heresys were advertised as 2/3rds of a Klipschorn. That might have been a little stretch[] but with a properly set up subwoofer, they can be closer than that. Better, IMO, than Belles with a subwoofer. The direct radiator of the Heresys blends better than the horn of the Belles. Keep an eye out for a used SW-12 or 15 (or Sw-xx II). For a few hundred, with frequency, level and infinate phase adjustment they are a bargain. For you Techno music lovers: No, they don't go down to 10 Hz but are great down to the 25Hz found in clasic rock recordings. The Scotts have a low frequency built in filter anyhow to supress the turntable rumble endemic in the playback equipment of the times. Rock on OB!
  14. SET IS BEST!!!!!! You should keep your PP in the loo. VRD = Very Rampant Distortion!!!! Blueberries are for muffins!!! CD sounds better and is more accurate!!! If you don't have at least 20 Watts, you are doomed to a life of compression!!! Active crossovers are for auditoriums!!! If it's WAR you want, WAR you will get!!!!!
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