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    1: BAT VK-55 Amp, BAT VK-3ix Pre Amp, Rega Apollo CD Player, Project Audio 6Perspex Turntable with Sumiko Black Bird Cartridge, Isoteck EV03 Aquarius Conditioner with Klipsch Curly Maple Cornwalls.

    2: MaIntosh MC2155 Amp, McIntosh C29 Pre Amp, Sony 333ES SACD Player & Rega-RP3 with Elys 2 Cartridge. Klipsch oiled walnut Forte II Speakers.

    3: HT - Sony STR-DA5700ES, Denon DVD 5910 Reference DVD/CD/SACD Player, Sony BDP-S490 Blue-ray Player. Oiled Walnut Cornwalls, Oiled Walnut Vertical Cornwall center, Klipsch THX Ultra Surrounds, RSW 15 Sub.

    4: Tandberg TR 2045 Receiver, Sony SCD-C200ES CD Changer with Klipsch 1.5 Speakers.

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  1. boomac

    NFL 2017

    WVU80 said: " My Steelers are #3 but I'm not so sure about that defense, although I like rookie TJ Watt, JJ Watt's brother." All three Watt boys played HS Football 4 miles down the road from me and we went to quite a few of their games. TJ played QB and defensive end for Pewaukee HS and he was a load. A good friend's twin boys played against TJ and they say he was the best all around player they ever encountered. The kid was a great LB at Wisconsin and I was disappointed the Packers passed on him when they took another Badger LB. Don't know if he can match JJ when healthy. Very nice family too.
  2. boomac

    NFL 2017

    Stafford is one of the best QBs in the NFL. With him at QB, a darn good coach and potentially a decent running game; the Lions will be a formidable opponent for anybody, including the Falcons come this Sunday.
  3. boomac

    Paragon System E preamplifier

    I've never seen or heard of one. You ever talk to Mark Craig? Nice avatar Guy. Great LP!
  4. boomac

    A couple recent concerts

    Wife and I drove up to Madison for the Boz Skaggs Concert the other night. It was fantastic. Nice venue, (about 1100 people) and easy in and out with no issues. Boz can still perform and he was supported by 5 excellent musicians. His lead guitar player, (no spring chicken) had me standing on several occasions. We thought we might be disappointed because there were no female backup singers, (two on one of his DVDs were fantastic) but his musicians were talented singers as well and it was all good. Crowd was really into the performance and all in all it was a great night of music. Would highly recommend. A few weeks ago we were up there for the Diana Krall Concert. As a fan, I was really looking forward to it. My wife; not so much. Again, nice venue, (same building different room - about 2200 people) but sorry to say I found the performance a bit lacking. I was looking forward to seeing Peter Erskine on the drums but he wasn't performing. Drummer just OK, guitar and bass players were very good but for some reason she had a fiddle player in the group. Though the guy was very good it just didn't fit in with the style of music I was expecting to hear. The music seemed on the "blue" side and even depressing. It also seemed like Diana might have been a bit under the weather. Older subdued crowd was quite laid-back. Listening to one of her CDs on a good system would seem a better value than the amount of dollars paid out for this performance. I don’t understand why they don’t offer programs at these concerts. I’d like to know who the backup musicians are and something about them. No information on either web-site either.
  5. boomac

    McIntosh Amp - Pre Amp and Rega Turn Table

    Josh - Playing more golf these days. Miss coaching the kids but figure to go watch the State Team Tournament this weekend. Maybe it will inspire me to get back playing on a regular basis.. Here's a few shots of the Rega RP-3.
  6. boomac

    SOLD-Eastern Elecric Tube Preamp

    Had one of these several years ago and really enjoyed it. I think there's a great deal to be had here, especially with the extra tubes. Excellent offering from a long time Forum vet.
  7. boomac

    McIntosh Amp - Pre Amp and Rega Turn Table

    Both amps were checked out by the head tech at Flanner Audio, a McIntosh & Klipsch Dealer for well over 45 years. I've known him professionally and personally for most of that time. There are no issues with the glass on either amp. It's downsizing time so I'll be posting several other audio pieces over the next few weeks. Still struggling with what speakers to keep but at least one pair of Cornwalls, an Academy and a like new RSW10, (been in original box ever since I picked up an RSW15) will soon be available. Will get a few pictures of the turntable shortly. It's black with tinted dust cover and in excellent shape. I may or may not have the original box but will check. I'll be traveling to the Tulsa area, Houston area, Philadelphia area and a few more locations over the next several months if that helps anyone that might be interested.
  8. McIntosh MC2155 Amp - $1200 - Sold McIntosh C29 Pre Amp - $625 -Sold Rega-RP3 with Elys 2 Cartridge - $650 Would prefer not to ship. Local pick-up or I'd consider driving a reasonable distance to accommodate buyer. Equipment is in the Milwaukee, WI area.
  9. boomac

    college FB 16/ NFL PLAYOFFS 2017

    Elliott is darn good and gets around the edge as good as anybody I've seen in a long time. He's no Barry Sanders but he seems along those lines and he's just a beginner. I don't think the Cowboys are all that physical of a team and that's why the Giants and Packers were able to stay with them.
  10. boomac

    college FB 16/ NFL PLAYOFFS 2017

    Love to see that scenario but both the Steelers and the Packers have a lot of wood to chop for it to become a reality. If I recall, the last time the two teams met in a big game the results were pretty good for Packer fans. Pack will have a tough time with the Falcon receivers. The big guys up front will have to play over their heads. Big Ben seems not at his best and I agree that Belicheck will have a plan to slow Le' Veon up so it'll be a chore for the Steel City Team. Had to shake my head when either Joe "blow" Buck or Acheman claimed Elliott was the best running back in football. Guess they've not watched a Steeler game!
  11. boomac


    I can't help but think the Texans might be interested in Romo. Think about what that team might look like with a healthy JJ Watt and half way decent QB! BTW, JJ lived a few miles from me and I watched him and his two brothers play in both HS & College. All great dominating players! The Pack - For a while, while I was in the service, I roomed with three Texans. I recall listening to the Ice Bowl on AFR and they were ready to kill me when Kramer & Bowman moved old Jethro out of the way allowing Starr to sneak in. I was thinking about those great friends during today's game and wondering if they were cussing me out when the field goal passed through the uprights! The Atlanta Game should be a great one and luckily several friends and I will be in Vegas to watch the game. Hoping it's a lucky trip.
  12. boomac

    RIP Arnold

    As fine a man as there ever was! He had an aura that will never be matched and the world will truly miss this great man! I was fortunate enough to shake his hand on a couple occasions and quite often, while on the course, I ask myself what would Arnie do! I suppose I always will.
  13. boomac

    Moon Neo 430 HAD

    Not yet! I have two other systems that have headphone jacks so it's not major a priority. I understand Bryston is introducing a new CD Player in the near future and I'd like to check one out when available. They also have a nice headphone amp as well and I'm leaning in that direction. Perhaps I can get a deal if I buy both.
  14. boomac

    Klipsch & Yamaha

    OK, I did further research and here's the deal. There seems to be one peg missing on both grill covers. It's the same peg on both grills but it doesn't effect them adhering to the speakers. One of the Klipsch emblems is missing. It may be with the receiver. The receiver is not in the original box, (I called the source for accurate info) but is boxed with other related items. She's sorry but hasn't opened the box in years so we don't know what's all in there. Whatever it is would be included. Considering the missing pegs and no original box for the receiver we'd let it all go for $215.00.
  15. boomac

    Klipsch & Yamaha

    jayu969 - My friend's daughter has the receiver down in Chicago. At this point all I can tell you is that it's boxed in the original material and hasn't been used since she moved down there. I will check today and get back to you. The speaker grills are in tact.