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  1. I guess I misspoke. The room is 20' x 14'. I'll find room for the subwoofer. Any thoughts on the table tuba?
  2. So after spending an evening listening to some classical music on my friend's Chorus II's, I can see that my Scalas sure are lackluster in their bass performance. Not a big deal--just want my symphonies and jazz trios to reach those lows. I was wondering if any of you have some recommendations for subwoofers that work well with La Scalas. I don't want to break the bank--something around the $500 mark. The space is reasonably sized--around 20 x 14. Any of you LS owners have budget subwoofers that are good for 2-channel listening? On a related note--I'm totally clueless when it comes to powering subwoofers. I'm currently just powering the LS speakers with a Marantz 2230. I imagine this means I need to purchase an amp especially for subwoofers as well? Can I use a preamp signal from the Marantz to another amplifier just for the subwoofer? Any insight would be helpful and appreciated!
  3. @@Ceptorman, Were the listings for the same price?
  4. My folks live on the west side--about 40 minutes away. My high school girlfriend lived in Kirtland--beautiful area! Looking forward to the pictures.
  5. I've seen Chihuly installations a few times. I always think it's going to be kind of silly, but in person it looks remarkable.
  6. From a recent trip to Colorado with family and friends. From the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens:
  7. No affiliation and no pictures. Could be a deal. http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/ele/4610006651.html
  8. So my buddy bought these. He lives pretty close to the area and was able to snag em'. Saw them tonight and they are indeed beautiful--only a few marks on the top that can be fixed with ease. And good golly do they sound awesome! Can't wait to hear more from these!
  9. I'm a high school Ethics teacher... if any of you are familiar with the myth of Sisyphus.
  10. Jealous is too weak a word.
  11. The fact that I can feel it under my feet standing 15 feet away is not a great sign for my poor neighbors.
  12. Some from Iceland a few years back: Jeremy's Cliff by TrevorKnowsPhotos Winding Road by TrevorKnowsPhotos Grass-covered Houses by TrevorKnowsPhotos Glacier near Hvolsvöllur by TrevorKnowsPhotos
  13. It won't let me look at them. It says I don't have access to your gallery photos. Is this 'cause I'm a newbie?
  14. They're 1980s--would that be the pie or the laser logo?
  15. Here you are! These are formerly Opus2k9's Scalas, just a little cleaned up and with new grills!
  16. Hey all, I'm still pretty new here, but I thought I'd pass this along. I have seen several posts about finding speaker grills--and I myself was in the market for grills for my La Scalas. I found a guy here in Chicago who made them for me. They turned out great! (He used the Bob Crites Cloth I got from ebay to make them). The company is called Broken Press Design and you can find them here: http://brokenpressdesign.com/. Here are the grills they made me: Anyway, when I went to pick them up he had some AMAZING midcentury modern furniture that he had designed himself--mostly for amps, vinyl, and CD storage. He apparently also does custom work and has an Etsy page. Seriously cool stuff. I was so excited just looking at this stuff, I thought I'd share!
  17. My buddy and I have been drooling over these on Craigslist for a while. The upgrades are great--love the veneer! Would bite if it weren't for some major purchases recently. GLWS.
  18. Now, to figure out where I can hide this from the lady.
  19. Mercy! Finally! Sorry about the size. No before photos, but some happy ever after pictures!
  20. First entree into tubes. I have a pair of Heresys and La Scalas, so I'm eager to try these out.
  21. Can post pictures once I figure that out. It keeps telling me that my flickr photos are an "extension" that is "not supported by this community."
  22. I have used Restor A Finish and the Feed-n-Wax on a pair of beater La Scalas I picked up. Man, what a difference! They look great. I started with super fine steel wool (0000) and denatured alcohol to clean them, then used the wool again with the Restor A Finish. Followed it up with the wax (applied with cloth) and boom! They look spectacular! It's not a cure all, though. Deep gouges can be colored, but are noticeable in harsh light. Still, it's pretty remarkable for a quick fix.
  23. I'm curious! Please PM me! (New here and figuring this thing out). Would love to see some pictures.
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