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  1. SOLD: 1978 Cornwalls in oiled walnut - $950 I bought these April 28, 2017 from @avguytx. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. But I recently acquired a pair of La Scalas, and I do not have room for the Cornwalls and the La Scalas. So, the Cornwalls are for sale. Serial numbers are 18S238 and 18S239. Before I bought them avguytx converted the crossovers from Type B to Type B-2 using Solen capacitors and Janzen coils. The badges were missing when I acquired them. I purchased a pair of the PWK "pie slice" badges from Klipsch and applied them to the upper right corner of each grill. I do not want to ship these. However, I am going to the Pilgrimage in Hope and can deliver them there. Pictures to follow....
  2. Just waiting to see if @WillyBob can find someone to make the haul across Texas.
  3. Any progress on getting your La Scalas across Texas?
  4. Take good care of my SX-1250 along the way!
  5. It was good to meet you too Hogfan. By the way, the burgers were good at CJs. That may be my new burger stop when I'm traveling through that way.
  6. Thank you HOGFAN! The La Scalas made it safely to their new home. I have them temporarily placed, and playing tunes now.
  7. Maybe a post in the "Pony Express" thread and/or the "Pilgrimage 2018" thread could find someone to haul them from Hope to Las Cruces.
  8. According to the Klipsch spec sheet the La Scala dimensions are: Height: 35 1/2" Width: 23 3/4" Depth: 24 1/2" I'll be driving a 1/2 ton Dodge Ram with a fiberglass shell on the back. It stays dry in the rain. It rained on me when I brought my Cornwalls home, and they stayed dry.
  9. Just checking to see if there's any progress on this. We've got a little over 3 weeks to make it happen.
  10. If you can get them to some point on I-44 west of St. Louis, I can get them to Hope in May. Maybe someone close to WillyBob will be at the Pilgrimage, and can take them from there.
  11. FOR SALE: Pioneer SA-9500 Integrated Amplifier $1325 $1225 $1100 Completely restored by Paul Hovenga of Many Moons Audio (@paul79) in January 2017. I can deliver it to the Pilgrimage in Hope in May. Specs here: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/pioneer/sa-9500.shtml
  12. Close... but I'm not convinced that's upside down. Backwards, sideways, vertical? Yes. The first several seconds "look" like they may be upside down. But, it could just be camera angle too.
  13. I would like to see a humming bird fly upside down.... but, that video is 1:16 long.
  14. Do you have video of that?
  15. I'll take: 8 Muddy Waters Fathers and Sons (Chess LPS 127) - 2 LPS VG+/VG+ 10 John Lee Hooker John Lee Hooker (ABCD-720) - white label promo - 2 LPS 6 Ray Charles Genius + Soul = Jazz (1989 made in EEC) EX/EX 5 Chet Atkins Travelin' (LSP - 2678 Stereo) VG/EX 5 Little Feat Time Loves a Hero USA Warner Bros (Palm Trees) BS3015 EX/NM 5 Little Feat The last Record Album USA Warner Bros (Palm Trees) BS 2884 NM/EX Subtotal = $39 Shipping = $5 TOTAL = $44 PayPal? Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the alert. I've contacted him to find out how much shipping might be. One of my grills has a more or less permanent warp to it that makes the upper right corner not stay stuck down; even with new Velcro. I've been reluctant to try very hard to "unwarp" it for fear of breaking it.
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