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  1. Opus

    Vinyl Records & CDs for Sale

    PM Sent.
  2. Opus

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Getting ready for Thanksgiving.... Arlo Guthrie Alice's Restaurant
  3. Opus

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    NIce play @Full Range ! I have an original pressing of that in my collection in VG+/M- condition. One of my prized LPs. My current play: Chris Stapleton Traveler
  4. Opus

    Heresies in NW Arkansas

  5. Opus

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Journey Captured
  6. Opus

    how to listen?

    While I enjoying having others audition my systems, it is not disappointing to me if they are not impressed. The only person I want my audio systems to impress is me. If you listen to my systems and just shrug your shoulders, or even harshly criticize it, I don't care. Conversely, if you listen to my systems and express pure joy and amazement, it doesn't really bring me any greater satisfaction. That doesn't mean that I don't value your thoughts and comments. I may very well learn from your experiences, reactions and comments, but they don't change the level of enjoyment for me. I'm not trying to sell anything. Not the gear, not the technology, not the experience... nothing. I have had similar experiences. However, they don't lead me to the conclusion that those people are not capable of discrimination (although that may be the case sometimes). I just accept that what they like to hear is different than what I like to hear, or their hearing is different than mine. I'm glad they have an audio system that they are proud of, and that brings them joy; whatever the source of that joy may be.
  7. Opus

    No Whining Wine

    Oops... no coaster. Sorry @jimjimbo… I couldn't help myself.
  8. Opus

    No Whining Wine

    Container type is irrelevant. How about homemade muscadine wine in a jelly jar?
  9. Opus

    how to listen?

    It was just for the picture. I don't have much room for staging photographs here. Don't worry, that NEVER happens on the SX-1250 at home.
  10. Opus

    how to listen?

    I'm not pooh-poohing A/B/X testing. I have said, in this thread, that it is necessary for designing and building quality products. I've seen Roy's lab, and I certainly appreciate his efforts (and have immense respect for his knowledge and experience). But I am not designing, building, or selling audio products. I'm a consumer of audio products. I think that A/B/X testing, or other scientific methods, are less important than "real world" listening when it comes to me deciding what I like. I've said it many times... if it makes me smile when I listen to it, it's good!
  11. Opus

    how to listen?

    Subjectively/Emotionally testing/enjoying my SX-850 and KG4s at my cabin on a Friday evening....
  12. Opus

    how to listen?

    I'm not necessarily skeptical of the science. It's more that I'm skeptical of how the data that was obtained through that science has been manipulated and presented. There's always some bias there. As you said, "...the main applications are in advertising." For me how something sounds "in reality" is more important than how it "sounds" according to the data. Yep.
  13. Opus

    how to listen?

    Yep, my perceptions are mutable. I said as much when I said that in an A/B/X test I might like A one session and then B the next session. In addition to enjoying the music, part of the fun of this hobby is hearing that music on different systems, and deciding which I like better; But, I don't think that can done in a brief A/B/X session. I want/like to hear something over an extended period of time, under different circumstances, and with different music. Fortunately I have yet to fall for any of the multitudes of expensive "snake oil" gadgets, gizmos, and fixes in this hobby. In large part due to my healthy skepticism of "scientific data" put forth by those that sell that stuff.
  14. Opus

    how to listen?

    That's somewhat condescending. I may not be an expert in "the science of human perception." But, I am the expert in my own perception of what I like and don't like; as is every other individual on this planet. I am not throwing science under the bus. There are many aspects of the hi-fi hobby to be enjoyed. If one's enjoyment comes from building/creating/analyzing, then, sure, applying scientific methodologies is relevant and valid. But if one's enjoyment comes from the emotional impact of listening to music, IMHO, scientific analysis is not the deciding factor. Scientific methodologies cannot determine what will bring me enjoyment and make me smile. Some of us enjoy designing/building/improving various audio reproduction components. Some of us enjoy listening to the music reproduced by those components. Which of those is your primary motivation sort of determines your thoughts on this. And, it is possible for one's primary interest to move between those two over time.
  15. Opus

    how to listen?

    Thanks for the detailed description ClaudeJ1. I think I understand the premise. And, I am not trying to dismiss the technical or statistical validity of such testing. However, for me the enjoyment of this hobby comes primarily from the emotional impact of listening to the music. I suspect if I were to be subjected to that sort of testing, I may not be able to meet your 12 out of 16 goal. I may even be inconsistent in which one I preferred from one test session to the next. Since for me listening to music is an emotional thing, my preferences are likely influenced by things such as my current mood, how bad/good my day has been thus far, etc. Such critical/technical analysis is necessary to develop quality products. It's just not necessary for me to determine what makes me smile while listening to my music.