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  1. Yup. Car seats are installed correctly. Still doing well... Have a follow up visit with a pediatrician today because he is "IUGR" which is inter uterine growth restriction. From what I gather, he with ran out of room to grow, or wasn't receiving enough food. Once they took him out he passes all their tests, but he's still very small. Not intensive care small... But anyone that's seen or held him just says.. Omg he's so little!! You barely feel his 4lbs in your arms. Last night was the first night home... No sleep. Go figure.. Apparently when they're this little they non-stop feed trying to catch up. And boy is it non-stop. In 3 days we go back for a weight test. They're going to weigh him, then waiti for him to feed, then weigh again and see how much he's actually eating. It's so strange to sit at home and have very little to do. I'm on diaper duty so my wife gets a few minutes of shut eye... But man.. It's the first day back and I'm already getting cabin fever. At least he likes music. I still have my classical in the background nice and quiet. Sorry,. Rambling due to sleep deprivation. Chat later all! Thanks for everyone's well wishes and congratulations we have received.
  2. You just have a very high end and exotic 'Asscial' toilet now. Have you had a facial? It's like that... But for your a$$.
  3. Thanks all. Hasn't really sunk in yet. It feels more like a test drive right now... I'm sure it'll really hit me when we drive away with him in the backseat in a day or two. I tried to finish as much as possible on the HT build before he arrived... Kinda funny but I had taken today off to go get supplies for the rear half of the room and go nuts this whole 3 day weekend. Surprise! That didn't happen. But this is vastly more fun than building a riser. Thanks all!
  4. Hahah yeah... He has been rocking out to muffled in the womb Klipsch for 37 weeks and 2 days. He wanted to hear the clarity! Haha In all actuality there were complications with my wife so they induced.
  5. My first child was born today. Elliot James G..... 1:37pm on 12/4/15 4lbs 13.2 oz 19" long
  6. Now that was funny. Great opinion piece, and what little factual material he included, is entirely factual.This is what you will never hear:Robert Dear was a terrorist who was radicalized by reactionary propagandists who are on AM radio 24/7 in every major market in the USA. Sent from my SM-T330NU using Tapatalk How was he radicalized? I don't hear explicit calls of "death to the abortionists." But I could be wrong. I just don't think that kind of inciteful speech is even allowed in America... certainly not on public radio stations. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-abortion_violence http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN0TK3AF20151201 http://thinkprogress.org/health/2014/05/30/3443128/dr-tiller-five-year-anniversary/ That's terrorism.... Using violence to try and further A political & often religious agenda against abortion and family planning providers.
  7. The planned parenthood shooting was absolutely terrorism. http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2015/11/notes-on-act-of-domestic-terrorism.html?m=1
  8. Don't forget religious gain. My definition... Which so far seems to be the most concise is: Terrorism is the threat of violence or act of violence to further ones political or religious agenda.
  9. I believe it takes 2 years to clear the refugee status and gain entry into our country. Terrorists can come in much easier than a refugee status.
  10. Think about this too.... Terrorism seems to be ignored when the skin color of the person is not brown. Which is why I like my definition.
  11. True. But pressure cookers were not designed to cause death, and death only. I stand by, terrorism is the use of force, or threat of force to further ones political or religious agenda.
  12. Yes. Less armed. There's NO reason for cops to have anti land mine raid vehicles. I would like a policeman to look like a policeman.. Badge, black or navy clothing, with a bulletproof vest, A taser, handcuffs, and a sidearm. Not. Rolling up in a humvee, with an assault rifle and full riot gear for a traffic citation, or delivering a warrant. And I would like stricter gun laws... Let's keep guns away from people with a violent history, and with mental illness. Some sensible laws may help avert some of these situations & reduce the fear the police have of the similarly strapped everyday civilian they are pulling over. Being an officer is scary, no doubt. I was pulled over recently for failing to signal a lane change. I pulled all the way over so I was off the roadway, and slightly leaning int the ditch, to give the officer safe distance from the roadway. I rolled my windows down. All of them. Removed my keys from the ignition and put them on the dash. I gripped my steering wheel at 11 & 1 so my hands are clearly visible. When approached the officer asked for my license and registration. I requested permission to remove my wallet & then to open my glove box. After permission was granted I opened it with one hand and sat back and asked if he would like to check inside my glovebox first. After the warning was given he asked why I was so cautious with him. I explained he has a scary job and doesn't know me & I don't know him. I don't want to be shot by him... Because I'm losing trust in cops for shooting first and asking questions later. And I want him to know he is safe around me --- even for a petty lane change warning. Now imagine someone with a weapon and a cop comes up strapped for war & he's having a bad day-- and getting pulled over is the icing on the cake that day and he snaps. A readily available weapon allows him to act out of rage and kill. If we had stricter gun laws he wouldn't have that option so EASILY available.. And the cops could use a taser or mace to subdue. Instead it seems like we have rogue citizens who think this is the o.k. Corral and a small sect of officers that think the same. The NRA and main stream media... More the Fox News type want us to think... You should be afraid! Go buy more guns and protect yourself. More guns does not equal safety.. It equals more guns, more chances for a deadly weapon to be used.
  13. I am not opposed to policeman and policewomen wearing gear to protect themselves. What I am opposed to is strapping up like Rambo. What ever happened to the taser? Taser instead of reaching for a gun... It seems it's shoot me dead is the only option... Every time?? Politicians say they pray about it. Well their god doesn't seem to be intervening. Mass shootings, gun crime, and anything involving guns is attempted to be deflected by praying about it, instead of politicizing it.... Politicizing it will lead to policy. And gun policy is apparently a scary thing... We've all said the same things, endlessly. We've asked, simply, plaintively, "Since what we're doing now doesn't work, why not try something else?" And, if you are capable of feeling shame about this, you cringe when you think about how other nations must look at the United States, an insanely-armed place that is tumbling into some mad mishmash of oligarchy and theocracy. This country has allowed ludicrous and evil and demonstrably wrong people and ideas to be passed off as legitimate. We give people a forum to say unbelievable bullshit, like that expanded background checks will lead to tyranny and gun confiscation. At some point, we are allowed to assert that some things are not worthy of discussion and that some people and organizations deserve only contempt, derision, and isolation. We can turn people into pariahs. We are allowed to do that. The CNN anchor, reacting to the shooting a few days ago, kept saying, over and over, that it was sad and "ridiculous." She's right. Now, how about the next time some Republican politician talks about how we need to do more about the "mentally-ill" (which is something they won't do) and not limit gun purchases, she shuts them down and throws them off the show? What if she says that it's an unacceptable position to not do anything about guns? We do not have to tolerate the intolerable. We have chosen to tolerate it. We have chosen to pretend as if the extremists who demand no regulation of guns have a valid point of view. We should be politicizing every shooting even more. We should be asking our politicians how they can dare not do something to help a nation afflicted with bullets. If there will ever be a tipping point on guns, it will only happen when we say that disgusting acts are aided and abetted by disgusting people with disgusting beliefs. It will only happen when we treat the disgusting people with the disgust they deserve.
  14. Police seem to keep ramping up their militarization to keep pace with the armament of civilians. The town I live in just got given some military surplus anti-land mine people movers. They're huge. They look like a giant bulldozer or something. And the police department said they would be using the giant vehicles... Yes more than one! For drug raids or hostage situtations... They wear Kevlar vests and camo to feel more bada$$ than they really are. You're a cop, not some rainbow 6 warrior.
  15. Terrorism is the use of violence, or threat of violence to further a political or religious agenda.
  16. I thought they qualify- They are both daily drivers. Can't include my 1994 Park Avenue that was sold with 374k on the clock, Or the 88 Olds 88 Royale that I don't know actual mileage - odometer never worked while I owned it. So I got a diesel so I could have a reliable daily driver & run her for 400k-500k if need be.... But then we moved and now I like 16 minutes from work... So will be trading in and buying something LESS practical for the commute.
  17. I think the RSW15 Vs. the R-115SW Sound different. Different fit and finish.
  18. 2013 Jetta TDI -- 39,703 miles For me 2016 Honda Civic for the wife
  19. If the 12" is an older model it has a different gain control than the newer models. I contacted Klipsch about my identical 15"'s that were purchased 6-8 months apart. Klipsch advised me that the new R-1xxSW's had a gain knob revision after a few months due to a static noise that was evident when no data was being played. So, yes- the 15" probably being newer than their older 12" demo model has a different gain, my two subs are about 4 notch marks different to have equal output!! The 15" is a beast for a mass produced 'cheap' sub! $700 for a 15" that matches the copper woofer towers... Hellz yeah! (Yes I understand that DIY subs are more cost effective, and many I.D. Companies are a better value.... But if aesthetics are important, I think these subs are beauties!)
  20. Tell my wife to let the funds keep coming? Hah! Next up is rear riser.... Then with tax refund will be getting either/or projector or carpeting. (This project would be much faster if I could afford to hire it out, and my wife was done with college!) But doing it ALL myself is half of the fun of the project.... And me working on the theater leaves her alone to study.
  21. Etc : If you check out my build thread the room is already pre-wired and has fire enclosures in ceiling for 8" Klipsch atmos speakers. I'll have 200 square feet of 2" thick acoustic wall treatments from Acoustical solutions. That works out to about 30 PERCENT coverage in the room... Not including carpet, chairs, people, or corner bass traps. Also, I think my setup will be quite revealing.... However, I may still go against the numbers and get a Marantz pre/pro and Amps & enjoy the room for a few years... Then upgrade to all Halo Parasound. *drool*
  22. My original wish list was all Parasound HALO, But that's would almost triple the expense (or more!) compared to Marantz and Emotiva. I also MUST have a pre/pro that can do Atmos, which I don't see emo having support for at this time. Which makes me lean Marantz now.. The room is a dedicated theater with heavy acoustic treatments. (Will be ordering 2" sound suede panels for all the walls from Acoustical Solutions) So noise & hiss are important qualities to eliminate. However my MLP is 12 feet back from the fronts & 13 feet from the rear speakers.
  23. I'm 29yr old. I went to the odolaryngologist last week and had a few tests done: I have had a crackling sound in ears forever, sometimes feels like pressure, and I can "crack or pop" my ears by moving my jaw and swallowing.. Like on an airplane. That makes them "open up" for a few seconds of crystal clear hearing!! But then it slowly fades right back to muffled crackling and popping. Prognosis: Tempromandibular joint (TMJ) is my jaw out of alignment pushing on my eustecean (spelling?) tube cutting off how much sound is heard. Had a hearing test done. Passed with flying colors. Asked doc why I have very poor hearing with ANY level of background noise. Prognosis: ADD or ADHD. He said ADD or ADHD can cause your brain to "get bored" with what it's listening to and focus on background noise for something fresh and new. So when someone flushes a toilet, or is talking, or the furnace turns on-- and I'm watching a movie or listening to music... If I can hear the background noise the movie or music totally disappears or at best it then becomes the background noise. And I have to hyper focus on the movie/music to regain control and hear it. When I was in the hearing booth I could swear I heard my blood flowing!! Hahaha it was so quiet in there, I heard whooshing sounds.. So many weird noises when conditions are just right. Good luck on your testing!
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