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  1. I have 2 teac reel to reel tape recorders. 4300sx and 3440. Stored in garage for 24 years in original boxes. Plugged 3440in and it powered up. I think they probably work fine but I have no tape to test them with. Pick up only in Livermore, Ca. Moving so if anyone is interested they better act quickly.Originally posted this in alerts by accident. Sorry. $100 each. No pictures but goggle those models to see what they look like. Cosmetically they are fine.
  2. Have 2 Teac reel to reel tape recorders. $100 each. Pickup only in Livermore, Ca. 94551. Call Walter Ganzer at 925-290-9735 for more info.
  3. Pair of La Scala’s for sale. $500. Approximately 1978 vintage. Cabinets kind of rough but they sound great. Selling due to upcoming move. Also have JVC RSA’s-400. Imported gamma d and custom curves. Will include mounting bracket. $1000. 2 retractable screens, call for info.Pick up only. Located in Livermore, Ca.
  4. A Squeezebox Touch is a device that accesses the music files on your computer to play on your music system. It was discontinued by the manufacturer (logitech) about 2 years ago. Why I don't know. You can find used ones on e-bay. Q-nap is a company that makes nas systems (network attached storage). This is a sort of specialized computer for large storage purposes. For example mine has 2 2 terabyte hard drives enabling me to keep thousands of cd's on one device. Sorry if my explanation is not too clear but there is literally mountains of information about this stuff on the internet.
  5. I've been using Tidal for about 4 months and I love it. I play it thru a Squeezebox Touch connected to a Qnap Nas. I control everything via a iPad air. It works great .
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