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  1. Oh hell no. I was taught well (by a coach, of course) on my first day of professional development my first year teaching. "Do not ask questions!" I do think though, that were there ever a place to ask questions and find as many different responses as any teacher could dream of, this is the place. There's such a melting pot of personalities, interests, and careers right here in the Klipsch forums that I would be remiss not to use this resource to its full advantage, if even for my personal curiosity.
  2. Most times when I post questions, I'm not doing it to be sarcastic.
  3. I don't think I ranted...just posted some facts and questions. Also, I've been to my Secretary of State website to see my ballot and will be researching all of the items on it, but I don't know yet. And I live in Louisiana, where we have extra water most times, so I'm not sure which issue would be covered here. Are you referring to how they vote on the EPA or what?
  4. I know there's a story here as far as national parks go. Hot Springs National Park used to supply water to the Arlington Hotel & Spa for their hot tub and out of a spigot in the lobby, but that changed about 7-8 years ago. I never researched it. I think the city is involved somehow.
  5. "I see what you did there." It's a compliment. He lead with Babycakes to push my buttons. Or at least that's how I interpreted it. (i.e. I'm sure he wouldn't actually call me Babycakes to my face)
  6. I may be overly sensitive. Zero of my students completed their assignment today and about 75 percent of them also gave zero cares after a 2 day fall break. 🤷
  7. Thanks for doing my research ✌️
  8. Drop your articles about water for my reading pleasure. Kthx.
  9. Damn, I should've known water is one of those things people have always fought over. Like, for forever-ever...and until forever-ever.
  10. Cute, real cute. ISWYDT with the babycakes. I call people bro all the time, bro. You don't have to liken my intellectual ability to that of your young grandkids.
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