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  1. Maybe the reason Elon Musk is going there? Just a question...🍻 https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/elon-musk-says-mars-here-we-come-after-spacex-starship-test-rocket-explodes/ar-BB1bOoKW
  2. Happy early Friday folks. 🍻 The Great Hack.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Hack
  3. https://news.yahoo.com/former-israeli-space-security-chief-135211193.html
  4. @dwilawyer Thank you for the awesome answers. The next Jury / Trial is scheduled after my term is up. Unless this changes between now and 12/25/20 I don't see me going.
  5. I have their 10th anniversary DAC and MAMP's
  6. I pulled the trigger on Wyred 4 Sound's MS Music Server...This really should marketed as a Server / Streamer. It will sit in my audio rack and play 🍻
  7. Beautiful @dwilawyer Thanks man. So Federal criminal cases generally don't got to trial? or is this only in Texas? If it's across the board for all not to go to trial, Why? Settling before Jury / Trial ?
  8. A question to the folks that understand federal courts and how they work I looked at the court calendar for 12/7/2020 and sure enough a Jury Trial was scheduled for 3 folks. I called today to confirm my showing up. I've been rescheduled for the 14th and now the calendar now shows these folks scheduled for 3/29/21. How does this work?
  9. Hey folks 🙂 Hope all is awesome.... a big sigh of relief at my end, Jury duty for the month of December here. I was scheduled to show up on the 7th, this has been rescheduled for the 14th and I call to verify on the 11th. Hopefully they just keep rescheduling until my term is up on the 25th. Cheers folks🍻
  10. MyOwn

    What I Got Today!

    Not here yet. But ordered 😀
  11. https://www.realhd-audio.com/?p=6109 MQA: A Review of controversies, concerns, and cautions https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/mqa-a-review-of-controversies-concerns-and-cautions-r701/
  12. I love chops, Iron skillet, heated in the oven. Pull skillet out and put on burner to sear the chops on both sides than back in the oven...Flipping Yummy🍺
  13. advertisement?? You know...for Utah?
  14. Gotta have the internet. It is capable of so much. 🍺
  15. I'm currently using Pure Music on my Mac Mini. Channel D is a few Mac OS versions behind. I can't upgrade the OS until Channel D does their part. I've been tossing around doing the Wyred MS Music server for awhile now. It would mate well with my DAC, I could finally upgrade my Mac Mini to the latest OS, all my digital music stored on external HD would work, plus the biggest would be to experience Roon.
  16. I'm a fan of Franks Red Hot....Nothing wrong with roast beef, etc....🙂
  17. I opted to stay home this year. I have a Little Caesars 3 Meat Pizza in the Fridge. I love cold Pizza, Oh yeah...Beer in the Fridge as well.🍕 🍺
  18. Here's a short video on the Wyred 4 Sound MS Music Server. Wyred 4 Sound has an Essential version available as well and both are on sale now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yDrn7xlGms&feature=youtu.be
  19. damn awesome weather here in my neck of the woods Picked up 5 tri-tip roasts on sale at a local supermarket. Tri-Tip is hard to find here. 🍻 Went shopping for Mom and dropped it off at her residence. Haven't seen Mom since march.
  20. Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie? Erotic
  21. Thanks... I ended up purchasing an 45i for home, and a flex for my office.
  22. MyOwn

    Beer Drinkers

    There is a man where I work that is 82. For 82, he is still driving, walking, drinking coffee and probably having sex....I only say "sex" because his wife is not quite 65. LOL... I try to engage him about beer and he starts talking about Root Beer... Here is a pretty darn good cheap German Pils...
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