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  1. Hey, are you shipping and does the pre have a remote?
  2. No, but this has sold on the Polk Forum.
  3. Hello? This is a $1,600.00 piece with all accessories, original box, in great condtion, for 600 bones, shipped to your door!
  4. Selling for a friend. Have seen it in action and its as minty as they come. Black with original box, power cord and remote. $600.00 shipped in CONUS.
  5. I have done that a number of times as well. Ive found it harder to stick close to asking price as the "boss" starts in....;)
  6. Thanks. A friend is selling me one for quite a bit less. Cant pull the trigger till the Marantz sells tho.
  7. Have a line on a Stream Magic 6. Just getting the change bug.
  8. Works great and sounds awesome. Original box, remote and manual included. Also comes with a Netgear wireless adapter. $250.00 shipped in CONUS.
  9. Deronb1

    RB-5 ii

    Ya, those are them
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