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  1. Just follow the instructions off crites site. I've done about 3 pairs of them. - Be careful with the tweeter, I barely touched one of them by accident and put a nice dent in it. It did pop out. - Clean out the groove with a post it note, the metal shavings from the old tweeter will stick to it. Its just to make sure the groove is cleaned. This groove is round and can only be seen when you take those 3 nuts off. Get the Right/Left polarity correct when you put it back in. Take a before photo so you can double check it. Its not hard just the first time you do it you don't know what to expect. You can do it, just go at your own pace, no hurry.
  2. I got an old TD-160 that is sort of a backup. I keep it mostly because of nostalgic reasons, they were the turntable to have back in the day. I got lazy and use a couple of automatic linear tracking 8002s. I trust my wife and kids to use, not ruined records or stylus.
  3. Is this for a laptop or a iphone? If its a full sized PC just get a good pcix sound card save all the cables hanging off the computer. If for a iPhone than yes those little usb sticks are better, but not better than a good sound card and they have input lag in games which you don't get with pcix sound cards. Here is someones review on a dragon sound stick "Well, to be honest, I'm quite a bit dissappointed. Lots of hype over months, the sound was promised to improve enormously over1.2. I used to hear with dragonfly 1.2 and AQ jitter bug and could not wait for the new red to appear. Well the difference is, the red has more power, is louder, at he same time a bit darker, more veiled imho. The new dragonflies were invented to work with mobile phones imho, that's the hole thing. Users with pc were promised a sound improvement over 1.2 at the same time which I cannot confirm at all and is only a marketing statement. I'm using AKG K-702 headphones, quite a precise and resolving machine. Hearing flac files with JRiver on PC, all settings optimized. Music is no longer flowing somehow. Heard the ifi micro idsd which is a LARGE step forward. The red is a step back to me. I will return it. ;-("
  4. Tell them its not acceptable and send them back. They can fix it, they can hire someone to fix it or take them back. They have insurance, or UPS does. Someone damaged it. And WTF they do not have parts for a speaker they sell? That makes no sense unless it was a floor model 10 years old. Is there something you are not telling us or leaving out as this seems like a no brainer. You buy a car and it has a HUGE DOOR DENT. The dealer will knock something off or have the body shop fix it. I mean you can blame Klipshe or the Postal carrier or just suck it up. If you got it at some kind of bargain close out price you might just want to suck it up and pay someone to clean it up. Its not that big a deal to get it fixed.
  5. BobK

    Amp ?

    I think either will be fine for digital music. Just don't use moving coil cartridge and you will be fine.
  6. It could be what your interpretation of bass. None of these speakers have DEEP bass but they do have a low midrange punch which I think many would call bass. Deep base you are not going to get. It takes a ton of power to deliver real Deep base. I have a SVS sub and I think it uses 1000 watts to drive just 1 driver. You have two speakers with multiple drivers and not running it on a 4000 watt amp. They were not designed for huge Deep base but they should have a nice mid range punch. Could be the room placement and how far they are from the wall. If they have the rear passive placement can make a big different in perceived sound. Just try to move them around some. Could be the drivers are smoked too.
  7. I don't think the mixer guy cared, he just said "I've heard louder, its not bad from back here" I'm like yea but this is jazz fusion come on. Plus the bass/drums too loud keyboard so quite was hard to hear even during solos. The Worst I've heard was Sound Garden OMG so loud you could not even tell it was them. Best of course are all the jazz concerts I've been to Like Jean Luc Ponty in his prime. But best big venue with big band was Cold Play, super clear better than U2 at the same place. Nine inch nails was pretty clear too for a loud techno type band.
  8. I've been to many concerts and I am getting tired are good bands having the music ruined by 1 guy that does not know how to mix. These are mixers that are not part of the band but work for the venue. They have one speed. Clipp the amps and distort sound to the point where anyone can be playing and they sound the same, distorted. I drove 5 hours to a concert yesterday and had paid for great seats and eveyone in row was complaining. I found the mixer and had a conversation with him. He fixed it for 2nd half but if I did not say anything it would have been bad all concert. I don't think the band even knows because they can't hear what the crowd hears. Is it because they don't give a F...? Not paid enough? I talked to one that knows what he is doing and cares. he said he puts a mic in the expensive seat area, one in middle and one in back then does testing to make sure the sound is not distorted for high paying customers. Why don't most of them do this?
  9. My mistake, I did completely misread what you said, and I am sorry for the confusion. I didn't realize that you were comparing an official CD release of the same performance to the one straight from the board. I thought you were comparing the live sound to what was output from the mixing board for comparison. Looking back at your post, and Oldtimer's initial responses, I don't know how I was so far off. Lol, no problem. I was just curious how it all worked technically. My son sent me two songs from the concert and said which one do you like better. They sounded similar but one was better it was the one the mixer guy gave him off the laptop he had hooked to the mixer thing. He was pretty busy so he did not have much time to answer my techie questions. But it makes sense what you said about only being mono tracks and so many inputs. So i was trying to figure out how he did it so well. I read this post on recording from a mixer and a guy said "You can only do two channel from a mixer" The fellow that made the video corrected him telling him "Multi Track recording is no problem". So my guess is the concert had say 20 inputs into that mixer which I guess could in theory yield 20 different tracks or 20 different files. So he combined all those inputs either in the laptop or in something before the laptop and was able to make it like a stereo Flac file. I swear he was using audacity on the laptop too. I'm not familiar with what was needed all I know is the file he made sounds very good and better than most concert CDs I have heard. I guess I opened a can of worms in asking how, its a little more involved that I thought. Maybe somewhere on that table he had a hard drive and did have all 20 tracks and mixed them to be sent to the laptop.
  10. I think almost anything you get will be good enough. Many places use ceiling flush mount speakers others use small ADC all weather speakers etc. I don' think think I have heard anyone say "Lets leave this coffee shop, these speakers suck" I think just having sound and music choice is more important that agonizing over which kind type etc. Most people don't really care, its the audiophiles that care.
  11. Lets say I had a band and I wanted to make a LIVE CD. What would I record? Where would it be? What would be the source? I think this is what they he did. So don't assume it was just a mixing board at work here, it might have been more. I read this http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/nov11/articles/recording-live-show.htm I'm thinking they maybe had a mic somewhere because I could hear the crowd. "Once you know what signals you're dealing with, you can decide what sort of recording system you need. My first piece of advice is to keep your setup compact and simple. It's perfectly possible to take your laptop, audio interface and ADAT expander units if you need more inputs, but this will be a delicate and cumbersome system" I wish I took a photo as the process is more complex than I thought. From the finished result it appears it was more than just a mixer copy, more of a source to be used for a live recording. I know he did not use one of those PCix expander cards because he was using a laptop not a desktop computer and it was one big file. I was thinking that was a all or nothing approach, one mess up in that chain and the recording is poof! gone.
  12. My son in Boston at a school function and seeing a lessor known band called The Brian Jonestown Massacre. He messaged me saying the board I posted is not what was used., he said the LCD similar but not that wide etc. So the links I gave are not what was used. Sorry I failed. dwilawyer you are assuming that what I have is in some way displeasing on my home audio. And what I have been trying to say is its the OPPOSITE of your assumption. I have a real CD version of the concert and I have the rip this mixer guy did. Of the two the mixer guys rip sounds better on any home system than the store bought. I did not realize that can't be done with a standard mixer. So then I then I was trying to see if I had a real photo of it. I used my poor memory and came close but I was not quite correct. My only guess is he had equipment other than a standard mixer. It was computerized at least some of it. So I am guessing it must have been some kind of digital multi-track recording because it sounds better than store bought CDs. But for some reason you think that it does not sound good and could be further processed. I have the further processed version too , the store CD. So we were able to A/B apples to apples.
  13. Go with the 4 speakers. I've been in many music stores around that size and they either have 2 speakers or 4. 2 speakers always seem to sound weaker. We were testing a bunch of speaker in a music store. This guy had donated some nice book shelf monitors and there were also much larger Horn type speakers (They were klipsch like) The monitors might have been better sitting in a tiny space right in front of them. But the larger speakers just blew them away in terms of filling the room with usable bass and sound. Was not even close. The guy that donated the monitors was in disbelief. Like these are better I tell you, the specs say blah blah, Sadly he came to terms with it after A/B ing them. Also 4 will fill the room more evenly than 2. Make sure they are 8 ohm spears so you can easily drive them with any A/B receiver or amp. You don't need to get fancy and over spend on the speakers. Now using HT rears will give you 8 speakers. might sound better or worse not sure. I've heard 4, one in each corner but 4 larger sounded better than 4 small monitor type in same set up. Depends, those little klipsch will sound thin vs larger speakers will be easier to mount as they look small. I think that 4 x Klipsch idea might be good. Does your buddy have 4 of them to try? Its best to try for sure. You can't do it from paper specs alone.
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