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  1. All are welcome here. I hear San Francisco economics are unhinged from the rest of the Union. I wonder if that has anything to do with general asking pricing in that region. Just curious.
  2. I am not looking forward to the long days ahead when I begin the process of uninstalling, disassembling 14 jbl tweeters, removing, cleaning, replacing the speaker foam inserts, final reassembly, and then reinstalling. Fortunately all of the foam vent plugs in all of my JBL woofers have been removed and replaced with metal screens. I have had all my JBL woofers professionally rebuilt by Bill at AudioVentures in Waukesha, WI. Along with the foam surrounds, he also replaces the spiders, regaps the coils, and installs new dustcaps. If you are thinking about doing anything with those crossovers, better start saving up now. I am adding a pic of the stock JBL 250TI crossover for those out of the loop. Please note: on the second pic is 3.466KG. That's 7.641LB stock.
  3. Congratulations @tigerwoodKhorns. I know how difficult these are to acquire. Welcome to the club. Good to see I am not the only one running JBL and Klipsch rooms. I run Chorus II's also. Here is how I am set up currently. It is a small room, so compromise is required. They just sound so much better in there than in the open concept upstairs.
  4. Not being an expert on the subject, all I know is the Cornwall timeline available online. January 1986 Cornwall II were first introduced. I see the 1986 on the tag. I also see Cornwall. Where is the II moniker? Looks like they were signed C#.
  5. Not affiliated. Look nice from limited pics. Priced near current average. Not original owner. Crites tweeters. https://rockford.craigslist.org/ele/d/rockford-klipsch-cornwalls-ii/6838182197.html
  6. I would drive 8 hours for an original owner pair of Chorus II's (condition effects price of course). Unfortunately this pair is 2 days drive for me.
  7. 314carpenter


    SOLD Original owner. Paper work says I paid the $550 sale price which was MSRP $1000 in 2004 from Flanners Audio in Brookfield, WI. Condition is great. Function is like new. Issues are a minor ding, no chips, one grill peg is gone, but that does not effect sound or cosmetics. I have the original paperwork, but not the original box or packaging. I have never driven the sub over 50% and usually had it running %25 on the dial. My location is Fall River, Wisconsin 53932 Spec sheet http://images.klipsch.com/RSW10_635042119366650000.pdf?_ga=2.186152233.1035410326.1551473621-2070303326.1523799684 Manual http://images.klipsch.com/RSWSubManualEnglish_635042116596670000.pdf?_ga=2.186152233.1035410326.1551473621-2070303326.1523799684 The RSW line has been known as being Klipsh's best subwoofer line they ever produced. The sealed passive design allows for a much more compact size. The distortion levels are very low. This sub has a very musical quality, and integrates very well into a Klipsch speaker system.
  8. I ordered the monolith 10" sub. Room is 14 x 13 and full of speakers so only getting the 1.
  9. What I made today. Four additional 2' X 4' acoustic insulation panels. I am using Owens Corning 703, plywood rips for framing, and Guilford of Maine FR701 fabric. I flipped one around for you to see how I make the backsides and hardware. I needed additional panels to support the two speakers I installed this week in my dedicated room, which were placed in a Dolby Atmos configuration.
  10. Even better, just buy the real ones and place them around.
  11. Figure out where you want to place the speakers and move the furniture out of the space. Next use tape to lay out the floor space. For instance for the lascala allocate 3 square feet to allow for space behind and sides. Blue painter tape on the wall up to the height of the cabinet size. Stand back and you will then begin to appreciate the space requirements it takes to live amongst your speakers of choice.
  12. Cool, exactly like the pair I drove 800 miles RT for and happily paid $900. I have been looking to replicate the same deal ever since without any luck. I am trying for 3 pairs fully revamped in walnut. I search regularly.
  13. Exactly like all the other reasonably priced pairs of Chorus II's I have been searching for, gone in the first 24 hours.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn1y2WK_Wpw&t=4s&EXTKEY=EE914IBAC&utm_source=acxiom&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20190129_cromc_engagewkly Consumer Reports has a television series, and this segment has some entertaining information you can share with your family about how sound waves work within an anechoic chamber.
  15. I agree with the above statement. I heard both in the same room, side by side, same equipment. I preferred the Forte III. However, I may be biased, as I preferred the sound that was closer to what I have been listening to for the past 14 years. La Scala II was overall the clear winner of the day though. I suggest keeping an open mind on them. I just don't have the space requirements. I'm sticking with Chorus II.
  16. Very nice find. I am right there with you in preferences. I have been buying physical movie disks at a feverish pace ever since audio CD's were pulled from retail store shelves. I have added approx. 175 titles to my collection in 2018 alone.
  17. https://lexington.craigslist.org/ele/d/lexington-klipsch-forte-ii-floor/6793707910.html Looks like a great pair for a fair price. circa 1992. Too far for me or I would have bought them by now, and besides I am looking for Chorus II's in walnut to replace the Forte II's in black I have now.
  18. Get the one with the most features you will use now and over the next 4-5 years. If you still cannot settle, go to another brand, and get your broken onkyo repaired for free if possible.
  19. 3 business days remaining. Time to get out of stealth mode and get what you can.
  20. In modern furniture, finish of any sort is either non existant or very thin. You will not find a high gloss finish in furniture made in 20+ years. The more matte a finish is, the more it will obscure the wood details underneath. The more glossy a finish the more it will reflect light and that can also make it hard to see the wood underneath it depending on the light and angle.
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