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  1. 40 minutes ago, ZEUS121996 said:

    I wouldn't run for $900 Chorus 2s

    Unless you actually wanted to buy them. There may be a college frat house beater pair sitting around for less money that has trouble selling. Otherwise in good condition this is the going rate. With the upgrades on this pair, I was surprised to see the ad remain up for 2 weeks. If you got a Chorus II you want to ditch let me know.

  2. Question. First, Is the ONLY cosmetic difference with new passive (III) and the old passive (II) in the appearance of the dustcap? Second, if so, could a person get a new passive and refit with an old dustcap to restore the original appearance? Never seen this asked or suggested before. I will repost this later in the tech/mod section.

  3. On 4/20/2019 at 6:59 AM, boom3 said:

    a quick search of the forum turns up only speculation...

    Correct. Pure speculation on my part. My small effort to rally the Klipsch fans out their to show some love. You never know who might poke their head in and look. I am sure corporate would appreciate the feedback as well.


    Thanks to all who choose to participate in this effort.

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  4. 36 minutes ago, opusk2k9 said:

    Yes, I think he was Russian.  I bought a 103 and 203 from him.

    I made the appointment at the halfway location. I will post here again Thursday of my hopefully successful transaction. 


    Just so everyone knows, you may still contact me if you have one of these players for sale. I am still interested in purchasing.

  5. 16 hours ago, opusk2k9 said:



    I think I have bought from this guy before.  It was an easy transaction.

    @opusk2k9 Can you tell me if the guy you bought from before is a 40 Y.O. Russian? We have some trust issues happening so far. The seller will not share his address. He wants to meet in a parking lot. As an alternative he says he can meet me at a location that is much closer to me, but in a parking lot again. I have no way of knowing this thing actually works well. Just some photos of whatever he sent me. Has all the parts and pieces, just no box.

  6. Depending on speaker location, room reflections, room size, seating postition, media content, and system components, etc......I generally suggest tweeters out (away). This will have the effect of widening the soundstage. YMMV. Try testing it yourself. Not too hard to flip a speaker around.

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  7. Thanks for the link @Shiva

    When you build and work in large commercial buildings like I do, you are not going to have the luxury of wood studs. This goes for taller residential buildings, like high rise condos for instance. Steel studs and drywall everywhere. Wood backer is used for everything in the plans that will be mounted, but plans are always changing. And when they do, I personally have had the greatest success using the Toggler Snaptoggle. I called them zip toggles because they work like a cable zip tie. I have mounted the heaviest things you can imaging using these things. The more it weighs, the more anchors you use. I also really enjoy using the Zip-it style nylons versions for their ease of use. Can't miss. 😉

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  8. I am looking for your help on this one. Please participate in anyway you feel fit. I am not looking for a battle, just friendly suggestions on how the current lineup could improve in the future.


    I choose question #1 to gauge interest potential in either the Cornwall IV or Chorus III

    I choose question #2 to allow those who would prefer to keep the Forte III an opportunity to participate. Knowing that a Chorus III cannot coexist with a Forte III we have to make a choice. Yes, the Forte III does currently exist with the Cornwall III. So vote accordingly.

    I choose question #3 to dig a touch deeper into the history of those who voted. You do not need to have experience with any of these speakers mentioned to vote.

    I choose to keep the poll open indefinitely, as there is no current known plans for either option in the topic title.

    I will leave my comments and opinions out until a later date once you folks have had an opportunity to participate in this thread.


    What are your preferred drivers on the Cornwall IV or Chorus III? Are you like me and think that the most logical upgrade path here would be the following... 

    K-100-TI 1” (2.54cm) Titanium diaphragm compression driver on a K-79T horn

    K-70 1.75” (4.45cm) Titanium diaphragm compression driver on a K-703-M horn

    K-33-E 15” (38.1cm) Fiber-composite cone woofer in the Cornwall IV

    New design similar type woofer with the conversion for an acoustic suspension Chorus II with a KD-15 15” (38.1cm) Passive cone radiator


    Please add content as you wish, but please start your own thread if you want to try to pressure interest toward any other "NEW" speaker not listed in the topic.


    *Disclaimer* For those folks who are not aware the Cornwall IV and Chorus III do not exist. No known plans for production of them either. They are only a fictional thought of what those speakers could be. This thread intended to gauge potential interest only. I have not been directed by anyone to create this thread.*

  9. I got some more KLIPSCHHHHHH






    RP-160M going to be pulling front height duty for atmos/dts/auro3d content. 


    I needed a replacement pair of bookshelves for this location when I discovered a bad driver in my old pair. I made a few calls, got a few leads for the RP-600M, but one look at Craigslist is all it took to get these guys.


    Funny story goes with this purchase. So I call phone number on the CL ad and the guy says come get em'. I say, I am going to the baseball stadium tonight to watch a game, so can you meet me somewhere to make the trip reasonable for me. 150 miles between us. He says sure and we set up to meet in a parking lot, where I drive to and wait. So this guy shows up, and he ends up being the same dude I just sold my Klipsch Academy speaker to two weeks ago in another parking lot location. He is like WTF are you doing here. I am also shocked, because we emailed on the first go around and neither of our phones made the contact familiarity apparent. I made sure to lock in the contact info this time. Thanks again if you ever read this David.

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  10. 1 hour ago, tigerwoodKhorns said:

    Whenever I buy something on Craigslist I make sure that I speak to them before coming over

    I agree. I even state something similar either in my add, or my response. Not getting my addy without some voice calls. Who I horse trade with is very important to me, and I am not afraid to bail-out. Recently I have resorted to making sales in parking lots to defeat some distance challanges. So far so good, but then I have not been the one holding the cash either. Google earth sat pics of given addresses also is very helpful. 


    * disclaimer my statement is broad in aspect, and is not specific to anyone referred to, or participating within this thread.

  11. 10 minutes ago, ForKyleigh said:

    I am the one that bough the Belle's in this thread.  So, thank you very much for posting the alert!  I am still messing around with placement and such.  But very impressive thus far.

    Pics, or it didn't happen. JK. Thanks for bailing me out. Glad it was you and not me. I needed them like a hole in my head. Seriously though, If you want to hang out on the forum, we would love your company. Welcome and congratulations.

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