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  1. No vague details for us even? I've spent thousands there and B&H and had positive experiences with their customer service departments :/ sorry for the mess
  2. I have the RP-150Ms for my rear surrounds in a 5.1 setup. I prefer the more directional sound assuming they have some room behind them to breath, and mostly since they're cheaper than the RP-240S haha
  3. The RP-250C would be the best match for the RP-160Ms and can easily keep up. I had that same combo for months before upgrading them to the RP-250F towers
  4. I would say yes as they are one of the most respected sites at least for camera gear along with B&H. I've spent thousands on there and trust them.
  5. Right now I have the RP-250F up front, RP-250C center, RP-150Ms in the rear and R-110SW sub. For the two living rooms I've had this in it sounds spectacular. 5.25" all around with a 10" sub. I actually did have the bigger RP-260F towers before and I honestly can't tell a bit of difference with the sub tuned correctly (also had the RP-450C center before). I love this forum but everyone on forums always recommends going as large as possible and maxing out your budget and credit cards. I wanted smaller footprints in the room and saved some money and for the size of my smallish rooms I don't regret a thing.
  6. I haven't thought about it in a while but I rarely use Netflix nowadays lol. Most of my watching is on Vudu as well. I use it far more than Netflix or Amazon Prime
  7. That room is pretty long though if you're using it all, know the listening distance?
  8. My living room is about that size and for my 5.1 I have two pairs of RP-160Ms and RP-250C and R-110SW. More than enough power and range for the size of the room. Many people on here always push for the biggest you can afford lol. I was being realistic and am very happy, originally I had the RP-260F as fronts and traded down to the RP-160Ms, sounds more balanced to my ears.
  9. Gotta agree with Robo on this. I've owned some reference II but definitely prefer the new reference premiere line. My 5.1 setup is two pairs of RP-160Ms and the RP-250C and I love it.
  10. RP-160M fronts RP-250C RP-150M rears (not pictured) R-110SW Just completed today after lots of tinkering, over the past months. Had some RP-260F towers I traded for two sets of RP-160Ms so I could have a pair in my bedroom. I felt the towers overpowered the small room and this feels more balanced
  11. Just want to throw this quick question out there. I just picked up two pairs of RP-160Ms and while reading reviews online I came across this photo. He claimed he cross wired "so as not to favor either of the two frequency branches". Did some googling and searched the forum but all the results were about bi amping or bi wiring. Any real benefit compared to just plugging in both at the bottom or top?
  12. Haha I'm on good terms with my downstairs neighbor at least, and I did omit a subwoofer out of respect for him. Also I never get anywhere near reference level volumes, especially after 10pm I keep it down. I shovel out his car when it snows to keep him happy lol
  13. Thanks for the welcome you guys, glad to finally join the Klipsch community after getting hooked on the brand about 6 years ago. That's when I got the promedia 2.1 which I thought sounded amazing, it was the first time I spent any real money on audio equipment. Then about 3 years ago I got an Onkyo LS3100 2.1 system, changed the LR speakers to Reference ii rf-42 towers and I was blown away and never looked back. This summer I got the R-25c center and r-10sw sub, replace all of that with the current setup in the photo. So that's my Klipsch journey so far, hopefully it's the start of a lifetime relationship haha. Those new Fifteens might be next on my list.
  14. Figured I'd post my setup here as my first post ever. Finally joined here and avsforum after lurking for a while, started buying klipsch a few years and just barely upgraded it to this. RP-450C and RP-260F up front, RP-150Ms in the back but didn't have a photo on hand. No sub since I'm in an apartment and respect my neighbors lol, and they out out more than enough for the space (relatively small apartment, about a 12x12 room)
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