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  1. I’ve been taking a look at anthem recently. Saw a lot of good stuff on them. Another option you can look into. https://hometheaterreview.com/anthem-mrx-710-av-receiver/
  2. I used to live there...should have taken some Klipsch with me to Florida !!! Hahaha
  3. Won’t allow for shipping right now on the sub
  4. Talk to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters. The RS-52/62 can be hard to find. See what price he can get you on a new RP-250 surround pair. They are similar to the RS-52s but have the new horn. That wound be a good match. If you need an RS-62 II center, I might be selling mine in a few weeks.
  5. Ive got a better set up in mind: RF-82 IIs Frys $400-450 RC-62 IIs Frys $135-200 RB-61 IIs Frys $168 R-115sw $600-700 Best Buy or with an online Klipsch retailer like Cory. Depending on what sale you get, you can get close to what you put together and you get a lot more. I’m not near a Frys and was able to get the RF-82 IIs and RC-62 with free shipping. Look on at the alerts section in the garage sale and you will see the notices for the Frys deals. Second option: If you don’t want to worry about upgrading, in the future.... Get a pair of RF-7 IIs or RF-7 IIIs and build around it over the next few years, a piece at a time. You will be spending a lot of money on two speakers but won’t have to worry about the “what if’s, and upgraditis” Also so there are a few online Klipsch authorized dealers that can put together a package at a great price.
  6. I was looking at the Marantz too. The reviews mentioned it was lacking power so maybe that is where the question is coming from. I currently have an Onkyo 805 and was told it is very powerful and over built....that’s why I was Leary about upgrading that . I decided to stick with what I got, it’s a great receiver. I was thinking the reviews on amazon might be what prompted the question. Just my thought.
  7. The new Rc-64 III is coming out soon and should match the RP-280s ...it’s going to have the same new horn.
  8. Saw this today on Craigslist....considering there are lots of synergy F3s on Craigslist for over 300....thought this was a pretty good deal. https://orlando.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-reference-rf-62-ii/6382738269.html
  9. I just saw dual 15s at the magnolia store today....amazing bass.
  10. Even I want those....the cherry color looks so nice.
  11. Where are you located? Someone’s selling a pair in NY. Look further down in the garage sale listings.
  12. Here is my take on it. I have not heard the new models, but of course there will always be improvements with new models. They redesigned the horn and some say it is a night and day difference and less harsh, others say it is only slight difference and some say they like the old horn. Only way to tell is to listen to them yourself. But the big kicker for me is with the money you save, you can get a pair of R-115sw subs and have a killer system for the same price as the new models. They are the same series so they will both sound great, you just have to ask yourself how you feel about the enhancements from last years model to see if they justify the difference in price.
  13. The Rc-62 II is a great speaker and the only reason it is under $200 is because they are last years model and everyone has them on clearance. I remember when it was a $600 dollar speaker that I never saw go on sale. I have it and played Elvis and it feels like he is in the living room. Now the more important question is what do you plan to use for your towers, because if you plan to use the RF-82 IIs to match, defiantly get the RC-62 II. If you want to get the newer RP-280s, you may want to consider the RP-440 or 550 so the front all matches.
  14. I really agree with history kid. I had the whole synergy system for 10 years which was the line previous to the new Reference line. They are a nice start into the klipsch world. Similar to the Reference II line in a lot of ways, but the Reference II line are just so much better. The RC-62 II center is such a better match to the RF-62 or RF-82 II speakers. The synergy center I had the C-3 was so muffled and you could not understand voices clearly. When I added the RC-62 II center to the F3 towers, the center clearly over powered the two. It could just reproduce sound so much better. Also, compairing the F3s to the RF82 IIs, the 82s just fill the room so much better with sound and the bass is so much stronger( I don’t know if it is because of the rear vs front ports but noticibly different). I had to have my F3s close together to sound good but the opposite was true for the 82 IIs, they need to be farther apart because they just filled the room so much better. The clarity is unreal between the two. You feel like the voice is in the room with the Reference II line. I feel where the confusion is on the highs. I know when I had the Synergy F3s it didn’t matter about placement or room treatments , they sounded the same. But when I switched to the 82 IIs, the highs sounded harsh in my room with tile and high ceilings. And it makes sense since the room is not treated. After moving them 2 ft from the back and running audysee at all 8 positions, it was perfect. So I can see a perceived benefit to the Best Buy line bulecuse it was more a set it up and forget it easy on the ears, but the clarity was just not the same and not there like the Reference II line.
  15. I wish they would ship it ....nearest store is in Georgia.
  16. As for the TV stand I believe this is the new model. I think it went onsale for $130 and I bought it. It’s really spacious and fits the receiver and center perfectly and looks like it will hold an RC-64 with no problem. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Spar-Glass-and-Metal-TV-Stand-for-TVs-up-to-65/21889635
  17. Pretty much it’s Craigslist on Facebook. Mostly used items like Craigslist, but there can be new items. For example there was a new sealed RC-62 II someone was selling for $200. The nice thing is you can look at person’s profile to get an idea about the seller. So this TV was used but the seller was selling it for an elderly person moving back to the U.K. They kept the receipt and even called Best Buy to make sure the geek squad warranty was transferrable. Seemed like straight up nice people and the TV is in mint condition.
  18. That’s why I got it! Seemed like a great deal. I still can’t believe the quality. Now I am just waiting for the R-115sw to go on sale at frys for 399 again.
  19. I didn’t like the motion at first....seemed like everything was on fast forward. I went through the settings and found one for motion set at medium. I turned it off and back to normal. I originally had a plasma in 2005 and replaced it with a Samsung lcd when it had a problem in 2008. I noticed the picture quality was not as good. Now I’m back to a plasma and love it to far.
  20. So I’m beginning to like this Facebook market place. I replaced my old LCD Tv with the TC-P55ST50 Panasonic Plasma TV. Bigger and more clearer. Still getting used to the motion being faster and I ran my digital antenna and didn’t get nearly as many channels as my old Samsung tv. Total cost $240 for a 55” tv. What you think, not bad right?
  21. These have been up for awhile, I don’t know if you could convince him to split it up. Kinda a high price if you ask me and explains why it’s been sitting there for 6 months.
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