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  1. I did write a reply but something must have gone awry! I have ended up with the Willsenton R300 and couldn’t be happier. I was strongly leaning to the Cary, as I’ve been very keen on going to a simple 300B amp. The R300 is stunning, right out of the gate with no hours on it. Even my fiancée had an immediate reaction of “this sounds much better” though in comparison to the Bluesound. The sound is big, three dimensional, and vocals sound sublime. Bass is fantastic too which was a big worry. I actually think the R300 beats the PrimaLuna I had, at least in some areas, but considering the price it’s a killer and I don’t think I’ll be looking to change for some time (tube rolling notwithstanding after getting some serious hours on the stock kit).
  2. I have to admit I’m not as technically knowledgeable as you are, but have a general understanding. That said, my experience with class D has been let’s say, less than stellar. Not bad, per se, but very boring and clinical. I just find the presentation to be unappealing. My little Bluesound does a decent job, and is great for general AV and background music duties, but it just lacks that wow factor. I’d be interested in hearing some of the more advanced and pricey class D options for comparison though.
  3. The audio scene here is quite big! Have already met a fair few people with a lust for good sound, and the second hand market looks promising too as an alternative to buying new
  4. Yes thanks! Aware that SET is also class A, the distinction was more specifically for solid state as if I go that way my preference is for A over A/B - not based on any logic or experience, but from lots (probably too much) of reading and reviews.
  5. Having heard the IVs with a 590 I’m very very attracted to the Luxman. Appreciate your thoughts, lots to ponder! Was set on replacing tubes with tubes but now not so sure
  6. cheers. Yes, going cheap may not be the best idea. Of course I can sell and upgrade, but I’m usually the type to just go all out in the first instance. I’m sure the Willsenton is a decent piece of kit but the Cary is likely going to be a safer and better investment.
  7. Seeking thoughts on where to next amplifier wise, to power a pair of Cornwall IV. Previously had a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP integrated (running new issue Tung-Sol KT120s and Mullard 12AU7s after various prior combos from several years of rolling). Moved from NZ to Vietnam, so (maybe foolishly) decided to simplify and sold the PL amp and am now left with a wee Bluesound PowerNode (the latest model) doing amp duties in an apartment. Due credit to the Bluesound; it’s doing a marvellous job most of the time (it always operated as the main amp for daily TV and music with the tubes being swapped in for a serious listening session) but its lack of inputs means my lovely Wand turntable and large vinyl collection is gathering dust in a spare room. So it’s time for a new bad boy to join the club. The intent was always to get a new amp once settled, but now I’m unsure which direction to go. I’m currently thinking of two broad options: 1 - 300B I’d love to get a nice SET amp and have a lust for the legendary 300B, which I’ve never heard. The PL was my first and only foray into the world of tubes (bar the very nice Line Magnetic LP33 phono) and I loved the balance of deep, thick and controlled bass with luscious mids that the PL was delivering. I’m considering dipping my toes in with a Willsenton R300, which is inexpensive (notwithstanding the tube rolling that will no doubt follow) and seems to have some really good reviews. The other, more pricey, option is a Cary Audio 300SEI. 2 - Class A (ideally) SS Whilst myself and the dog have largely adapted to the humidity and heat of Saigon (we seem to have averaged 33-34 every day for 5 months) I’m wondering whether solid state may be a better option in this environment. I’d love to get a Luxman 550/590 AXII while they’re still around, and have a list of various SS amps that are also good options from McIntosh, Accuphase and a few others. Living on the 31st floor is quite a change from the house on section, so my ability to crank the sound is rather more limited (though the walls are solid concrete, including all internal walls, so it’s a lot more flexible than other apartments I’ve experienced). That said, since getting the Cornwall (coming from Forte III) I’ve found my listening volume has come down as the sound from these is just so bloody clear and balanced at even low volumes I don’t feel the need to crank it until the vodka intake has surpassed a certain level. I like my bass, but I’ll take that super clean drum hit and reverb over bloated big thunderous bass. Thoughts and suggestions? Music wise it’s anything from jazz to K-pop here, but the realism, dynamics, vocals and cohesiveness is what matters most. Will a good 300B be able to control those big 15” woofers and give enough oomph or am I better off looking at a nice class A solid state?
  8. Any update on what direction you ended up going? As someone who went from RF-82 II (predecessor to your 280s) to Forte III then to Cornwall IV, I say bite the bullet and go for the Cornwall. You won’t regret it, even if they take up a bit more room than the Forte IV.
  9. Looks like new “ Heritage” powered models on the way. Shown at an audio show in Hong Kong (Sevens shown with Fives on the left and Nines in the back - photo not mine). Nothing on the main site with any details yet.
  10. I don’t think I saw the KT120s mentioned, so thought I’d throw in for consideration. I haven’t heard the 300s or the 150s, but have tried various EL34s, KT88s and now KT120s in my PrimaLuna. The 120s are more dynamic but smoother than the 88s with a bit of that EL34 mid range magic. They punch lower and cleaner too. I very rarely use my sub with my Cornwall IV when listening to music.
  11. They look stunning; what an incredible job! The coffee staining is genius, where did you get the idea?
  12. I would definitely give that Yamaha 801 some serious consideration, if you haven’t already made a call and you’re not wedded to the two in your original post. You might not have any use for Bluetooth etc, but those S series integrated Yammy’s are very nice amps with good current and a neutral sound. I would grab one over a Schiit without question.
  13. Do you know what the design changes were between the original woofers and the newer more rugged options? I’ve never heard the I or II, but am interested to understand what they’ve changed as they’ve evolved the model.
  14. I should have read to the end of the thread before replying to an earlier comment Stoked to see you bit the bullet and got the Cornwall. They really are a magical speaker. If you’re an Apple Music user, let me know and I’ll PM you a link to my every growing playlist of stuff that sounds great on the CW if you’re interested.
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