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  1. I ordered one this weekend and am going to try with my khorns and I will report.
  2. Hi Jimjimbo, I like em and recommend! I use mine to stream mainly from Google play music and use the optical out to feed the DAC on a Marantz SA8005 and it sounds better than it should! Actually I used it with the built in DAC with a vintage Kenwood and it also sounded very good to my ears. Not CD quality but perfectly adequate for casual listening IMHO - it all depends on the quality of the source, etc. There are some settings to be mindful of, there is an option to set for "full fidelity" or something similar - make sure that is on. Very cool device and I am sorry that they quit making them. Regards, Scott
  3. Hello! I had a set of Chorus II in a room size similar to yours but not quite as deep. 24 x 24 with a 16 foot vaulted ceiling. They did very nice and will probably sound real good with your Sansui. I now have some Klipschorns in the same spot and they are definitely a notch (or two) up. The bass, presence, and dynamics are superior to the Chorus II in my opinion. The horns are physically higher off the floor and it makes a difference in filling a large space Plus you will have more amplifier flexibility with the Klipschorns - from SS to low power tube. Chorus tend to like more power. I have tried several amplifiers with my Klipschorns and they all sound good Having had both I would get the Klipschorns in a minute if you have the budget, I don't think you will be sorry. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks! That's interesting because I had thought about getting mine restored and may still yet. May I ask who you are getting to do the work?
  5. Yes sir it is a sweet unit indeed but it is mm only for phono. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone. I am posting this on the local craigslist if anyone has an interest. Thanks! https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/kenwood-ka-9100-integrated/6761204251.html
  7. I can tell you that Marantz PM8005 sounds very good to my ears with Khorns. I would imagine it would do nicely with Lascala as well. The Marantz has a very nice phone stage as well. I am using it with a Dual 1219 and Ortofon combination. I have no experience with the NAD.
  8. Huiez

    Chorus II

    This sale is complete. I hope Benjie is enjoying his new speakers! I had the pleasure of meeting him and he is a super nice guy Benjie let us know how they sound with the Luxman.
  9. Huiez

    Chorus II

    Sale is pending. Thanks
  10. I have not heard Heresy III. I do have a set of Heresy I's that I really like. That being said I also have some Chorus II and they spank the Heresy I in all departments IMO.
  11. Huiez

    Chorus II

    Wow. I just noticed the s/n tag shows oak raw thus your comment. Don't know what to make of that. Definitely appears to be a factory oil finish. Didn't know these were even available raw? Label mistake?
  12. Huiez

    Chorus II

    These are definitely oiled oak and not raw.
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