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  1. Is there a problem with my posting that I am not aware of? Have I broken a rule?
  2. I agree all of our ears do not hear reproduction equally. I'm a music listener and welcome the very best reproduction possible! That's really all there is to it. Seems to me there should be an opinion regarding finer quality differences. But then again, not everyone out there has 1 pair of both makers' boards in their Khorns to be able to switch back n' forth to accurately and definitively determine for themselves. Hmm
  3. I simply googled Ebay Klipschorns and there they are. There's approx. 4 other Khorns (NOT new) on their
  4. If this isn't a scam, I don't know what is. As they say, if it's too good to be true well, it is!
  5. Regarding best money spent, which is the best way to go? It's obvious Crites is less money. Is a person getting a better product while paying the higher price at ALK? In short, which of the two is a person actually "getting what they paid for" in value?
  6. Perhaps I'm not up to date on terminology. What does "flanking" mean exactly?
  7. Hello Khornukopia, Nice looking speaker! Did you refinish? Or is that original?
  8. Different subject all together but, What does "collared" or "not collared" mean? I've read this term within the Klipsch Heritage "Codes" literature (thank you Groomlakearea51) pertaining to the older Khorns. Also, seemingly a stupid question to ask but if a person had 1 pair of 89' Khorns, and another pair of 78' Khorns, would it be logical to assume that all 4 crossover boards should be the same within a 4 Khorn arrangement? All four speakers having AA's, AK's, AK-5, etc? Or is it best to allow the age appropriate board to remain as is. I realize different crossover's were designed, specified and appropriated to their given year and/or engineering design although, I still wonder.
  9. Hey Chris Thanks for your graph. Makes good sense. I'm guessing the bottom line is, set them up and find the best optimum listening arrangement. I suspect within my 26 x 38 area it will reveal itself. On the other hand, perhaps I'd need to do more of a 26 x 26 arrangement. Pull one set closer into the room and build a few false walls for the true corner arrangement. Hmm
  10. I actually have some heavy duty neoprene that's purpose is to seal off HVAC Roof Top units. A person applies it to the metal roof curb, then cranes the HVAC package unit on top of the curb. Seals out all potential interferences between supply air & return air cavities, weather, etc. GREAT stuff! I plan on using it.
  11. I'll try it again ... How many people do you KNOW that have utilized 4 Khorns?
  12. Hi again Chris, I wonder, how many people do you that have or have utilized 4 Khorns? DO you feel it could be overkill? I'm considering buying an additional pair and using the Ls's for my outside courtyard. Once again, my room is 26 x 38 x 10. Thanks for your input, Tony
  13. Thanks for the in depth response Chris. Your input makes good sense to me. I was already shopping for a single LaScala and find it's not an easy search. Thanks again! Tony
  14. So I'm wondering, what would the exact specs and full instructions for proper installation be for the notorious Horns? Here's what I've come to understand. I welcome any true to fact corrections; 1. Khorns should be placed no closer than 12' yet no farther than 24' apart'? 2. Must be installed with a one sided sticky neoprene (black spongy stuff) so as to push against the wall surface in order to properly isolate cabinet chamber? 3. From the corner of room, nothing but unobstructed wall 42" to the left, and 48" to the right of speaker location? No obstructions within this area including windows, doors, etc? 4. And finally, is it true that PKW's "optimal room size" is, in fact, 27' x 16' x 10' ceilings? If so, was his Khorn placements on the long wall or the short wall? Guessing the long wall. I custom built a (26' x 38' x 10' walls) room for my Khorns and LaScala's. The room also has vaulted ceilings at 14' tall going the direction of 38'. My intention is to place the Khorns on the short wall and naturally, LaScala's on the opposite side of the room. I feel certain this isn't the optimal room. Oh well! Thanks, Tony
  15. Hello Chad, Here (since I'm a short distance to Vegas) I got all excited to wander over to take a look at your booth and aforementioned display. THEN, I came to realize I cannot attend :<( when finding this; CES is a trade-only event for individuals 18 years of age or older and affiliated with the consumer technology industry. CES is not open to the general public. Needless to say, my hopes were erased. Hmm I wonder, can ya help a brother out and get me in through the back door? :>)
  16. It seems to me that all original 78' Khorns would, no doubt automatically necessitate new caps. Maybe I'll install them first before removing the old boards and disregarding completely. Is Crites the best place for replacement caps? I don't want to compromise quality.
  17. Just bought a pair of 78' Khorns and already preparing to replace the AA's. Is Crites the best place? I'm really not into replacing caps, etc. I just want to purchase a complete board and install. Also, seeking quality and not yet another "good deal". Thanks for any help
  18. To Schu; This is primarily a music room although, I will be doing occasional movies with the setup. I'm not a huge TV person really. Should you ever see a great deal in Vegas on Tube amps, please let me know! I'm a short drive away. Not sure what you mean by "great tube section" but I think that's what I am seeking. Hard to know what works best for La Scala's and Khorns while corresponding with one another. To Marvel; Now that's an impressive looking quad amp! I'll be looking into the cost of that. It will no doubt be a hefty figure.
  19. To all, I probably should have mentioned a bit more regarding the physical arrangement of things. I custom built a 25' x 36' room for this arrangement. High vaulted ceilings with a large 2nd story balcony for 2 (very capable) 15" subwoofers in their individual boxes. The subs have their own independent amplifier ... naturally. I will be acquiring some Khorns down the not so distant road to complete matters. Ultimately, the La Scala's will become the backup speakers positioned at the rear of the room, and the Horns will be positioned under the high placement of the subs. Hope that all makes sense. I live in SW Utah in a small town near St. George, not far from Zion Nat'l Park. I'm only about an hour drive to Las Vegas. There are no such local places (suggested by Maynard) that would be kind enough to bring over some tube amps to critique and select from. I only wish! Once the Khorns materialize, will I need two separate amp configurations to drive both sets of speakers? One amp for each pair of speakers? Things are still a bit fuzzy. I think I'm gathering I'll need separate tube amps for the two different speaker models ... or not? Is there such an approach as 1 amp for all 4 speakers? Thanks for the kind input and participation from everyone. I now realize I should have been more specific about the situation.
  20. At 57 years old I finally landed a pair of decent LaScalas. I'm not of age where I'm unfamiliar with the old tube amps but, I do not know what the best pairing application would be in modern day. Needless to say the "skies the limit" when it comes to a tube amp approach. Looking for something affordable without compromising quality. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for ... or do you?
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