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  1. You pose an interesting question Budman. I haven't the foggiest on how a person would cut the motorboard without damaging the cloth. As far as I can tell, the cloth is OEM. The holes are not perfect so they didn't use a "hole saw" bit to do the job which puzzles me all the more. A fair amount of effort went into this including removing the circuit board for clear access in order to perform the cutting.
  2. This is what I found after opening the original 84' Khorn boxes.
  3. Since I still cannot figure out how to paste pictures "OVER 2MB", I fished this off the internet. Identical to what I have. By the by, does anyone have and clean Khorn tweeters hanging around? These are 1984's with the AK-2 board. I'm having a difficult time figuring out which K-77 was used in 84.
  4. What to do when I am "only allowed to upload 2MB"? I cannot remember how to get around this
  5. . Yeah that's what I was thinking too. I had to laugh when I first saw it thinking ... why would ya fix it if it aint broke? DUH
  6. a Foster 025N27 Tweeter? I just bought a pristine pair of Khorns with these tweeters in it. Someone has removed the K-77's originally mounted on the motorboard and went through the extra trouble of boring out round holes to accept these tweeters instead. My discovery finds these particular Fosters are not rated very high in the consumer world. Additionally, they modified the board to accept a small blue capacitor which may or may not have anything to do with the Foster tweeter. Anyone?
  7. SOLD! Picking up on Saturday.
  8. Welcome Sam, Heck, I'm just down the street from you next to Zion Nat'l Park. I'd like to speak with you about a pair. Thanks! Tony
  9. FOR FREE, one pair of; Selenium ADF25/35 Three Bolt Speaker Horn To 1-3/8 Inch Threaded Driver Adapter. The three hole spacing is centered on 2 13/16" ... dead on. I think these might have been meant for JBL's? I was going to use these for a project (Altec 511B horn to K-55-M driver) but decided to order aluminum adapters that are exact adaptation. I didn't care for the sloppy look of drilling holes to make it work for a 12:00/6:00 bolt on arrangement. Due to the kindness of so many members, I am happy to mail these to anyone who can use them FREE OF CHARGE. In addition, I am building 8 new speaker cloth hardwood frames for my 4 Khorns. These will be professionally made out of Knotty Alder (without the knots of course), pocket screwed, glued, darkened & lacquered. Two of my frames within two separate speakers were broken in a move many years ago. Long story short, I'm sprucing up all 4 Khorns with new frames and cloth. These will be 100% square without any cutouts that are always at the bottom of the speaker cloth frames. I think the cutouts were intended for possible baseboards? If anyone is interested in a few pair of these frames let me know and we could possibly work something out. I find it hard to believe I am the only person who has experienced this unfortunate situation. The stock speaker cloth frames are rather brittle. Finally, does anyone happen to know where to obtain the best new/old looking speaker fabric for Khorns? Picture below was fished off the internet and exactly what I have to offer. My adapters are new and have never been installed.
  10. Nice enough but 5 grand? Hmm
  11. Since having zero response from the Garage Sale section, I decided to try this over here ... I thought I'd give this a try before purchasing from Klipsch. I only need the metal parts. I already have the wood base.
  12. I thought I'd give this a try before purchasing from Klipsch. I only need the metal parts. I already have the wood base. See Picture Below Thanks, Tony
  13. It has since been suggested I obtain an active crossover and play with the settings. I'm not even sure how to begin with that.
  14. Gosh, I hate to lose the DE 120's as the horn lens' (511b & walnut mahl v1) are already nicely mounted to the plexiglass motorboard on top of the KPT-904's. I'm truly a fan of 3 way over 2 way. I'm wishing for a 3 way approach. In addition, I rolled a fresh coat of Duratex over the 904's. I then took the time to have the Altec 511b's powder coated to a nice glittery bronze color. Add to that the walnut lens and I have to admit, everything looks pretty sharp put together. Too late to break things up.
  15. Hello, It was suggested I contact you regarding the DE-120's? I will only require a pair of drivers since I already have the mahl v1 walnut lens'. Perhaps you have a nice used pair?
  16. I'm wrapping up a recent experiment. I've already assembled; KPT-904-LF Cabinets (dual15" bass). These cabinets are currently configured 2-way Altec 511B metal horn lens' w/k-55-m drivers DE-120 Drivers (replacements for k-77-m) My situation is obvious. I need a 3-way crossover network. The only thing I can find that is close to what I am doing (within current Klipsch inventory) is the KPT-435-N setup. Needless to say, a totally different mid/high horns and drivers approach. The way I see it, I have a slightly upgraded version of the Khorn with 2-15" woofers instead of one. Add to that the arguably better, DE-120 hf drivers. A bit more brilliance to these old ears. I plead to the "Crossover Gods" within the magic land of Klipsch to bestow their knowledge upon me. Please forgive me as I do not understand anything more than retrofitting replacement crossovers to my Khorns or Lascala's in years passed, and that's about it folks! Since I've never learned, I do not comprehend techy stuff very well. The only bad "frequency" I understand is low quality speakers. Thanks to all, Tony
  17. That's what I thought Randy. But it seems they're backordered (on ebay) and just put my inquiry out there in hopes of getting them sooner than later. It seems patience must be exercised here. Thanks for the kind lead.
  18. Looking for a pair of nice/clean DE 120 drivers for a project of mine. Thanks!
  19. Thank you anyway and good luck to you in your sale.
  20. what is your asking price please?
  21. I just reviewed previous information. From what I gather, one is an "M", and the other is not? I can see you performed an Impedance Check (6.1) on one of them yet, I cannot see that you ran a check on the other tweeter. Similar to the first 6.1 reading? Thanks again
  22. To be sure, both are K-77-M's? Also, I cannot determine what your asking price is for both. Thank you
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