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  1. I had everything cleaned up by the time wife got home. She would have never known. ... except the kitchen was cleaner than before I started. Had to clean [wash dishes] before I made mess. Funny how a clean kitchen gives me the urge to cook. Has to be clean so I know it is all my mess. Our dinner is in flux. Might just be the two of us. I'm OK with that. Didn't plan on a crowd. That it began to start sounding like a bunch would show was OK, but for the need of more side dishes. I would be happy with a quiet day. Sometimes, less is more Y'all have a great holiday!!!!
  2. @BigStewMan You should have seen the kitchen by the time I made 2 pumpkin pies. After I finally got the crusts rolled out, it looked like someone threw a 5lb bag of flour into the ceiling fan.
  3. I won't volunteer. But, if the responsibility is thrust upon me ... ... a gasp from the crowd. One thing he don't need is encouragement. I'm still laughing about "the guy that invented pot" comment
  4. one of the thing I like about being a senior citizen. We can say near anything and they have to take it 'cause we're "old".
  5. What I dislike about cell phones the most is that folks think you should answer the damn thing any time/anywhere. I have to tell folks I only have a land line... no text. We may be in a similar boat with @Tarheel.. My buddy had to take his wife to the hospital last night. She's home. Whether they make dinner tomorrow???? Told/warned her, she WILL see me with food even if she can't make "the show". Got my pies made. Need to cube the bread for the stuffing. Then I'm done for the day. Dinner is chicken thighs simmered in green enchilada sauce. I never hear that. It usually "What an odd fellow"
  6. I been in your area, Gary. A 150 r/t is quite a drive. The traffic is crazy. Not something we have to deal with.
  7. we get 25 miles of winding county road to decompress after you turn off the interstate. It's pleasant. Watch for cows on the road, though
  8. OK gotta love attention to detail the local news is talking fireplace maintenance, particularly sweeping the chimney. I get that. Fireplace is our heat... What confused me about this article... they show a gas fireplace.
  9. I don't own one, either. When I leave the house, I don't want to be bothered by a telephone. Truth be known, I barely know how to place a call and answer the wife's flip phone. Text? Are you kidding? I do know how to turn the damn thing off. It nags you if you don't respond to a text or call. Or at least open and close it. if I need to borrow a phone and get handed an eye phone, I don't know what to do with it beyond what I saw on the Corona commercials...
  10. https://flagstaff.craigslist.org/ele/d/cornville-klipsch-heresy-speakers/7026724074.html not affiliated
  11. sweet deal I drove 2000 miles to get mine They're gonna make someone very happy.
  12. Mornin All About killed myself Mon. Overdid it. Spent yesterday in bed. Mo bettah today. Have a lot to do. Prep for T-Day. Move wood to a dry location. Yes, dry Rain coming today/tomorrow. Calling for 2in and snow down to 5000ft. Weather people are all excited. Even suggested folk take their family/friends up MtLemmon to play in snow. I think that when people come here, the last thing they want is what they left to come here. On they news A person staring at their eye phone walks of a subway platform. A person runs to help them up off the tracks. First thing that comes up.... the damn phone.
  13. WillyBob

    Tug of War

    would be fun to see. I agree with @nitrofan all things being equal -- electric wins.
  14. Glad that sub is on the other side of the country. My house [cabin, as my aunt calls it] is glad too. GLWS
  15. Mornin' All Been up for [quite] a while. 2:30AM is too early to be up. So, I was. Drank leftover coffee. Made a couple scrambled egg burritos. Took a shower. Cooked pancakes for wife and kid. Fresh coffee for wife. I'm about done for the day. I bet the [fuel] wood get delivered today and I want to clean the chimney before it is a must. We have cold/wet predicted for the holiday weekend. That would be the perfect time for it to plug, if I don't do a pre-emptive strike. No, turning the stereo real loud does not shake the creosote loose.
  16. that's the list of meds I take. I use a vaporizer... not e-cig type. Straight plant material, no "juice".. see SSV or Volcano
  17. I'm comin' on 65 in Jan. Don't take pills.
  18. Taking a music break, in the doghouse. Time to go back in. Wife and kid are playing. Keeps wife from working. A good thing. She [still] hasn't realized how productive "down time" is.
  19. It's worth it. I trash the kitchen when I cook. I don't try to multi-task when I'm cooking. Used bowls/pans and all get shoved out the way [table, counter after the sink is full] until after. made some mashed potato and beef enchilada [burritos] the other day. Took longer to clean up the mess than it did to make.
  20. I make a mango "salsa". It all fresh diced fruit/veggies. Labor intensive... so, I don't do it often. Special occasions only. I can't make a small batch, unless I want a lot of half this and thats. like no matter how small I think I am going I always end up with a dutch oven full of lasagna sauce. A 9 X 13 and 9 X 9 pan finished Not a real problem. Lasagna is good any time of day. "Ages" nicely in the fridge for the day or two it lasts.
  21. So, you can cook! good salsa is an art, Steve. I cheat and open a can of Rotel... add a few fresh thing.. Pau
  22. Now yer makin' me hungry I've noticed the same. Hot isn't hot. I think they are toning the spicing down. My palate isn't immune to hot. We do use hot sauce/s. Asian type. A lot of my cooking is home style mid-western. Nothing too bitey. ...On hot isn't hot. I used to participate in the local chili cook-off. Judging is popular vote and folks usually only take one spoonful as a sample. Not much time to make an impression. I always describe mine as medium. Hot will scare people. I saw a couple of guys walking away... turn and stare at me as they were wiping their brow.... Slow acting chili. melts your stomach and not your mouth
  23. Mornin' All. It is still AM? Had a rough day yesterday. Productive, but, frustrating Cleaned the oven. Oh, so much fun. And laundry. Solar drier not working as well as normal. Temp made it to 60` at best. Could only squeeze off 3 loads. Opposite summer run. In the summer, the slowdown is how fast the machine processes the wash. Stuff dries faster than the machine can run more. We have a cord of wood coming tomorrow/Monday. That will keep us for the season. Need to pull the bird from the freezer soon. We aren't expecting a bunch.A friend and his wife and a SIL. She won't be for the sit down. No sense of time. Boy is working. It is a dude ranch and the have a full boat. Working service, holidays are not so much fun. The bowling alley wasn't bad. We had to be open so the folks could come and wish us a happy... We didn't do squat for business.. Just visit all day. Restaurant, that a whole different story. It turns into a production line. You are allowed X amt of time at the table. Adios and NEXT! Wife [me] needs to make a pumpkin pie for the school on Wed. I'll make 2... and I bet most of "our" pie will be gone before T-Day. I likes da pumpkin pie. There were sugar pie pumpkins at the grocery. I balked at $4ea. Would have taken at least one per pie. Should have bit the bullet to show wife the diff between Jack-O-Lantern and pie pumpkin. reflecting on Old Folks' Boogie
  24. farmed salmon is junk. Wrong color [dye added] and way wrong genetics [eel genes in it for 3X growth]
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