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  1. Happy B-Day! @Dave1291
  2. Morning stretch
  3. Mikes like Dave, I don't think they know what they have... 😎
  4. Greetings Gents. Mike (dirtmudd) should be getting his table back in a few weeks. Let's give him our choices on what he should spin first. Me, I'd like to hear; The Presence LP from Zep. 🤘
  5. @dirtmudd we can do without the profanity. 🌈
  6. Maybe you need baridies!
  7. @Dave1291 His Table is almost done. Then we'll see all the spinnin he does. He better start buying new styluses...😉
  8. Good morning!
  9. @MILO, don't let Daddy do it ''two'' you!
  10. 🌈Happy Pride Month Mike! ☺️From the Rainbow Man.
  11. Nice job @KROCK ! Call Mike and play it for him. He was two busy with his ALMOND JOY today...😁
  12. UK Pressing.
  13. @Full Range Great LP. I have the 63 stereo LP.
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