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  1. Send Dave A on the forum a PM.
  2. Hey Joe, Are these still available? Thanks, Bernard
  3. I'll bet that your Deang crossovers will sound even better with more breakin time, say 100 hours. Waiting to hear your comparison to the ALK crossover. Also, are you running your sub off the sub-out on your preamp?
  4. I have a pair in my Cornscala’s, been enjoying them for over a year and truly enjoy the improvement.
  5. I really like the B&C DE-120 driver with Dave A's MAHL, much better detail than the CT-125, definite game changer.
  6. Yours look very nice, my personal preference is a nice veneer.
  7. Mine are not really finished too nice, I wanted to hear how a Cornscala sounded, so I bought from a forum member who had one of the original pair that Bob Crites made in the early days. The only mod's that have been performed to date is that I purchased Dave A's machined aluminium horn lense with the B&C DE-120 driver.
  8. I have the same Cornscala Type A's, if you perform the recommended mod's per the forum members, please provide feedback on the improvements. Thanks, Bernard
  9. Greetings, I'm going to blame @joessportsteron this post since he found some inexpensive active crossovers, you can check them out here: https://www.xkitz.com/collections/active-crossovers-and-bi-amplifiers-1/products/linkwitz-riley-3-way-active-crossover-fully-assembled-xover-3 I've always been into passive crossovers, but hey, if the price is right, I will give them a try. Currently, I have a pair of Cornscala A's with Dave A's MAHL/B&C DE 120, M2380 Mid-range horn/Atlas PD-5VH Driver and the Crites CW1526C woofer. Bob's passive crossover is set at 500/5000, should I replicate this setting or make it 400/5000? You have to order this active crossover with pre-set crossover points, that's why the question. Thanks, Bernard
  10. Thanks guys for your input, much appreciated. Bernard
  11. A little more pronounce. Due to my room setup I cannot get them closer to the side walls, so I thought with a larger enclosure that might do the trick.
  12. Greetings, I currently have a Cornscala A which is in the traditional Cornwall enclosure. I was wondering if it is worth my while to make it a two box enclosure and build the bass bin as the 24" X 24" X24", totally sealed with no ports, will there be a noticeable difference in the low end? Thanks, Bernard
  13. Hey Charlie, If you look up Darrel Hawthorne on face book, he started Hawthorne Audio, he might be able to put you in touch with some Eddie Vaughn amp owners.
  14. Yes, I have reviewed that thread by SET12, and he speaks very highly of the Werner C-core's, and because of his mods to the Forte crossovers he has peeked by curiosity. So, when you installed the C-cores in @Badman crossover's I saw that there is the possibility of obtaining another opinion.
  15. Russ, I would image the crossover with the Werner Autotransformers and Foil Inductors sound better than your crossover with the Jupiters, can you discern a difference? I have been curious about spending money on the Werner Autotransformers and wondering if they are worth the additional monies? Thanks, Bernard
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