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  1. bchristmas

    Autotransformers by Werner Jagusch

    Are these still available?
  2. bchristmas

    FS: Nelson Pass Amp Camp Amp Kits V1.6

    Yep, still available.
  3. bchristmas

    Amp Camp Amp

    Page 3, posted September 27th.
  4. bchristmas

    Amp Camp Amp

    For what it's worth I have (2) brand new amp camp amp kits V1.6 for sale, its listed in the Garage Sale under the listing: FS: Nelson Pass Amp Camp Amp Kits V1.6. Thanks, Bernard
  5. bchristmas

    FS: Nelson Pass Amp Camp Amp Kits V1.6

    Huntsville, Alabama.
  6. Up for sale are (2) complete Amp Camp Amp V1.6 Kits, not even opened. These are class A, 15 watts per mono block, which work quiet nicely with Klipsch speakers. I would like to sell both, originally I was going to build (2) mono blocks but now I have decided to go in a different direction, so my loss is your gain. If you missed batch 1 & 2, why wait for batch 3, which may not happen for awhile, you can enjoy an ACA now. Each chassis is silver with silkscreened text, LED cutout and power switch. $ 300.00 for each kit, buyer pays shipping and Paypal fees, will work with a personal check, will ship goods once the check has cleared.
  7. Up for sale are a pair of Bob Crites Autotransformers, model 3636, never been used, I was planning on using for a speaker crossover project that never materialized, so my loss is your gain. $25 each. Will be shipped USPS ground, seller will pay shipping. Thanks, Bernard
  8. bchristmas

    La Scala improvements

    Yes, John is correct regarding the Dynamat, it works better than rope caulk and makes the horn more inert.