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  1. On 2/23/2021 at 2:59 AM, Blackfiretruck said:

    Hi there my name is Andrew I am brand new to the site as of today and I have a question about a used pair of Cornwall speakers   And just a guesstimate of what I used pair like that would be worth of a pair like that that is a 6 out of 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. I know I won't have any exact number but a little bit of a guideline would be helpful. I live in Washington State and I have been considering getting a pair that are actually up for sale on this site but I think they are asking a little bit much for them $1100  ? Any body who could share a little bit of light on this and tell me whether that's a fair price or whether or not you would think it would be a little less I bought a pair of these same speakers and they were in excellent shape about 3 years ago and I paid $800 for them and I thought I got a good deal but they were perfect so it makes me think that these are a lot for ones that are not near perfect but I don't know for sure. :) thank you for any input much appreciated Andrew


    Welcome to the forum, and I hope you can pick them up for a reasonable amount.

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  2. 1 hour ago, billybob said:

    @Oicu812 ...coming down now some from 45 when you originally posted this.

    Not Affiliated:






    Still WAAAAAAAAY too much money for what these are.  They are hardly recognizable as Klipschorns (And they might well be the knockoffs from the '70's and '80's).


    He should consider himself lucky if he can get a grand out of these.

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  3. Listening to Van Halen currently, "Finish What Ya Started". 

    Talk about a CLEAN recording!  You should check it out... 


    The R-14M's just got deployed.  I bought a small Pyle "80 watt" amp (Actually 40W per 2 channels) from the Amazon Warehouse for $28, and I wanted it to drive the sound from a vintage gaming PC from 1998.  This amp was surprising to me, it drives those little Klipsches really well.  I have the volume turned almost all the way down, and they are plenty loud and clear.






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  4. 15 minutes ago, wvu80 said:


    I HEAR YOU TOO!!!  🤣


    I was studying your setup.  Really nice!  With pro speakers nearfield in a 7.1 you don't just hear the music, you are the music.  Sound just comes from everywhere, and nowhere.  It's like taking a sonic bath.  👍


    Too true.  The surround receiver has an easy setup to send each side of a stereo input to all speakers on that side.  Simply incredible sound.

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  5. 7 hours ago, wvu80 said:


    They are in the Man Cave. They currently out of the rotation so I can test the RP-600M's with a mini-amp and 10" sub.  They aren't the CF-4's but they are sounding real sweet for a near field 2.1 setup.


    The picture with the DIY speakers is new to me.  I moved the TV and RC-64 III from the upstairs living room into the basement because my wife hates big speakers where there should be furniture.  Then I kept throwing speakers at the downstairs setup until I got happy. 


    I don't know if I'm totally happy but I'm getting there.  :cool:


    I hear ya there.  That pic I posted earlier is my near-field 7.1 with almost all Pro models.  They can convert eardrums into a thick liquid.

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  6. Just for fun, here's my desktop in a newer photo, showing some of the collection:


    KP-3002's as the main R-L (the monitor is a 55" Sony Bravia, to give you a sense of scale).

    KPT-100-'s center channel on the shelf above.

    R-14M's waiting to be deployed.

    KG4's on their side top right and left.

    Just outside the shot are the Super Heresy doing right / left surround.

    In the back are two KP-1000's (modded into 2 way full range) doing right / left rear channel duties.


    Oh yeah, a 12" Polk sub (I have an 8" Klipsch, but it just doesn't stand up to the rest of the setup!  I wish they would put out a decently priced 12" Heritage sub, with a 15" as the upgrade...)




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  7. 21 hours ago, wvu80 said:

    Had: 1978 La Scala, 1979 Khorns, RC-64, and my first ever Klipsch, the RW-12d sub


    Have: RF-83, RC-64 III, RS-62.


    Want: Any deals that come along


    Significant Other:  Currently have DIYsoundgroup: Umax 15 sub pair w/Inuke 3000dsp, Dayton Audio Reference 15 sub.  Overnight Sensations, Cheap Thrill, Fusion 10 Pure.  Usher MTM 7" woof dome tweeter center.  MBM Mid-bass module pair, Titans 615 XL pair.


    Magnapan MG-1 (sold). 


    You guys haven't seen this 5.2 Home Theater.  I set it up earlier this week.  That's a 65" Vizio sitting over top the RC-64 III.  It looks like a toy next to all those large speakers.  Lto R top to bottom:  MBM 15, then the top hat for the Titan 615 LX.  Bottom Umax 15 then the 15" woofer module for the Titans.  Center is Marantz 6011 beside an Emotiva XPA-5.  Not pictured is RS-62.





    What happened to your Epic 4's?

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  8. I utilized broken 78's to do antique restoration.  You put the pieces in a mason jar, add some mineral spirits, and voila!  You have a topcoat varnish that will match old finishes.  You could also use it as a wipe down fluid for the antique varnishes that had become 'alligator skin', smoothing the original finish without needing to strip and re-spray.

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