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  1. The screen is at at a dangerous location, move it so it doesn't block the passage.
  2. I'm using a Denon M41 DAB microsystem and sounds really good with the RP 160M bookshelf speakers.
  3. I recently bought two vinyl records and they both came with a redeem card so I could download the digital files as well. Which I did, of course. The difference in the download quality was quite spectacular, though I must say I can't really hear a difference. The wav files, of course, are the most desired. Elvis Presley - The Searcher: mp3 files totalling 115Mb. GoGo Penguin - A Humdrum Star: wav files totalling 1.6Gb
  4. Here in Belgium, where I live, Klipsch is hard to find, and the heritage series is even harder to find. The closest location where I could listen to Heresy IIIs was in LIlle (France). Heresy IIs and Is are extremely rare here in Europe, and what is rare, has a high price.... You are right about the ported design. Also: the diameter of the Heresy's woofer is much larger than the RP160M's.
  5. I'm a total newbie here. I recently purchased a pair of RP 160M speakers and I'm totally impressed by them and rediscovering familiar music and discovering lots of new music as well. When I was doing my research, I first came to Heresy III speakers. However, they were not within my budget and where I live, they are hard to get. If budget was no issue, I would have bought them because I'm intrigued by the 'heritage' they belong to. I find it striking that the specs of both, the Heresy's and the RP160Ms are very similar. The Heresy's are three way speakers, of course, but other than that, the technical sheet is almost identical. So this makes me wonder if there is a lot of difference in the listening experience. Has anyone here been able to compare these two?
  6. .... the only problem I see here is that some of you need to invest in a wide angle lens! Brings me to an idea: there should be a thread here at Klipsch Forum titled: "A 360° of my listening room". Would be really cool. Most smartphones can do this, nowadays. https://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/blog/2016-02-a-virtual-reality-fairy-tale
  7. In photography circles we call this GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome.
  8. Try to find the RP 160-M bookshelf speakers. Or the new RP 600M (basically the same, but $100 more expensive).
  9. Thanks for the welcome! The Onkyo system is 'vintage'. It is the system I grew up with in the 1980s. Both amp and speakers are Onkyo. It is quite revealing for me to listen to both systems - the Onkyo and the Denon/Klipsch combination.
  10. Today I was listing to U2's One (album: Achtung Baby, 1991) on my Klipsch RP160-M speakers. At 01:55 - 02:00 I noticed a very dissonant distortion/interference, which on the Klipsch speakers sounds like very distracting feedback. I have listened to this song probably a thousand times, but never noticed this before. I was a bit in shock, because here it was, in a very pronounced way. This was on cd. I checked if it was present on qobuz.com (streaming mp3/320Kbs), and sure enough, it was there, equally distracting. Next I checked for it in the living room system, on my Onkyo system. Here, it was present too, much less annoying. It seems that the Klipsch speakers magnify it. Being new to Klipsch speakers, I wonder what is going on here. Is this an editing error revealed by the Klipsch. Or is it rather a weakness of the Klipsch speakers (or the amp)?
  11. Merry Christmas from Ypres, Belgium.
  12. Same experience here: some recordings disappoint with these speakers, while other recordings open up and shine. And it is hard to predict which way it will go... Make sure the bi-amping plate is well placed, and both both screws are tight.
  13. Hi! I'm in a similar situation as you: last week, I bought a pair of RP160-M speakers, which are almost identical to your RP600Ms. I use a Denon M41D microsystem. I mostly play CDs and use Qobuz.com for streaming music (on a Amazon Fire tablet). The streaming is mp3 at 320Kbs. Although I bought them as new, the box had been opened, so I think mine were in the shop as demo speakers for a while and have been broken in already. Even so, I think they are still breaking in. On my system, I really love their sound. Make sure you put them at least 1.8m apart (or more) and on a stand or table (the horn should at ear-level). Invest some time in rearranging your room, if necessary. Klipsch speakers are very bright in the treble area (high notes). Make sure the cables make good contact.
  14. I recently purchases a pair of RP-160M speakers and connected them to a Denon microsystem, D41M DAB. https://www.denon.co.uk/uk/product/compactsystem/bluetoothsystem/dm41dab I'm very happy with this combination.
  15. The hiss may be there because you don't respect the minimum distance (check the specs). Check if there is a firmware upgrade (for issues 1 and 2). If not satisfied, send them back. The box may have been handled roughly in transport. I recently bought a pair of RP160m, which are passive speakers, hooked to a budget Denon receiver, and they are absolutely brilliant, with no hiss at all.
  16. I came across this fun video about the physics of horn technology. It was done by Mark Rober, a Nasa engineer. In an indirect way, it explains why Klipsch speakers are so special.
  17. Replying to my own post... I love this. 🤨 Today my RP160Ms (new), were delivered. These are my first thoughts. Does the Denon M41 DAB microsystem drive the RP160-Ms well? Oh, yes it does! This little micro system is only 70W (2x35W), but I've been listening at volume 12 to 18, while it goes up to 40. This is more than enough for me! The Klipsch speakers are more than double the size of the original Denon bookshelf speakers that came with the microsystem. They make them look like dwarfs, and the Klipsch speakers are so overwhelming accoustically... I don't even dare to connect the Denons again. The Yahama subwoofer, which I bought to give the denon speakers more punch, is redundant now... Do the RP160Ms beat my old 'vintage' Onkyo system? Yes and no... Some instruments, like a contrabassoon, are better reproduced by the Onkyo system, certainly when playing at low volume. I will try to connect the Klipsch speakers to the Onkyo amplifyer too, to hear what they sound like. I will report back here when that is done. UPDATE: I hooked up the Klipsch speakers to the Onkyo amplifier. The sound is disappointing in the low frequencies. No wow-factor here. No improvement when turning up the volume. So I quickly connected them to the Denon M41 again. This little microsystem makes the Klipsch shine: rich in low and high frequencies, much better sound stage. It seems the Onkyo amp and the Onkyo speakers work well together, while the Denon amp matches well with the Klipsch speakers. Do I like the Klipsch RP 160 Ms? Yes I do. These are very powerful speakers. More than enough for my household! They do need to be placed apart by a couple of meters at least, so I did need to rearrange some of the furniture. Now I need to find a cabinet or so to put them on. They are too large for bookshelves... For now, I put them on the carpet, which is not ideal. My listening experience: These speakers certainly have their own character and once I started listening, I couldn't stop for the next two hours. They are revealing, and some recordings turn out amazing, while others, surprisingly, don't. I 've been playing CDs and for streaming music, I have used the Qobuz app on my Amazon Kindle (mp3, 320Kbs). U2's Achtung Baby, one of my favourite albums ever, was 'just ok', while Pearl Jam's Ten and Lenny Kravitz' Let love rule were very impressive and exciting. Porgy and Bess (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong) again was 'just ok', while Bill Evans' Sunday at the Village Vanguard... well it was like I was really there with the bass position on the left, and the piano to the right. Michael Jackson 's Thriller sounds absolutely brilliant, and so does Pink Floyd's Meddle. Michael Hedges' Aerial Boundaries sounds just right. I'm not sure what this mixed listening experience means. Perhaps the albums that are 'just ok' were mixed/edited in a bad way (hard to believe for some of them, though), while the others, the Klipsch speakers make them shine? Conclusion: I 'm so glad that my little Denon micro system works so well in combination with these speakers. No regrets!
  18. For many days now I have been reading about the Klipsch RP-150M (or the RP-160M) speakers. I'm still not sure if these speakers are enough of an upgrade compared to my current set up, and for that reason I ask your advice. In my listening room, I have a Denon D 41M +DAB microsystem. It comes with its standard speakers. (https://www.whathifi.com/denon/d-m41dab/review ) In my living room, I have a 'vintage' Onkyo system dating back to the 1980s. This is the system I grew up with. It comes with large, floor standing speakers that have a nice, full sound (type: model s-05, max power handling 20W, 8 ohm). The amplifier is Onkyo A-05). I'm no specialist, but I'm very curious about how the Klipsch speakers would sound on both systems. Both amps are definitely not high end, so I'm just afraid of being disappointed when investing in these Klipsch speakers, and it turns out there is little improvement in audio quality. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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