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  1. I have been building my theatre system For a few yrs . My system I have Klipsch RF7I with Dean crossovers Surround sides RF7I RC7 Center - RF800 as rears 4 Dayton Altimax 18” powered by 4 Yamaha P7000 - custom boxes tuned to 20HZ Marantz SR7011. And the fronts powered by Rotel RB1091 . Optoma 4K projector On a 135” screen . It sounds in my opinion amazing , I need atmos Speakers that would match what I have . I was thinking about CDT5800 4 sets . Any thoughts or suggestions with ceiling mounts speakers ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi. I am new here and just purchased a set of RF7, I like it loud and absolutely love these speakers . I read I can tone the highs with better sound from Deang crossovers . where do buy these ? thank you
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