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    VPI Scout Master w/JMW-9 Tonearm, spare armtube, Periphery Ring Clamp, VPI Synchronous Drive System. Using Technics SL-1600MK2 on second system.

    Shure V15 Type V on primary armtube and a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood on secondary armtube. AT155LC mounted on my Technics table. All 3 are moving magnet cartridges.

    Digital Front End:
    Onkyo Integra DX-C730 CD Player

    Pre Amplifier:
    Conrad Johnson PV-11 Tube Pre-Amp with phono stage.

    Conrad Johnson MF-2200

    Speaker System:
    JBL Century, ESS AMT 1B's, Klipsch La Scalas '81 and Klipsch Cornwalls '86. Currently using the La Scalas.

    Speaker Cables:
    Just cheap plain ole speaker wire from Best Buy. Yeah, thats right. You read it correctly.

    Cardas Golden Reference 1M In the Showcase System.

    System Rack:
    A nice sofa table made in Mexico.

    Music Storage System:

    Other Accessories:
    VPI 16.5 Record Cleaner, PS Audio P300 Power Plant w/Multiwave II+ and a PS Audio High Current 15A Ultimate Outlet.

    Room Size:
    Kind of square.

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  1. Man, I do miss this website. I've spent hours on it over the years. Obviously not been on it anytime recently. When did it go down?
  2. Looking forward to your impressions on the crossovers and tweeters. What do you hear now? Where is the improvement most noticeable? I may do this to mine in the near future.
  3. Nice facelift. I'm enjoying all the PWK links. Now if we could get some new colors on this forum web page that would be very nice as well.
  4. Dangle my head over the front edge of my...... Moray, wouldn't it be easier to just turn it upside down and have a listen from there? Yeah Dean, you're probablly right man. I was just thinkin' out loud.
  5. Good replies and information gentlement. But what I am digging for here is this. Has anyone in their listening room turned them bottom side up and gave them a listen? My point being, some rooms (maybe) could benifit from this. For instance....a room that is too small for that big beautiful mid-horn.
  6. Hey guys! I was on youtube tonight listening and watching The Replacements. Great band. Right? Anyway, I was watching the "Bastards Of Young" video and it gave me an idea that I wondered if anyone else has tried with their La Scalas. This was common place back in the day with bookshelf speakers but I'd never ever thought of trying it with a La Scala...or anyother Klipsch for that matter. BTW....long time no see. Here's that video. It was a slap in your face at the whole MTV music video industry.
  7. On some steam games I'm Kantucki. That was my old Medal Of Honor name from back in the day. BBC2 I'm go by Led Weappelin.
  8. I'm on there. Post on the forum a little. Kantucki is my steam ID, but I'm Led Weappelin in Battlefield Bad Company.
  9. I just put that site in my favorites. Thanks for that seti.
  10. I actually don't miss "prone" now, though I did when I first started playing it after playing COD so much. The reason there is no prone in the game is because it made snipers invisible, especially is the lush underbrush. With vehicles you are better off having a partner or two in with you. The more eyes the better ya know. I play with a Razor headset and a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series. For guns and explosions it's the best sounding fps I've heard yet. And the BF3 is suppose to sound better. They've worked on making it easier to hear footsteps and what direction they are coming from, things like that. They have also added Jets as another vehicle. Should be interesting. I'm not a big vehicle guy though. I play squad rush 99% of the time.
  11. Yeah, I'm still playing on line everyday. Screen name is Led Weappelin. Just got a new PC with an Intel i7-2600k processor so I'll be ready for BF3 when it's released. I can't wait.
  12. It's been my favorite game for the past year. I play on line almost everyday. Looking forward to new maps and the new Vietnam.
  13. I don't post here much anymore but when I saw this thread title it brought back good memories. Congratulations William. Your posts over the years have been very enlightening to me and others here. You've always been kind in your responces on this forum. An "internet gentleman" is an understandment. [] Thank you sir.
  14. Colin, I can see where one might need a sub for movies even with the mighty Khorns, but for music too? Of course this is a matter of taste. To each his own. But I'm betting you're using them in a large room. High ceiling?
  15. Well, here's a link to a few. http://www.needledoctor.com/Online-Store/78-Speed-Tables;jsessionid=0a0108421f4391adc905760c435f842d8877a9d4cd76.e3eTaxePaNqNe34Pa38Ta38OaNj0
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