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    Anything with wheels especially Harleys and go fast Chevys,vintage audio gear of course,photography and drinking good whiskey listening to the blues.
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    I have two,HH Scott 355/208 tube set with a Thorens TD160 TT and a solid state Marantz separates system 6100TT,5010B cassette,112 tuner.3200 control pre-amp.510M power amp. Switching for speakers that include EPI100 bookshelves and Klipsch KG4s in my den,1972 Klipsch Cornerhorns in my entertainment room.

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  1. y2keglide

    Shipping Charges

    I've run into that a lot so I use ebay and amazon more often than not. I live in a rural area so online shopping vs in store saves me a lot of time and money,some things I want in my hand before I buy so I'll go to a store but a lot I just order and it's at my doorstep not long after. At lot of stores will ship if you order online but aren't really well set up for it so it takes them time and time is money.
  2. y2keglide

    Shipping Charges

    Have you tried ebay,lots of free shipping on things there.
  3. y2keglide

    Bob Dylan

    Been about 25 years since I saw him and he's coming to town this summer,might check it out might not. Never been a big fan but I did enjoy him live better than on recordings,he was traveling with the Dead when I saw him.
  4. Get well soon,hope this is taken as a little levity and provides a smile.
  5. My poor dad,he was 45 when I was born and turned 46 a month later,I also I have a sister a year and a half younger. My youngest turned 18 when I was 49 so I was closer to the curve. Dad was my age when I turned 18 and I was a handful,wish he was still here so I could apologize. I'm 63 and haven't noticed the effect of andropause,might be because I'm too busy working more hours now than I did when I was younger. When not working I still enjoy fast cars fast boats and motorcycles and of course this audiophile hobby when the weather is less than acceptable for my other hobbies. I think staying busy is good therapy for getting too wrapped up with what's going on in your head at any given time,sure glad I'm still working with this damn virus thing shutting so many people out of work,I'd get cabin fever pretty quick if I had to stay home all day. I have noticed that I don't much like to go outside unless the temperature at least matches my age though. lol
  6. I saw it live in 1970,opening act was Black Oak Arkansas.
  7. I think it was Elvis on the radio,my mom sent my grandmother a letter (I lave it here somewhere) in which among other things she said I like that new rock and roll stuff from Elvis Presley. I was about one and a half to two years old, around 1957-1958 at the time.
  8. Great score! You couldn't buy the birch plywood for that.
  9. y2keglide

    RIP Kenny Rogers

    RIP KR, I guess he just dropped out because of the condition his condition was in. He had a pretty good run for a gambler.
  10. She's been pretty quiet for a long time now,I caught this steam eruption about 20 years ago one day when I stayed home from work with the bug. Didn't hear anything,just looked out the window and it was going on. I didn't have a very good camera back then unfortunately.
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