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  1. What a great story! My uncle Joe (Mom's closest brother) was Army, he died in the Philippines in 1943 and is buried in Manila. I wish I knew more about him, unfortunately Mom is 94 as of today (yup it's her birthday 4/19) and has Alzheimer's. She was the youngest of 6 children and the only still surviving. She's late stage now and unable to communicate, hindsight is 20/20 but if only I had learned more when I was younger. <sigh>
  2. This picture was taken August 27th of 2018 late Summer during a drought year and only traces remain, not a very good quality pic but not hard to see it's almost bare. Snow usually returns not much later, the wet season starts again mid Sept. to Mid Oct. which means snow up top of the mountains.
  3. Thanks, we love it here, bought the property (5 1/2 acres) back in 1987. It's somewhat off the beaten path near the tiny old logging town of Yacolt, WA. Typically The Cascades have year round snowpack and glaciers although Mt.St.Helens having lost 1000ft off the top in the 1980 eruption is nearly bare in late Summer now. I Don't have the numbers but the snowpack is better than it has been in recent years and we're still getting snow in the Cascades. The reservoirs are near capacity as well. The picture I posted above was taken in January of this year, this picture is a few years old taken mid Summer with typical snowpack.
  4. Nice ,that's really beautiful! I live where it snows some every winter here in the foothills of the Cascades on the South side of Mt.St.Helens the infamous volcano. We had snow in the mountains above 2500 ft this weekend, that's a ways up from me at a little over 1000 ft. I know 1000ft doesn't sound like much if you're in Colorado but it's a big climb from the Columbia River just 30 minutes south where the elevation is just 50ft. I have a great view of the snowy mountains from here, we've has as much as 3 feet of it at the house but usually most years we just get about 6"-12" at a time.
  5. This is why socialism fails every time. No incentive to excel in anything, why bother when there is nothing to gain. With capitalism the sky is the limit, it breeds creativity because there are rewards for one's hard work and invention.
  6. I'm mostly white, a little injun blood in me (more than Elizabeth Warren but I don't claim to be a native American). I'm not particularly angry but it does wear thin being bashed all the time and told I should hold my head in shame for being white. I must have missed the day in school when they handed out the "white privilege cards" because nothing ever came easy for me. I had ADHD before they had a name for it, dropped out of high school and struggled for years trying to make my way in life. Had the rug yanked out from under me more times than I can count but clawed my way back surviving the Carter era recession and later the Obama era recession. Now I'm pushing 63 years of age, making good money driving truck and have a pretty nice home in the country but it wasn't white privilege that got me here it was perseverance and a lot of hard work, I've worked with blacks and Hispanics and never got any preferential treatment because I'm white. At this point I don't see an opportunity to retire any time soon if at all, SSI isn't even beer money at 62 and I still have a mortgage. I'm not angry but a little disappointed that after 50+ years working (started at 10 picking berries by the flat) and paying into the system what they offer is way below what's considered poverty income. My Dad survived the Great Depression, he turned 18 just before the crash in 1929 and had been on his own since he was 13, I was raised by a man that expected self reliance. He came from poverty and made his way on his own through the worst of times and expected the same from me. Am I angry? Well no not really but I do get tired of all the PC BS and being called out for being a white male when I made my own way in life through the school of hard knocks. Here's a pic of my Dad in his last year of school (8th grade) in the 1920's before he ran away from home due to stepdad issues, no white privilege there, half the class were Indians. (lol) He's the ornery looking cuss in the lower right corner in the overalls ,no school bus for him he rode a plow horse to school and worked on the farmstead when he got home until dark. No white privilege there either but he was never bitter or angry about where he came from, he became a home building contractor and did pretty well.
  7. Thanks,I pretty much came to that conclusion myself so it's not likely going to happen. I just don't have time for it and I live out in the sticks 30 miles from the city. Too bad ,had a guy that really wanted my Speakerlab Super K's but he's in Ohio and I'm in Washington (state).
  8. I'm no spring chicken either at 62,when I was in my early 20s I knocked around in a '69 Camaro with a big block 427/4speed. Sure miss that one.
  9. Ahh yes, I love LS power, I have a 2001 SS Camaro LS1 6 speed manual with just 89K on the clock.It's loaded with leather and all the caddy stuff as well as a kick azz stereo. It's got LS6 heads with a lumpy cam and associated parts, long tubes and no cats (400rwhp), aluminum flywheel and LS7 clutch with a Tick Perf. adjustable master,lowered on Sam Strano springs with Strano sway bars,UMI tube K-member and A arms and all tube torque arm panhard rod and lower control arms with subframe connectors and a driveline loop and riding on Koni shocks. It's set up as a canyon carver riding on sticky 18" Michelin Pilot Sports,275's up front and 315's in the back. Fun little car that can run with cars that are a lot more expensive.
  10. Has anyone here ever shipped a set of K-horns? I posted my Speakerlab Klipschorn clones for sale on craigslist and got a call from a guy in Ohio who wants them really bad but I'm out on the West coast in Washington state. Is it crazy to even think of shipping these beasts out there? I tied UPS and FedEx shipping calculators but didn't have much luck trying to get a price. I can palletize them but I don't have a forklift to put them in my pickup so I guess I'd need to have a carrier with a liftgate and pallet jack pick them up. I was a little surprised to get a call from someone that far away but after a chat I'm sure he is genuine and not a scammer. I'm thinking shipping costs may well be a deal breaker but if someone has found a way and done it before I'm all ears.
  11. I sure don't miss the 55 mph days but I can still get into trouble if not careful, the T-800 I spend most of my time in is a 70 mph truck, we have a couple that will run 80+. I'm pretty careful where I let it all hang out, there's places out here in the far west where you can really haul especially if you know where the speed traps are. I haven't had a ticket in 10 years (knock on wood).
  12. Nope not an owner I just drive the same truck most of the time ('07 KW T-800/CAT twin turbo c15 Acert/18 speed) and I'm paid hourly which is another thing I like about this job. I don't sweat it when I get caught in traffic or have other delays, that said I'm not one of those lazy hourly guys I bust *** and run hard,61.75 hours this week and 69 hours last week. The boss appreciates my work ethic and treats me pretty well not to mention I'm one of if not the highest paid driver he has. Most weeks are somewhere in the 50-60 hour range, weekends are usually optional but I work quite a few Saturdays to support my hobbies like Harleys hotrods and buying stereo gear such as the Klipschorns I just picked up. lol I get in other trucks once in a while depending on what needs to be done and who else is working what job etc.etc..
  13. I did the OTR for a while and hated it, love working local and home every night. I work for a small outfit that does a wide variety of different jobs, been pulling containers this past couple weeks but do a lot of end dump and side dump work. Was flatbedding crushed cars a couple weeks ago, always changing up do I don't get bored with the job and I make pretty good money too.
  14. Probably not, I drive a day cab.🤠
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