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  1. It appears that drunk scootering is a problem in Portland. https://www.adamgreenmanlaw.com/blog/e-scooter-laws-portland?utm_source=Paid+Social&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=18%2F10%2F5+Lookalike+Blog+Scooter+Laws&fbclid=IwAR1fc0VUtX7VnG4wS49VH9-cwv5RlpUyubDM1g5cZIcCCrIsFuCZR_AyxSM
  2. Well there's still this guy.
  3. What city,I don't need no stinking city. Actually I do have to work in the city of Portland,Oregon as a local truck driver and yes scooters and share bikes are everywhere and they're a PITA for me. At the end of the day I get the F out of the city and back up here asap.
  4. I've all but given up watching TV anymore,I quit once before back in the 1970's and got sucked back in by the original Saturday Night Live. It's 99% crap,can't trust anything on the so called news,TV shows are pretty much all stupid and boring,sometimes the commercials are better than the show and I hate commercials. I'll watch an occasional classic movie as long as it's on a commercial free channel and a few other things like classic car auctions but mostly I leave it off going days and sometimes weeks without turning it on.
  5. Because you can always make some money if need be and you can do it anywhere. Lots of retired guys drive part time for extra money,there are lots of part time jobs available,seasonal gigs,one shot deals where someone needs a driver for one load. I'll keep my CDL as long as I can just incase I need to make a few bucks here and there after retirement.
  6. I'd agree 100%,as for hazmat well there's the cost to get it and that fact that it is hazardous lol. I'd rather not be driving a bomb around waiting for some fool texting and driving to crash into it. This job is dangerous enough as it is,you can make just as good a money without it,just my 2cts on that. If you can go to a private driving school,don't get locked into some crap company who will get you your CDL if you sign on with them. There are plenty of practice tests online you can work on including hazmat. https://driving-tests.org/cdl-practice-test/ https://www.cdlcareernow.com/practice-tests
  7. If you learn to run dump trucks and flatbeds you can make pretty good money driving local and get a job just about anywhere. These are all rigs I've driven.
  8. I still do side work some weekends for my former employer,he pays me well for Saturday work,makes for nice pocket money when I make $250-$300 cash on a Saturday running a side dumper and it's a pretty easy job. I don't have to get out of the truck except to go pee. lol
  9. It's huge out there in the world of CLD driving,what are your goals as a driver in order of priorities. For instance do you want to be out on the road living in the truck or prefer being home daily? For me hometime was a priority,don't let anyone tell you that you can't make good money driving locally. Heavy haul is a good paying job and you won't need a hazmat,I had an offer to go do that with a former coworker but another offer came in I'm going for,more on that later. Another friend was doing heavy haul OTR making six figures but he was never home,he had to give it up to have a life with his family. Some construction related work pays well depending on location,I spent quite a few years recently driving various types of dump trucks and averaged about $70K a year albeit putting in a lot of hours but home every night and 95% day shift with weekends off. Most of those gigs are hourly pay so Saturday work was always time and a half and usually most if not all of Friday. Anything specialized should be higher paying,takes some experience to get into that so if you're just getting started as a driver it could take a few years. I'm currently going through the hiring process for a new job that may well be my last since I'm turning 63 here in about 4 weeks,I plan to retire at about 70. I've been running solo roll off dumpster boxes mostly at my current gig with an occasional semi tractor trailer job and will be doing pretty much the same at a different company (Schnitzer Steel Portland,Oregon). I was chatting with a friend (another former coworker/driver) about not getting enough hours at work and he said " hey we're looking for another driver". Like him I had experience working in and out of Schnitzer for another company so I was a shoe in as he put it so I applied and was accepted pending a background check and UA. Shawn said he made $80 K last year not counting the Cadillac union benefits program they have so I'm pretty stoked to get the job,you almost have to get referred by someone working there to get on so I owe Shawn one even though he gets a nice referral bonus. My current gig requires hazamat and I spend a lot of time in nasty *** landfills,none of that at Schnitz,it's all scrap metal pick up going to their yard,mostly roll off and a little semi flatbed work. So you see there's many options once you have some experience,my new job pays well.time and a half anything over 8 hours and double time anything over 10 hours,paid holidays,sick leave,family leave,vacations,dayshift,home every night ,weekends off etc. etc. I would only go hazmat again as a last resort unless you find something that pays huge. Other options out there like UPS pay really well,if I was younger I'd consider UPS,top drivers earn close to 6 figures with great benefits and they do 99% to 100% drop and hook work at that level.
  10. Eastern maple is much harder than oak,Western maple is much softer more like alder.
  11. I knew the German u-boats were sinking ships on the eastern seaboard and that being a merchant marine was a dangerous job in the late 1930's and early 40's. My Dad was a 31 year old shipyard welding shop foreman when the war broke out,he tried to enlist in the Navy but was declined. They wanted him to teach his skills stateside and so he did teaching many a Rosie the Riveter how to build ships at the Kaiser yards in Portland,Oregon. What many don't know is that the Japanese attacked the West coast in several places including the Oregon Coast. Jap submarines shelled the coastline but caused little damage and they also sent balloon bombs over the west coast and did kill some civilians in Oregon. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/1945-japanese-balloon-bomb-killed-six-americansfive-them-children-oregon-180972259/ After this attack http://www.offbeatoregon.com/o1101e-Japanese-submarine-blasted-its-way-into-Oregon-history.html I remember my dad telling me there was a run on the hardware stores and guns/ammo sold out in a short period of time,people thought we might be invaded.
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