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  1. I have a bit of nostalgia for the days of muscle cars and long hair myself,I'd go back too but only if I could take what I know now with me.
  2. I be one,modern muscle having an LS powered car but I row a 6 speed manual with a heavy clutch (late LS7 clutch) and aluminum flywheel. My actual shifter knob on an MGW short throw shifter.
  3. Not a 403 Olds and not an LS1 either, it's an LS2 all aluminum modern Corvette engine engine taken out to a 403 cid mill and procharged. Far different animal,I have an LS1 in my Camaro it's an all aluminum 5.7L performance engine the LS2 is a 6.0L all aluminum performance engine that came mostly in Corvettes and Camaros but also GTO and some Caddys.
  4. In their time I would agree,I had a '69 Camaro I ran several 396's and a 427 in over the 14 years I owned it. At the same timeframe I like the 327 for it's high winding short stroke over the 350. That said they just can't compete with LSX power,an LS7 427 is an amazing powerplant and the power to weight ratio is way better than any iron block MK IV engine.
  5. Pro-charged LS2 (6 Litre) Corvette engine,yeah that'll do it for sure. Should make a minimum of 700hp and possibly over 1000.
  6. Totally feel your pain,Santana was here this summer just 40 minutes from my home and I live way out in the sticks. I was excited to see him again since it has been quite a few years,then I saw that tickets started at $300 a piece. Well there's no way I could justify $600 for me and the wife to go to a concert especially for someone I have seen before,very disappointing. For that kind of money he should come to my place and play in my living room. lmao!
  7. I got a smoke'n deal on eBay with these guys. https://www.ebay.com/usr/parrishtirecompany?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754
  8. Not only remember and had them but worked in a factory that made them back in the 1970's.
  9. If you mean where I work no ,it's all local and a union job I was lucky to land. I had a friend working there that referred me,only 7 drivers there counting me. I did OTR for a while and hated it,been running local for years doing everything from Chip trucks to dump trucks of all types and sizes,at Schnitzer I run end dumps like the one pictured as well as flatbeds,dry vans and roll off box trucks. Early morning start time is the same every day at 04:45,weekends off. The first hour is a driver meeting we get our dispatch over coffee and a BS session then do a few stretches to loosen up before we go so our pre trip. Great pay and bennies,time and a half over 8 hours and double time over 10 hours. Company supplied boots,prescription safety glasses etc. Company phone with bluetooth. I started there 3 weeks ago and will probably retire from there,5 years to get vested and I'll have a pension so I pretty stoked to have landed this gig.
  10. I learned to drive in a '51 Chevy with 3 on the tree,my semi truck at work has an 18 speed,love it but I hear ya on getting stuck in traffic with it. I also live in the boonies and love the stick shift in my car and shifting it and my motorcycles on country roads. I own 3 Harleys including an old Ironhead Sportster that shifts on the right side like vintage Brit bikes and I have a 6 speed in my '01 SS Camaro.
  11. I just say no to McAnything.
  12. All depends on the person,I kept hearing salt was bad so I cut as much out of my diet as possible. Went for my regular physical and had blood drawn,I was sodium deficient. lol. I dropped over 40 lbs just staying away from fast food, junk food and cutting back on sugar,feel much better and eat pretty much anything I want at meals.
  13. Also whale sounds,they probably use frequencies we can not hear especially under water.
  14. I just enjoy seeing young people enjoying this music. It looks as though the beatles music is destined to live on as classical music like Mozart or Beethoven has over the centuries. Nobody is going to remember most of the 20th and 21st century music 200 years from now but I'd wager that many of the Lennon-McCartney songs will be.
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