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    Anything with wheels especially Harleys and go fast Chevys,vintage audio gear of course,photography and drinking good whiskey listening to the blues.
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    I have two,HH Scott 355/208 tube set with a Thorens TD160 TT and a solid state Marantz separates system 6100TT,5010B cassette,112 tuner.3200 control pre-amp.510M power amp. Switching for speakers that include EPI100 bookshelves and Klipsch KG4s in my den,1972 Klipsch Cornerhorns in my entertainment room.

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  1. y2keglide

    KG4 or KG5.5

    I have a pair of KG-4's and like them a lot but not for $500,think I paid 3 bills for mine. I use them in my den,I have K-Horns out in the entertainment room.
  2. y2keglide

    Beer Drinkers

    Oh yeah,haven't seen any locally for a while so it fell off my radar. I'd rock some of that if I see it anywhere.
  3. y2keglide

    Beer Drinkers

    I like straight from the bottle but I think drinking good beer is more important than what you drink it out of. I like Stellas or Becks,sometimes St.Pauli Girl or if nothing else is available Heineken. Don't care for the domestic swill like Bud or Coors.
  4. My 1984 Harley-Davidson FXRS Low Glide. I rode it ten years and over 100,000 miles and kept it through 3 other bikes but sold it to pay off my then 2 year old 2000 Electra Glide Classic. I bought the 2000 new and just sold it a couple months ago after 20 years and nearly 200,000 miles,bought a new 2019 Electra Glide in Sept. The one I really miss is the old Low Glide,it fit me like a glove and never let me down,just wasn't good for two up riding with the wifey.
  5. You sure it's not bringing a gun to a knife fight?
  6. y2keglide

    Just for laughs

    Lord knows we need some these days,here's mine post yours!
  7. One more that should be remembered. A legend I was lucky to have seen.
  8. How about an unsung hero,Michael Monarch.
  9. I don't think you can talk rock guitarists without a hats off to Joe Walsh either.
  10. Another great. Yeah I know a blues man but what is rock and roll but up tempo blues. He wales on it in this one.
  11. I think Buddy Guy deserves to be right up there with the best and he's still out there rocking in his 80's. I saw him a couple years back,did all the Hendrix stuff and SRV stuff like playing behind his back,with his teeth,left handed and upside down you name it he could do it all without missing a beat.
  12. Not enough in the one a day,take extra. This will never go away completely,all you can do is treat the symptoms and do what you can to keep in in check. I have to wear steel toed steel shank boots at work all day,inserts help some but at the end of the day I can't wait to get them off. I have some comfy moccasins I put on as soon as I'm off the clock. We have lockers at work so my boots hard hat etc. stay there,I wear my slip on moccasins for the drive to and from work. The guys at work give me a hard time about my slippers. lol:) but I don't give a rats *** what they say.😌
  13. I remember that band,weren't they on Led Zeps label Swan Song Records ?
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