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    Anything with wheels especially Harleys and go fast Chevys,vintage audio gear of course,photography and drinking good whiskey listening to the blues.
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    I have two,HH Scott 355/208 tube set with a Thorens TD160 TT and a solid state Marantz separates system 6100TT,5010B cassette,112 tuner.3200 control pre-amp.510M power amp. Switching for speakers that include EPI100 bookshelves and Klipsch KG4s in my den,1972 Klipsch Cornerhorns in my entertainment room.

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  1. Hey it has a safety lock,WTF more do ya want?
  2. I'd love to retire early but since I can't afford it at 63 and will have to go to 70 I got myself a pretty good union gig,$168 a month gets me medical ,dental and vision for me and the wife. If we still had kids in the house they'd be covered too at the same price. Medical insurance is more than half the reason I'm still working.
  3. Indeed,we have some of the best water in the county here far and away. We're way out in the sticks but I've heard some folks out here have hit salt water of all things. Neighbors down the hill have a spring well,I think we're in the same aquifer but our well is 315ft deep,it's a big steep hill. Lookn' out my back door.
  4. Depends on your water source I think,my mountain well water is the best drinking water I've had anywhere.
  5. Sometimes I grind beans when I have some if I want to feel upscale.
  6. I guess I'm really old school,got a blueray thingy for Christmas years ago and don't even know how to hook it up. lmao! It's still here somewhere new in the box,I do have a CD player but mostly I spin vinyl. I do have my PC piped into the system so I can listen to youtube,not a total caveman I guess.
  7. Not to mention these things are not exactly easy to load unload and move around,my drive was 6 hours round trip and it took a lot of effort to get them upstairs to my entertainment room. I did it by myself with a small hand truck,about all I could do by myself.
  8. He was the second owner and had them for over 30 years,they are 1972 vintage and looked like these when new. The guy I bought them from said the original owner had covered them in shag carpet. I thought about doing veneer but I'm afraid with all that's been applied before it would end up a mess. I'm an old cabinetmaker from way back so my plan is to get a realistic woodgrain and textured formica type product and do a new overlay. I can get the old plastic off no problem and the oak edgebanding as well. Some of that p-lam looks like real wood unless you look really close and it's very durable. I gave only $1400 for the pair,one tweeter was bad so I bought two new ones from Crites at about $200 so I'm in them $1600.
  9. Nice but that made my neck hurt.😂 Mine were in simple plain fir ply when new,prior owner put gray formica and red oak veneer on them and added the speaker cloth and emblems. They were designer series I think is what they were called. I plan to do a cosmetic upgrade at some point,that gray plastic and oak has to go but they sound great and I got a fantastic deal on them.
  10. I still love camaros,wish I could afford another '69 but I have a 2001 SS in the garage highly modified,not one piece of stock suspension under it including the front K-member,all race bred tubular parts with subframe connectors and Koni shocks. Original LS1 and 6 speed manual but with LS6 (Z06)heads and a big cam,long tube headers,aluminum flywheel and late LS7 clutch etc etc. 92K on the clock at this point so still low miles for a nearly 20 year old car,not a daily driver of course.
  11. I have a Chevrolet book so I looked it up to refresh my memory. I'm probably lucky to be alive after dropping a built Corvette 427 into a plain jane '69 Camaro at age 22,it had drum brakes and didn't even have power steering. lol) I ran a super T-10 4 speed with a 3:90 geared 12 bolt behind it. That car was scary fast in a straight line but heaven help you if you had to stop or go around a corner.
  12. 602 1967 Z28's were produced and most went to the race track,survivors are worth a mint today.
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