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  1. I recently watched Gemini Man on Bluray. I thought it had some good action scenes and i enjoyed the movie.
  2. I haven't had a much a chance to spin some records on the TT, though cant wait to hear some beats..
  3. I am pretty sure there is a cloths label changing bandit going around.. I really think he made an unwelcome visit to my closet recently... I'm not happy at all.... 😕
  4. Hi all I recently received this as a gift. My face lit up when I opened the wrapping and saw this vinyl cover, had to play the vinyl right away.
  5. I just saw this thread and I have not gone through all the pages so I am sure this movie has been said many times, But currently I would have to say the movie 'Mad Max Fury Road' would have to be right up there with the best of them in regards to eye and ear candy.. some amazing visual scenes loaded with exceptional sound to show case your system. The movie itself for me is a great one also.
  6. when reading many posts on this site of people asking for suggestions and I have no idea what they are talking about... 😕
  7. @ mustang_flht Listening to 'Bobby Timmons' now, I really like the piano work with the deep bass. Very nice. 🎹🥁
  8. @mustang_flht I am listening to 'Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers' now, not on vinyl however 😟. I have never heard of this band unil now, I am very new to Jazz, very new to music really in the sense of appreciation, but I realy like the sound of the tracks I have listened to so far. I find them to be........ very chilled... 😎😎😎
  9. Listening to the B side of this Jazz album, loving the music, loving the sound. I have never really listened to Jazz before but I am so much appreciating the music now. I have said before that I am a home theatre type of guy that is now loving listening to vinyl. I would like to thank a well respected person on this forum for directing me to this thread and all of you whom have inspired me from your posts and pictures here to get back into vinyl.
  10. Yeah Youtube recommends me some stuff that i would never even think of watching. Recently it recommended me vocal coach videos. So i was like watching vocal coaches for hours. I ended up with a flat battery.
  11. I'm enjoying a quiet drink while listening to some Jazz....
  12. I'm listening to some Rock and Roll.
  13. Looking forward to pressing play on this one. I have seen some clips online and looks very intense. I can't wait to hear how this sounds on my system.. I got to go... I can hear the popcorn popping now... 😀
  14. I just recently brought 3 vinyl records. I cant wait to show case them here, spinning on my turntable.... 😀 I have yet to hear them.. Cant wait 😎
  15. Recently I have been listening a lot of 2 songs both by female vocals, These are, in no particular order, Donna Summer - song 'I Feel Love'. Shannon - song 'let the music play' To me both have amazing vocals. If you listen to it and/if you know the songs I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
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