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  1. I just brought record cleaner, antistatic cloth, record cleaning brush. All I need now is a player...
  2. haha i wonder what the "R" stands for in Klipsch Reference series.. My guess is "Reverberate"
  3. I could be getting a table tomorrow... could be...
  4. I love the drive ins, only problem for me is during certain times of the year how late the movie begins, sometimes the first movie is around 9pm... 9PM!!!!!!!!!! I'm normally asleep by then... lol 😴
  5. Lucille by Little Richard has always been on of my favorite songs of the rock and roll times.. 👍
  6. Don't ask.. I really cant tell you.. A long time ago, I found this between some of my records.. lol. I truly have no idea. Maybe someone didn't like the music 🙄 Maybe it was one hell of a party I wonder what song it was.. 😕 One thing for sure its spinning days are over.. Even more intriguing I wonder where the other 3 quarters are..
  7. OK, last pic for today, luckily because I really don't have much more to show.. lol...) Thank you all for your reactions and comments. Much appreciated. 👍
  8. One of my all time favorites.. For me this is where its at.. !!!
  9. I cant wait to spin this one...
  10. All i need is a turntable to spin this one
  11. Congratulations and welcome to the forum... Even the photo of the boxes looks great 👍
  12. HI Youthman, thank you for sharing, it must have been such an experience. and those subs... WOW.. I just finished watching the video and I think it is amazing what he has done to that room. The attention to detail I think is incredible. Wakejunkie is such as inspiration especially what you mentioned he has been through. Another great video Youthman. Well done 👍
  13. Well I was looking at some book titles online and I came across one that caught me eye, it was titled... 1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars "How to Avoid Huge Ships"
  14. I will watch it later toady when I have a chance. Looks amazing already.
  15. Its amazing how we dont know this. At least we know what "K" stands for right... right? 😕
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