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  1. You won´t survive on german autobahns 😂
  2. btw ..I installed my ADC XLM III with the JICO RSX Needle on the modded SME 3009 Tonearm yesterday , have it since a couple of years , but less than 50 hours used ..so it was time ...
  3. In the late afternoon I continued with the bristish jazz funk band Level 42 and their Album Physical Presence from 1985 later Marvin Gaye´s Last Concert Tour , recorded in Indianapolis in 1983 and finally Miss Millie Jackson " Live and Uncensored " , her voice was compared to these from Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner , I mean she has a great voice
  4. Todays sunday was a live record spinning day I started with the GRP Allstar Band , this live Album was recorded in Rotterdam ( The Netherlands ) in 1985 and I was there ! Than I spun the Live Album from George Benson Weekend in LA 1977 followed by Al Jarreau´s first european live concert tour in 1977 , started in Berlin
  5. Ortofon Concord ? Which Model ?
  6. Well buddies ....bad weather here again, housekeeping was done , cooking as well , so there was time to spin the tt the whole afternoon till early evening I started with Joan Armatrading than Suzanne Vegas Debut from 1985 inspired from her it put Rickie Lee Jones on the platter and finally Laurie Anderson
  7. Ja I know this funny movie as well , quiet good entertainment " in the fields of joy " 😂
  8. So I guess Dave´s age in between 108 and 118 years 🤣
  9. in 1905 , so before WW 1 😂
  10. Indeed , indeed !
  11. well ..this is indeed a veryveryveryveryveryvery BIG Miles Collection , I´m impressed @mustang_flht , but I´m missing or haven´t I seen this one in your long list ?
  12. w/out comment , the only one today
  13. Welcome on board , nice to see a new face here 😉
  14. Wasn´t much time to spin lot´s of records yesterday , two only
  15. Not sure yet whether I publised this one here allready ?
  16. and these both rtm ... 11.33 pm here ..time to sleep , good night !
  17. todays vinyl listening were
  18. than a Genesis Session Wind & wuthering first followed by Nursery Crimes than Trespass than I changed to Peter Green´s " White Sky " from 1982 as last one It´s 22.15 pm here and I´m going to watch a movie now ..see you !
  19. btw I spun some lp´s as well and just finished the session . Queens debut from 1973 was the first followed by Grand Funk , you see the 3d plastic glasses in the frontcover ? I never used them, but I shall try because the front and backcover as well as the inlet poster having an 3 d print followed by Focus " Moving Waves " origin netherland issue
  20. just finished another vinyl record washing day , was a hard job to get things done
  21. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Listened to some SACD`s yesterday Bowie´s Heathen from 2002 Peter Gabriel´s " Up " 2003 and ex Police Leader Sting " scared love " 2003
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