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  1. 4 hours ago, HPower said:

    Hubba, bubblelicious!



    I just finished spinning this for the first time...




    As LD would say, "Pretty, pretty,,, Pretty Good!


    pretty pretty cool I agree ! It´s  always pretty as well  to see a german Dr. Feickert TT here  . model " Woodpecker " with a Jelco 12 "

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  2. Snow is gone , 50F here , strong winds and heavy rain , received a letter from my health insurance today , my rehab will start at feb 12. till march 5th. Looking forward  to that health treatment and trainee as I can´t stand these daily pains anymore, I´m tired to take so much pills against the pain since a couple of month. My Liver will be glad as well 😂


    Still having too much problems with my Wlan in that apartment , the providers net isn´t perfect in this part of the city , it´s too slow and takes to much time to load a thread and follow up all posts in the kc. However....I´m with you 🤠

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  3. 5 hours ago, ruralmontana said:


    Your setup is beautiful but I wonder how you could have these in an apartment and not be evicted?  Even in a condo without getting warning letters from the association would be beyond my mind.

    😂 quiet funny ....AH ...they don´t need much power to reproduce a real impressive soundstage and 3 D holographic sound image in your listening room . Normal listening room levels around 70 dBA are fine , but I must admit that I´m a kind of audioholic since my youth , that´s why I have this range of different audio gear .

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  4. 3 hours ago, ruralmontana said:


    Your setup is beautiful but I wonder how you could have these in an apartment and not be evicted?  Even in a condo without getting warning letters from the association would be beyond my mind.  I’m more tempted than ever to open mine up and audition them than just trying to sell them as sealed units as they are now.  


    What is this VIABLUE?  You have your 7s  biamped?  

    Indeed , the walnut RF 7 II are the most beautiful RF´s ever built by Klipsch . These´re the origins






    Here´s a pic how to unbox them , it´s from the owners manual




    The " ViaBlue Terminal is a german one, du to my re-design works it wasn´t possible to use the origin Terminal again.



    That´s the origin Klipsch




    And Yes I bi-amp them either with the ss amp, the class D or the tube monos. The best acoustical solution is to use the tube monos for the high pass and the class D for the low pass. That´s ultra stunning


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  5. On 1/19/2024 at 12:02 PM, Full Range said:

    This one of my favourite tracks by King Crimson 


    Enjoy Walking On Air



    Yeah it´s on the album THRAK

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  6. Today was my ASHRA day , I listend to the first three Albums ......In my youth I had them on vinyl , today as cd only . The Producer and musician Manuel Gottsching was one of the german pioneers of electronic rockmusic

















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  7. 5 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

    @Mycuff   Don't worry about a thing with that turntable.  He's got room for ONE more tone arm!  I can't wait.  I KNOW it's gonna happen!  😂

    You see Dave , the problem is  if I gonna do that , how shall I put a disc onto the platter ? 😂 NO, it´s fine like it is ! And I´ve got an option to make a heavy tonearm out of the middel heavy MA 505 , all I need is to use a much heavier headshell than it´s a heavy one , I did that with my AT V7 MM allready beacuse this cart needs a heavy tonearm for optimal scanning 





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  8. 32 minutes ago, Iteachstem said:

    If you're planning on using the RF-7II's for 2 channel, I'm sure someone out there has a good recommendation for an amp.

    I own a pair of RF7 II in Walnut as well, they´re quiet rare in europe, that´s where I life. I re-designed my RF7 II a bit , optical and technical .  Pics ´re from my previouse apartment.







    other bi wire terminals




    these´re my diy bi wire external x-over




    I have different options to power them up . With a Marantz integrated PM 11-S3 SS , Cayin Tube Monos 929 D, Italien GoldNote M9 Class D Monos and different Pre Amp options as well . With a solid transistor amp they sound very good , with a Class D Solution they sound much better than a transisitor amp, they´ll shot you into heaven using a tube solution , should have approx. 50 W /8 Ohm , maybe a KT 88 Amp integrated or tube pre and power stage like I have as well. But it´s w/out using the RC 64 Center , so a multichannel solution requires another amp. But I don´t want forget to mention that the origin RF7 II have a great soundstage even w/out the center speaker .   



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  9. 5 hours ago, Mycuff said:

    That turntable rig is insane.  I assume there is a reason for the two tonearms, but if you already have perfection what does the 2nd one get you? 

    The reason is that my collection of cartridges needs a very light tonearm , thats the SME 3009 ( left side ) and a middel heavy tonearm , thats the MA 505 ( right side ) . They all have different needle compilances.


    If you want to get more aknowledgement I´ll kindly refer to read this thread 



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  10. In the evenig I spun


    Steve Hillage, ex member from GONG and freelanced Life Touring Guitarrist for the british Psychodelic Rockband OZRIC TENTACLES  " for to next "




    @Full Range  have a listen it´s worth




    Than Steve Hillage again with " Green " Bought it in dec. 24th. 1978






    WoW What a trip @Full Range have a listen too




    Finally the german Legend Tangerine Dream with " Force Majeure "







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  11. Becomes warmer here now, the snow is melting away , but rainy and strong winds this day. So there was time to listen to some muisc 😁


    I started with Nora Jones " Feels like Home "




    I like it more and more ..Tears fro Fears " The Tipping Point " Quiet nice !





    Stunning ProgRock from the swedish Group The Flower Kings with " Retropolis "




    than Steve Hackett " Till we have Faces "



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  12. Spun some jazz tunes yesterday


    From 1968 an Album from Stanley Turrentine




    A Crusaders Production with Joe Sample & David T. Walker , 1978




    finally Coltrane & Burell from 1958



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  13. 5 hours ago, Full Range said:

    Every 3 months I pay close to $5 k to the tax man 

    And multi nationals pay zero it’s not fair 

    Well, Germany is the tax world champion, from every singel € we earn , the net value after taxes is 30 cent , so 70 % are taxes .

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  14. I was suprised from the musical beauty when I spun Steve Hackett´s " please don´t touch " today, it´s his second solo album after he left Genesis . Guestsinger were Richie Havens and Randy Crawford






    than I spun the english ProgRock Band Nektar with their Album " Magic is a Child " 





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