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  1. Isn’t Parasound coming out with an update to the A31? Much like they did with the A21+ etc. The A31 has been around a while
  2. Parasound or Marantz (I have an SR 7013 and two Hypex NC400’s for my RP8000’s) will make your speakers shine with amazing warmth and musical sound. They’re a great fit. Neutral sounding amps (like the Yamaha) can’t compare. And if anyone says they prefer luke-warm coffee to hot and full-bodied - well, there’s your answer. OP, of the options you mentioned, Parasound is where it’s at.
  3. I’ve got two Hypex NC400’s powering my RP8000’s. A Marantz SR7013 to do the rest. I’m not complaining.
  4. I have the same question as the OP (what to power my RP 8000’s with). Have an opportunity to pick up a Hafler 9270 amp and 915 preamp from a friend. Also unsure if it’s a good match. Let’s get the answers from the pros here.
  5. I don’t get this. Maybe someone can explain? I listen to either Tidal (Hifi or Masters) or direct FLAC from USB at home in stereo. you’re saying I can invest in some BT DAC and it’ll make it sound better? I find that very hard to believe.
  6. It’s like looking in a mirror. We’re literally almost in the same boat in terms of room size/description, gear, usage and end target. All I can say - after a lot of time/research - is that I’m extremely pleased with the output of my Marantz SR7013, RP8000’s and RP504C. I don’t feel the need to keep the drivers the same across the front stage. The 504 is a beast and no slouch. I was told the PRO 180 (or 160) sets will be a good match for the heights and rear. Because you have the X4500, I’d stick with the higher Klipsch series. They’re a very good pairing. Post pics when ur done. Cheers
  7. As above, they should definitely NOT sound muffled. Don’t ‘give it a month or two’ as someone suggested. Exchange under warranty if you can’t solve this quick. GL
  8. Yeah I was merely quoting a $799 amp which matches his and gives him a dedicated 2 channel amp to rock out to and not stress his AVR. It's certainly not meant to compete with a $3500 unit.
  9. I listen around 50-60 constant, but things still stay tight at 75. But I’m running pure direct 2ch stereo. If you want to keep your aesthetic and not blow the bank, you could look at this: http://www.ca.marantz.com/ca/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVSeparates&SubCatId=&ProductId=MM7025 Cheers
  10. I don’t listen to metal, but everything from downtempo & house to rock and the classics. I’m right around 50-60 on the dial. Clear amazing sound. The Marantz is plenty of power for these efficient 8000’s. Dunno what your issue is except for the source and maybe layout.
  11. interesting. I was hoping for more blend. They could probably be painted to match no? Those stick out quite a bit
  12. I'm new to Klipsch - not new to the game. I'm running a set of RP8000's and recently took delivery of an RP504C like yourself. Power is coming from my Marantz SR7013. I can guarantee something is amiss, because right now I'm running stereo only (pure direct) and the sound is epic. I mean 'Maxell Blown Away Guy' levels. It's fantastic. Great musical quality to the receiver as well. What's your source? I'm playing mostly Tidal masters or FLAC off USB, so quality is better than not. But anything I seem to throw at it is pretty impressive. Lots of things to consider when it's not going right, but maybe a tech from here can chime in? Best of luck.
  13. Hello all! I just joined here after purchasing the start of my 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 system (I'm tending towards 5.1.4). Our pre-sale townhouse will be completed next month, and it's been pre-wired (conduit) for 4 height speakers (ceiling) and 2 surround (wall). My current system consists of two new RP 8000's and a RP 504 center channel - powered by a Marantz SR7013. I'm also running a Martin Logan Dynamo 700. I'm looking for advice on which Klipsch in-wall or in-ceiling speakers will match the sound of my RP series front stage? Your opinions are most welcome. Thanks! p.s. This is a living room build and not some dedicated media room (wishful thinking).
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