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  1. Hey, I have a Harley and La Scala's, no haircut though.
  2. Yeah, it sounds good. I live in an apartment and those meters barely move at the volumes I listen.
  3. Sorry, $1590.63. New, sold by Amazon, and $58 for the 3 year extended warranty
  4. I have had the a-s1200 for a couple of weeks. Got it on Amazon, had to wait a couple of months but they had it for $1,560 new so I couldn't pass on it. Sounds great with my Technics 1500C, E-30 DAC and La Scala 2's.
  5. I love being 50 and never married nor any kids😁, buy the damn thing if you want it
  6. Can you get a hold of me about these munceycerellia@gmail.com
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