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  1. I used the detergent method on my KG1.5s, no problems. I´m not shure about the chlorix, but was thinking because of the mold.
  2. You can just bathe the grills in warm water and cleaning detergent, maybe gently brush them down. I don´t know how the fabric would react to water diluted DanClorix or something, will it loose colour?
  3. You still got a photo, maybe?
  4. First additional parts coming in: The hat nuts, they will cover up the tips of the threaded rods on the upper most shelf. Size is M16.
  5. Maybe You´re right, let´s see how this turns out...
  6. Look closer, it´s a pair, stacked.
  7. Lucky people living in Klipsch-Country! We´d never get Belles for that money here in Germany, ever. MTC
  8. Granite is a beautiful stone and looks great when used in racks and shelves... alas, for me, the size and thickness i need, it just too expensive for me. But who knows, if not now, maybe later. That TEAC component on the right, is that a DAT-recorder?
  9. Oh, my manners! Happy new year to You too, George!!
  10. Yep, found nothing that will fit my stuff the way i want it to... Bolts and screws should arrive this week. I´look forward to see how everything comes together. If it does the way i think it could, it will be the blueprint for new shelves for all my CDs and DVDs. Potentially i could use space that was dead until now and spread my speakers a little more across their space.
  11. That was the plan. As inspiration for others and for input from You guys.
  12. That looks very good, but in my case i couldn´t fit my center. But it´s an excellent example of what you can do with multiplex boards. Thanks!
  13. As can be clearly seen, the need to do something became over due. The Ikea rack takes up way too much space and, obviously, can´t cope with the 130lbs pf CRT-TV. The positioning of my center is also less than optimum. So i surfed the net a bit and found a solution for DIY that i can pull through, although my skills and tools are limited. The main components will be multiplex wood and threaded rods. I hope to come out with a rack that will be both cheaper and more durable than the ones you can buy. These are two of four plates i plan to use. Holes are already drilled and the left received the first coat of oil. Plates are birch and approx. 110cm/ 43" x 40cm/ 16", the uppermost is 3cm/ 1,2" thick, the others are 2cm/ 0,79". Connecting rods will be M16/ 5/8".
  14. Hope the Klipsch-Fans on the Old Continent won´t be left behind! I would want one too.
  15. Worst i ever smelled was that "Harzer Käse" that my Dad loved to eat. He said, the older and smellier it got, the better. I swear, it was moving by itself in it´s container like a caricature of the Blob... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harzer
  16. Just a little OT but, has anyone here read "Redshirts" by John Scalzi, maybe you Shiva?
  17. Happy new year all!! @Shiva: Thanks again for Your post! Good music!
  18. I used finest grade steel wool as last step and mineral spirits as well.The spirits will take a few days to evaporate, so the color of Your verneer can change still.
  19. I wonder if any of you guys know this track?
  20. But since we´re talking about little Klipsches. I´m so happy i reactivated und restored my KG1.5s; listening to this thread´s music now and they still sound awesome. And this forum motivated me, thanks!
  21. I am Spock is the audio-book version of Leonard Nimoy´s book, read by himself.
  22. Actually the first time i hear Bill sing, well, sort of. Great. Have You ever listened to "I am Spock"?
  23. "Little" Epic CF3s? Like 102 lbs little? ^^
  24. Didn´t know him. Another one on my list. Thanks Shiva!
  25. How many times have i thought or or writen something along those lines as well... ^^ You´re welcome.
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