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  1. Give 'em a listen before buying if you can. If not inspect for obvious damage and price accordingly. Don't worry about replacing anything that's not obviously bad. Leaking capacitors and damaged drivers if present should be accounted for in price. If that all works I would take them home set up and play some music. If there aren't any issues I'd listen for awhile before spending money. See what you like and don't care for before spending money so that when you do spend money it will be well spent. Good luck.

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  2. Shippers do not care what happens after they sit the package down. They consider their job done at that point. Shaggy sits by the window waiting when the packages are on the porch. He's not mean but he is an imposing figure. Scares the sh!t outta the mailman.



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  3. With full frame (36X24MM) digital at 40+MP you have to be looking for a specific characteristics for any significant improvement. Just be aware you'll spend the $$$ on a new system and the attendant learning curve. Most of what you'll see is fine detail at higher ISO at 100% crops.

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  4. Paper Moon is one of my favorites of all time. A good movie just 90 minutes or so of good entertainment. I cannot stand movies today. They sell them as life changing events. Nah just occupying some free time for me. Overdone phony and the inclusion of politics makes me ill.

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