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  1. 12 hours ago, grasshopper said:

    we gonna be eatin' beef. Boy got his semi-annual side of  beef.

    Ir went to a butcher this time. Hung for 2 weeks .... Packaged. Boy had them make some jerky. Converted 30lbs to it. I didn't know places did that. It is good stuff


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  2. 1 hour ago, Dave1291 said:

    Yea, everyone steals everyone's music starting out.  Money is money.  Sad but it always happens.


    You're a sneaky one @billybob.  Just down the street from ya so know where you'll be.   Seger & Funk were super tight both on and off the stage.  That's why they called Mark.    💪  😂

    Not familiar with the story of how Brewer and Schacher fucked Mark Farner? 

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  3. A question. Do the cheap ESR meters on Amazon and such do the job accurately for occasional use? The old caps test OK on a regular multimeter but the sound improvement is substantial. I'm curious.

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  4. It got even better. Replaced the caps after a 2 month search for the right ones. Huge improvement across the board. I have to move the sub now. 





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  5. 22 hours ago, Marvel said:

    Ok, I've decided to shoot some film. Gonna have to think about the shots so I don't waste too much money. I had to get a battery for the meter on my FM2. I had taken it out a few years ago so it wouldn't end up leaking in the camera. This will be fun.

    This my FM2n. I have a Weston Master II that I use with it on occasion. Was a gift from someone online that saw I am a Nikon user. Left by his Dad in a closet for years unused. I sent it off to Gus Lazzari of TLC Camera Repair. Great work but took almost 2 years. A solid piece I carry as a backup behind my F5. Sometimes the F5 stays in the bag while I use the FM2n.




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  6. 14 hours ago, Shakeydeal said:

    I think the “broad swipe” is to assign worth to something out of context. A 50k preamp wouldn’t be on my radar even if I had Elon Musk money.  But most people approach the question of “worth” from the perspective of whether or not they can afford the item in question. If it’s within reach, the answer is different than if it’s truly a pipe dream.


    So yes, a 50k preamp can be worth the $$ if one can afford it and one likes what it does. Who am I (or you) to say otherwise?

    Is that $50K preamp worth it when the $1400 one measures better? Don't believe that to be the case. And if we cannot discuss this why does this forum and others exist? Perhaps you missed the qualifier "tangible" in my post. I do believe I expressed the "context" clearly in my response.

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  7. 9 minutes ago, Shakeydeal said:

    Would you like to qualify that remark with a “not worth it to me”?

    If you subscribe to that method of measurement it becomes a very broad swipe. Some things no matter how good they may perform are overpriced. That is they offer little to nothing tangible in improvement over another to warrant the premium.

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