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  1. Hello Deang, did you replace the diaphrams in his solder terminal dual phase plug K-55V's and compared them to the John Allen's A-55G's?
  2. Hey, I know that Bob Crites showed the frequency response curves of its A-55G and the Atlas both tested on a K-401 horn, And I also know that they ran a distortion test and is shown a 4db improvement in THD beetwen the A-55G and a two piece phase plug K-55V. However I'd like to read some opinions from someone who has heard or tried both. Thanks.
  3. Damn no.. I can get a pair of H200 mint here for 200€..
  4. I didn't know.. Anyway why do to think that Fostex horn can match well only with a TAD driver?
  5. I'd like to cross the A55-G at 6-700 Hz, so I'm thinking to use a horn which have a Fc of 450Hz, is a Fostex H400. https://www.fostexinternational.com/docs/speaker_components/pdf/woodhorn.pdf What do you think? Thanks
  6. Thank you, I suspected that I have to cross around 200Hz above horn Fc to get best performance, I suppose because to avoid getting outside a nasal sound from the horn (?).
  7. Okay..does he prefer B&C DE10 for Chorus II because there is no need of l-pad attenuation on its crossover?
  8. I see that. Anyway have you ever tried Faital pro HF?
  9. I get it, what is the cutoff frequency of the K-61 horn?
  10. There are also the 15FH500 and the 15FH510 which are similar and equally interesting..
  11. I'd like to try the A55-G with a K600 horn... croossed at 600Hz to 6000Hz. Can I know why do you consider the K-61 horn one or two step above the K600?
  12. Do you think sound better the B&C or the Faital pro HF drivers?
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