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  1. I have Chorus II on the front of a 5.1. I currently have a 96db RC-35 as my center and it is a little underwhelming with the chorus iis. I could use some recommendations on a center that would compete that: 1) isn't too large. Would like to stay < 30w, 11 deep and 11 high. 2) closer to 100db sensitivity 3) Would like to stay $600 or less Was looking at this custom made piece from Bob Crites. A little longer than I would prefer, but wanted to know if any had any experience with this speaker? Thanks!
  2. Posted these 2 speakers a couple of years ago and had a few hits but was too busy with work to keep up... now I'd really like to get them out of my garage. Also including the Yamaha reciever pictured. I don't want to ship these monsters so I'd prefer someone that can come pick them up ASAP but if the price is right and you want to pay for shipping by all means just make an offer. I have more pictures here on Craigslist Austin. Make an offer and tell me when you can get them in a private message with some kind of contact info or reply to the craigslist post. Thanks yall!
  3. Craigslist link https://tippecanoe.craigslist.org/ele/d/frankfort-klipsch-chorus-ii-speakers/7298088443.html I am located in Frankfort, IN 46041 I have a pair of Chorus II speakers for sale. One is missing the woofer. All other speakers are intact and everything is original. (*SPEAKERS SOLD*) I also have a pair of Adcom GFA-565 mono amps, an Adcom GFP-565 preamp, and an Adcom GCD-575 cd player. I know the amps will need repaired. The research I've done showed that these amps had problems with capacitors leaking and causing failures and burning up speakes. This is likely why the one woofer is missing. I did try these amps and I just get static/hissing sound. The distortion light is always on too. If that helps anybody. The preamp does work as far as I can remember but it is "staticy" when the volume is adjusted. I haven't tried the CD player for years and don't know if it works or not. There is a guy that repairs the amps at https://www.ebcelectronics.com/Adcom-GFA-565-Repair-Service.html My dad got everything around 1991 I believe. I always wanted to replace the woofer and repair the other equipment. I just don't have the space or money for them right now and have had them sotting around for years. It's just time to let them go. Pictures I have are over 2MB. So, see pictures in above Craigslist post. ***UPDATE 3/28*** I DID SELL THE SPEAKERS 3/30 All sold
  4. Anyone have some advice on Klipsch Chorus II for replacing the k-48-e woofer? - Eminence kappa proLFC? - Crossover mods due to lower the kappa pro lower frequency? Thank you for any advice.
  5. My Chorus ii speakers are connected to my Marantz SR-7011 receiver. The bass level on these speakers have always been too low for me unless I would turn the receiver volume up quite high to a level that my ears are getting stressed out from the mids & treble drivers, before I can feel the bass pulsing through my chest. Otherwise, the speakers sound great at all levels! My question, if I ran my fronts from the receiver’s preamps to a separate Marantz amplifier, possibly the Marantz MM-7025, would this be a great benefit of increasing the bass volume? The bass frequency of the Chorus ii goes down to 38hz which is fine for me, I only need a way to bring up the volume of the bass drivers. I previously had the speakers connected to my old Marantz SR-18, which I had the same problem with bass volume. My living room size is 15’ x 18’ x 7’10” high with an opening to my kitchen, 4’ wide to ceiling height, sheet rocked with solid oak flooring. I prefer to listen to music levels low to medium. If a separate amp would produce a big difference in bass volume, then my budget would have to be $800- $1200. I would like to stay with the Marantz brand since I have owned that brand for over 40 years. If there was a way to bi-amp my Chorus ii’s, I would go that route since my SR-7011 has quite a few flexible options including adjusting the crossovers within the receiver. Thanks.
  6. I am selling a pair of 1990 Klipsch Chorus II speakers. The speakers and the grills are in really nice shape and have an oiled oak finish. I’m asking $1,450.00. You will not find them on EB or CL. Pictures are attached and have more I can send. Please send me a PM if interested. Thank you! I’m dropping the asking price to $1,250.00 before listing them on CL. Please send me a PM if any forum members are interested.
  7. Backstory: I have a pair of Chorus IIs that I upgraded with both the Crite's crossovers as well as the tweeter diaphragms. They used to be the FL/FR speakers in my 5.1 surround sound system and were driven by a Denon AVR-X3300W (105W). When I wanted to listen to music, I would switch to 2.1 with a 80 hz pass to a R-10SW. Current Story: New house and now have a room just for music! Will be replacing the FL/FR in the 5.1 with TBD and my Chorus IIs are now in their own room. The new room with my old AVR driving the Chorus IIs sounds very good to me (with full spectrum to 2.0 and sub removed) and one option is to keep the Denon AVR on the Chorus IIs and spend ~ $500 on new AVR for the home theater. The other would be to get a good receiver/DAC combo for the Chorus II and move the Denon AVR back to the theater. Given the sensitivity of my speakers, and my desire for wireless connectivity, I tried to go cheap and ordered a Yamaha RX-V485BL to drive just the Chorus IIs and it sounded like crap. I returned it. Criteria important to me: Wife would like to not see subwoofer in new room, so initially will not have one, would like to have enough good clean power to not need one I primarily only listen to lossless or 320kb/s streaming over my network I would like to spend < $600 Probably would prefer non-tube because of cost Want to be able to take the optical out from chromecast audio to hit a decent DAC in the amplifier ( I ordered the CCA today with the thought of a good 2 or 2.1 amplifier. If it doesn't work, I will up the budget for a Sonos Connect instead or some other option) I want to be able to at least do bass/treble/loudness adjustments without having to buy a preamp Would like some kind of processing on amplifier such that I can listen to levels well below reference and still sound good For new I was considering this at the top of my price range: Yamaha A-S501BL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Black) I would love your thoughts and opinions on that item given my criteria above. I would also love to hear about used options that would meet those criteria I am very much an audiophile noob; please correct me on terminology Thanks in Advance.
  8. Up for sale is a wonderful sounding pair of Klipsch Chorus II's. Chorus II's are hard to find on the used market and even more rare in walnut veneer. This pair has been upgraded with Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms and the crossovers have been recapped with Sonicap Gen II caps (Crites recap kit). The upgrades were no subtle improvement. This is a great sounding pair of speakers. A pair I would be happy to own and listen to long term. I'm only selling to generate funds and make room for something else. There are a few cosmetic blemishes, but these are highly presentable. They look great despite their minor flaws. There's one veneer chip on the top of one speaker. There are a few other smaller blemishes, nicks, etc, but nothing major. See pics and video below. These are sonically perfect. One of the passive woofers has been repaired. It had a small puncture that was repaired from the inside with paper towel and Elmer's glue. See photos. Any questions, please feel free to ask. If you happen to be on the route from Pittsburgh, PA to Alexandria, VA, act fast, I can deliver these to you tomorrow morning. Price: $750 firm SOLD Location: Franklin, PA 16323 Speakers can be seen and heard here: Lots of pics in this album:https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZUrS8j52BHqMsMKp7
  9. SOLD - Thanks for the interest! Chrous ii Crossovers (Pair) - Removed from a second-hand pair of Chorus II's, that were replaced with Crites. Both were in working condition prior to removal. Not Tested - Sold As-Is. Contact me for more pics. Make me an offer!
  10. I have a set of Chorus II speakers which I love but need to part with. They are circa 1990 and in average shape. I live in Madison Wisconsin and will not ship these. I wanted to try this forum first as this is where the true fans that appreciate Klipsch speakers tend to hang out. Price is negotiable, I just ask that you be fair when making an offer. I can send more pics and if anyone needs more details hit me up.
  11. I have been acquiring and accumulating a collection of extended heritage Klipsch over the last 10 years, most being more recent. I decided to ask the members to help me choose what to keep, sell, trade, replace, upgrade, modify, or put in cryogenic storage . I have a 5.4.1 channel set up in my main listening space of approx. 15'W x 29"L with a sort of U-shape. The rest of the equipment I use is finally up in my signature. If anyone wants to PM me for an offer that is fine, but this is not intended as a sell thread, I will do that later on as a parallel thread to this one in the garage section, if/when/what goes up for sale. I am located 30 miles outside Madison, Wisconsin and anyone wanting to have a listening session may also send a PM. I am not affiliated with any business, not in sales, not flipping for profit, not trying to fish, not trying to donate my stuff. I am trying to contribute here. Try to stay on topic please. If anyone would like to start or suggest another thread to address any specific A/B comparisons, I would contribute to another thread as well. I will be doing some A/B here, but large heavy speakers are not easily rotated in and out. All these Klipsch speakers are of the passive radiator type, so placement here does apply. I intend to move the Quartets off the stands and place their replacements directly on the floor at the same location they are in currently. The single RSW-10 subwoofer, also passive radiator, is currently under the Quartet on the right in the pic. I have just added another to my collection, a matched pair of Oiled Oak Chorus II that will be replacing something in my listening space to accommodate them according to how this thread goes. -My Center channel is a Black lacquer HALF of a matched pair of Forte II + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Klipsch sourced k-53-ti midrange driver assembly + Crites bandpass board + Crites crossovers. It sits sideways on a Black glass tv stand underneath the tv 15" clearance from the back wall 28" up to centerline. -The other HALF is stored with equal modifications intact. All original parts are stored. Condition = 98/100 The other center channel speakers I have stored are: -1 of 3 Academy Black lacquer + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossover. All original parts are stored. Condition = 98/100 -2 of 3 Academy Black lacquer + Original box, styrofoam, and plastic sleeve. Condition 92/100 -3 of 3 Academy Oiled Oak stock. Condition 93/100 -1 of 2 KV-3 Oiled Oak. Condition 98/100 -2 of 2 KV-3 Oiled Oak. Condition 98/100 -My Front channel is set as matched pair of Chorus II Oiled Walnut with Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossovers. Condition 96/100 Maybe I should upgrade change the Chorus II midrange to Ti as I did with the Forte II? All original parts are stored -My Surround channel is a matched pair of Oiled Oak Quartets + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossovers. All original parts are stored. Condition 98/100 -My Single Subwoofer is Black lacquer RSW-10. Space and neighbors are a concern here. The flow chart of the proposed changes is as follows: Should I keep looking for another pair of Chorus II to split up with another local I know of who is trying for a 5 channel all Chorus II room. Should I replace rear Quartets with newly acquired Chorus II in stock condition, with modifications to follow later Should I Put 1 pair Quartets up for sale Should I split a matched pair Forte II and put HALF up for sale Should I Put 3 Academy centers up for sale individually, 2 in Black could be used as an expansion to 7.1 or 9.1 in height/rear/surround locations Should I Put 2 KV-3 centers up for sale individually, 2 in Oak could be used as an expansion to 7.1 or 9.1 in height/rear/surround locations I will be editing this post as needed as the thread develops. Any of my Klipsch could go into my second listening space that is currently occupied by JBL L100T3 and other T3 variants. I did just sell a pair of JBL L80T3 in light oak. Not sure why I would move the rest. I am thankful for all those here who have gotten me to this point.
  12. 2 Different questions for the group... My current set-up is front Chorus II's, center Quartet, KG1.5's for surrounds, and 2 powered 12" subs. 1) Comments regarding the Chorus II's include raves about how good the bass is of the Chorus II's stand alone, but I am not hearing it. I am going to try to re-balance my Denon receiver, but even on Pure Direct mode there doesn't seem to be that lower frequency rumble/pop coming out of them that I had expected. Could it be something with the speakers or crossovers? I've felt this way since I got them, but the sub seemed to make up the difference for television, but not so much for music listening. 2) Someone locally has put up for sale a pair of Belle's with AA crossovers (1979?) but newer sonicaps. Some cosmetic issues and they are more than $2,000 for the pair. My question is if they would provide enough of an upgrade over the Chorus II's for a home theater set-up? I usually watch movies, but also occasionally listen to music (typically rock), so I would want the best speaker for that. I think the Chorus II's have been great for movies, but have not had that punch for movies. I added the 2nd sub in the back and that has added a lot, but like I said with question 1, it may be a re-balancing issue I will look at tomorrow. Thank you for your indulgence!
  13. Was looking at selling some of my speakers and equipment but don't know what its worth below is a few items I have all have original remotes and packaging 2 each Klipsch Chorus II speakers mint condition 2 each Tangent 500 mint condition Yamaha NS-AC40X Center Channel Speaker stored in original box Onkyo Integra M-504 Amplifier still with original box dbx 1bx-d3 still with original box DBX SNR-1 Source noise reduction still with original box dbx TX-3MkII AM-FM TUNER still with original box Yamaha EQ-630 Graphic Equalizer still with original box Yamaha Natural Sound AV Receiver HTR-5250 still with original box dbx CX-3MkII CONTROL AMPLIFIER I think I can only see dbx CX-3 tape is on the box so I cant read the rest its also in its original box PIONEER PD T507 CD PLAYER DOUBLE DECK not in original box my son decided to use it for a school project
  14. Selling my consecutive serial numbered Klipsch Chorus II speakers in original condition. Few minor nicks and dings but overall in original excellent condition considering their age. Buyer is welcome to demo before purchase. Other components in pictures are not for sale. I can ship these but buyer will be responsible for cost. Please inquire if you would like these shipped. 3% PayPal fee for transactions. I would like to sell these locally in the SF Bay Area and would be willing to deliver within a reasonable distance or meet halfway. Please ask with any questions. Asking $1200.00 for the pair.
  15. A few years ago I bought a par of Khorns in NY and shipped them to Australia - at more than they cost to buy. The Khorns are in the corners of a long room so now I'm looking for a single heritage speaker to fill the gap. Cornwall, Chorus II or Forte II look good candidates. The problem is most Klipsch for sale are pairs and I only need one and can't afford to ship a spare. Because of their size most speakers are also pickup only which poses a problem when I'm in Australia. So the question is, anyone have a single speaker to sell and is also willing to help me get it shipped? If I get the chance to be picky, walnut would match the Khorns.
  16. Hello, I ve found a pair of Chorus II on ebay with starting bid at 495 usd !! only 5 days last for sure they would need a few repairing / improvement but if you ve got the materials and catch them for 500$ Could be a good opportunity Me I am still living in Cambodia so shipping cost plus shipping one by one any material needed may not be a so good operation http://www.ebay.com/itm/162227025426?rmvSB=true Good luck for the handy guys
  17. Here's a link for an eBay auction near me. I'm currently looking for some Cornwalls, but have read rave reviews on the Chorus. My question: Is the seller asking too much for this particular pair of Chorus II? If so, what is a reasonable price for a comparable pair? Thanks in advance for your input! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Chorus-II-All-OriginalPrice-Firm-/172236030172
  18. Wondering if anyone is interested in trading these 1976 Quad ESL 57's (physically near mint/internally need attention) for some Klipsch Heritage line: Heresy, cornwall, lascala, belle, rf-7, chorus, forte, etc. Winner of auction did not send payment/pickup again in eBay and had to re-list (again 4/19), but open to trades/ offers. Im here in Miami, Florida 33190, if anyone interested let me know. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1976-Quad-ESL-57-Black-Maple-IN-FLORIDA-NO-SHIPPING-/152061169875?
  19. I've been cleaning up a pair of Klipsch Quartet's that I'll be powering with my Amps & Sound Classic Wonder single ended 6B4G triode tube amp. The squawkers and tweeters both run too high in comparison to the woofers, and I'd like to reduce them by about 5dB. Currently I have a pair of Heresy II's that I'm using $89 ALK Engineering transformer tweeter attenuators (set a -5db). What value of resisters can I use to accomplish the exact same thing without spending $89 a set? Thanks, Mike
  20. Ok I have to many sets of speakers which set would you get rid of? all sets in mint condition. Chorus II Oak KLF-30's Black Cornwalls Birch which do you like the sound of best? Zappa Freak
  21. I am looking for an original, undamaged Chorus II woofer. Tried a pair of Cornwall woofers and the TS parameters are way off, The Chorus II woofer is a serious structure and I want an original to replace the one that got damaged.
  22. I'm offering up a pair of oak oil Chorus IIs, for pick up in South Orange County. Speakers sound terrific, but have a few cosmetic issues. There are stains on both tops from the previous owner, one looking like maybe it was left by a flower pot, the other much smaller. There are also some scratches on tops, but nothing major. For some reason, the previous owner put 5 pin holes across each front above the grill, which are noticeable up close, but start to blend in from a few feet away. Other than the above, they look pretty good. I used Howard Restor-A-Finish followed by Howard Feed-N-Wax on the cabinets, and the grills, speakers and radiators are in nice shape. One set of binding posts has been changed out, for whatever reason, to gold plated ones, while the other remains the red and black plastic ones that came stock. I opened the modified one up to make sure that the crossover had not been replaced, and it hadn't. The Chorus II binding post cup remains, as well. When I bought them, both speakers had aftermarket tweeter diaphragms, which I replaced with Crites. All other drivers and speakers appeared to be stock. Serial numbers are sequential. I do not have boxes for them. I am asking $500 $475 for them, which I think is more than fair. *SOLD I have a nice walnut Academy as well (see multiple photos below), which I would like $200 $185 for, also available for local pick up only (sorry). *SOLD For possible trade options, see post #20. If you are interested, and would like more photos, I will send via email.
  23. Hi All! This is my first post here - so I'm a newbe to this forum. Having owned a pair of KG4s since 1987, and being "brought up" on Klipsch even before that, I've recently decided to "upgrade." I finally found and got a pair of Chorus IIs driving distance from Los Angeles - first journey completed!! (Pic attached I think!) As anyone who knows these speakers knows, they are not easy to ship at 90lbs and over a yard high, a foot and a half wide, and a foot deep.....each!! I thought $600 was pretty good based on the craigslist pics, and upon inspection, they still looked pretty good. BTW - this was my first craigslist purchase as well, and I lived to talk about it. Great seller. Anyway I wanted walnut oil, but just couldn't find them out here - having said that there is a pair of WO Chorus IIs in Reno on craigslist for $600 right now. Anyway......I haven't even heard these yet!!! Once I saw them and condition they were in, I want to give him the $ and get out of there! I didn't feel like pushing him to hook them up to hear them. I spent today doing a little cleaning and firming up the bases as I did on my KG4s years ago. BTW while I did this the KG4's still really crank! They can still handle power and are just really great sounding loud speakers at 27 years old. The Klipsch SW 311 sub woofer I got last year does help out! Tomorrow the neighbors should be aware I'm home!! Looking forward to continuing to "upgrade" these with some Bob Crites "improvements." That journey begins - Stay tuned! Advice Welcomed!!
  24. 1) I'll be running my new-to-me Chorus IIs with an Adcom GFA-585.....250 stated watts at 8 ohms. Is that a good match....too much.... not enough??? Any comments/thoughts on the Klipsch-Adcom marriage in general???? I got the Adcom GFA-585 just a year ago and it seems pretty solid, thought I haven't had the top off and I don't think the original owner I got it from had any work done to it? I know I might need some work to the capacitors and there are some "upgrades" out there...... 2) I really wish I had some way of measuring the wattage output on my my Adcom system. Since 1987 I had my original Adcom GFA-545 amp, rated at 100 watts, paired up with my KG4s, also rated at 100 watts at 8 ohms, I always knew that when I started to see the clipping lights flicker that was all the volume I was going to get and I backed it off a little. Particularly since my KG4s are only 4 ohms (so the amp was pushing 200 watts with them). I've only had one of the tweeters on the KG4s kick off about 5 times in 27 years. Nice feature!! Anyway, I was a little surprised to discover that I could not find on ebay/online a good looking, quality "audio output meter." While we all know most McIntosh amps have them, my Adcom, and many others, do not. Anybody ever just arbitrarily add a set of meters to an amp?? I found some basic McIntosh looking meters on ebay/on line and thought of just adding them....somehow....... Any guidance welcomed!!
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