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  1. Can anyone direct me to pdf copy of KV-4 manual or somewhere I can get an original or copy of an original manual? Thx in advance. Yeah, I know this post is over 4 years old....
  2. Thx, I actually found a C7 (Medium Oak); had to grab it because it matches my CF-3's. Cosmetically, it's in a 9/10 condition however, the right woofer sounds "off", a little rattle. I'm trying to source a replacement K-1062-KV or the new model: K-1062-EV from Klipsch or this Canadian authorized service center (http://www.ndgservice.ca/). I'm thinking I'm not the only one trying to find C-7 parts and just like the KV4, I may be searching for a a while. I'm still keeping my eyes and ears open for that elusive KV4 though. The things we go through for good sound...
  3. Whoever was lucky enough to purchase this speaker, thank your blessings. I've been searching on a daily basis for one and the KV-4 is one difficult species to find. I located 2 pristine speakers in the Netherlands (② Klipsch centre kv4 - Luidsprekerboxen | 2dehands) redirected from https://www.hifishark.com/goto/37_m1644139329/3152745c-853e-11eb-a07a-333530326139; however, you have to have a French, Belgian or Dutch Number in order for the site to validate a user name and password. This is where I gave up. I'm providing this information just in case anyone out there has the time or patience (more than me) to hunt this down. I settle for a pretty decent C7 that I found so, I think I'm giving up on the K-4....maybe I'll get lucky one day. Cheers!
  4. Hi All, I almost became a member of the "Scammed Club". I too received a message from Austin36 and can't find the message in my in my message inbox . In my desperation to find a KLF C7, I posted a "Wanted: KLF C7" in this forum and wallah, my wish came true. Austin36 suggested that I contact sonnhaltertomdavid1211@yahoo.com and that he may have one he's willing to part with. I contacted him and after some back and forth, we settle on $400. Given the pictures he provided, I thought that was an "ok" deal. Little expensive but beggars sometimes can't be choosers. I mentioned the pictures he sent...I thought I they were familiar..and they were, they came from 4 year old post at: Offered to pay via PayPal and he replied: "Sorry, I'm not setup with PayPal as I was hacked using them in the past. Since I was hacked, I vowed not to use them anymore. I would have preferred zelle but I'm always busy with deliveries. I prefer payment via Cashapp or zelle as my wife works with them and she's a registered member so we can easily confirm your payment and ship out without no form of delay. Let me know if that's okay with you and email your shipping info to proceed with the deal." He also said, it would cost $30.00 to ship to my location, honestly, that's when I became suspicious; for I know it would cost at least $80.00 to ship to me from Texas. My bank would not process and suggested that I validate the transaction; good thing they did not process. He then suggested that I send the PayPal payment to a friend of his and I declined the deal. Moral of this story...desperation leads to your financial demise:(
  5. All: My apologies if this is the wrong forum. I'm looking for a Light Oak finish KLF C7 Center speaker. I know, good luck finding one but I thought I should at least try. Thanks to all.
  6. I realize that this post is a few years old but, I just wanted to try my luck (bad or good). I'm in search of a Klipsch KLF C-7 light oak. I'm willing to pay for shipping. I want to match my current speakers (Epic CF-3's) and the the C-7 seem to be the closest match sonically and looks. Thanks in advance the group.
  7. Good Morning All: Looking at the date of the last posting, I'm obviously 4 years late to the game. So, I've been searching and researching for a good pair of front speakers so; I settled on the Klipsch RF7-III's. Given the price-point and not ready to take a gamble on $4K pair of speakers, I decided to try a pair of used Klipsch speakers...you know, a sorta try before you buy.... I luckily (on 24 Dec 2020) pulled up a listing for a pair of CF-3's Ver.1's so, I grabbed them. I paid $650 for the pair and did validate their authenticity (Ver. 1); Also, they had Dynamat dampening applied to the horns and speaker baskets, Crossover capacitors were upgraded with Mundorf EVO and Claritycap film capacitors. Now, some may say I paid too much for them but I figured that $650 vs $4K may not be so bad. Let me say that I'm soooo impressed with these speakers. Never knew that speakers could sound good. And it seems like the more power you throw at them, the better they sound. I'm not disappointed at all. Right now, I have a pair of Outlaw M2200 monoblock driving them until I hook them up to my Emotiva XPR-2. Cant wait to hear them then. So, I wonder; if the CF-3's sound this good, what about the RF7-III's? Thanks for allowing me to post.
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