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  1. It looks like a top for your money, an interesting find and a cool design, probably this will be the best gift for my friend :)
  2. I'm waiting for spring to go camping with my family, motorcyclists flying on the ice are future news bulletins ..
  3. I recommend reading the article https://downhomedigital.net/receivers/best-atmos-receiver/ where I got acquainted with the Yamaha CX-A5200 I have been using it for 2 months already, high clean,the device is gorgeous!
  4. I also bought these things to amplify the sound
  5. Hello! I suggest you to buy a new helmet with headphones. Amazon has a large selection for any budget. Look here.
  6. Starting at 80 is a great recommendation, thanks. It turns out there is an opportunity to find out the best option for your device.
  7. Thanks for your recommendations. The question really cleared up. But I should have been more precise with the questions. I recently bought a ROLLS SX95 Stereo Subwoofer on Amazon, now I'm testing it.
  8. Hi, there! What is the recommended crossover frequency for the subwoofer?
  9. Hi, there! Is anyone can advice, is using my soundbar as a central channel good idea or not?
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