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  1. 100%. Though there are still very good sounding affordable amps as well. Perfect example: I prefer the sound of my Naim amp over my much more expensive Pass Labs.
  2. It's always great to support local businesses like this shop.
  3. I've owned REL's in the past. I agree with you SVS is extremely underrated.
  4. I've had multiple B&W's over the years at all price points and I agree with you - my Heritage speakers spank the crap out the of the lifeless B&W's.
  5. It sounds to me like you have the desire to explore something new and different. And if you are like me - you can use logic all you want to try and dissuade but at the end of the day you will always wonder "what if". I think (I mean this in a good way) you already know the answer - you need to try something new. That is after all the fun part, isn't it?
  6. That SVS 16 is a beast! I love my 3000PB which is a 13". I looked at the 16" but I wouldn't be able to move it! LOL
  7. Yeah - I think it is also room dependent. I love bass but not bass bloat so I wanted to make sure I don't start to get any boominess.
  8. Generally speaking, a good 2 channel amp will surpass a home theater receiver. That is *IF* you can hear the difference, *IF* you have a room layout that can let you set up speakers for best placement, and *IF* you want a new toy to play with. If you are happy with what you have, and it works for you, and you don't feel like opening up a can of worms, you may be better off with what you have. Denon makes nice receivers. Don't get hung up on "its old it must sound better". That is not always the case.
  9. I agree! I really enjoy looking at and reading about other peoples systems and set up.
  10. Yup. There is a HUGE mall here in Dallas that is uber expensive and upscale. The cheapest watch place in the entire mall is the Omega store. LOL And the Rolex place doesn't sell those measly entry level Rolex's, it's the $20K ones starting point. The valet parking is full of cars worth 4X what I paid for mine. We go as we enjoy walking around and window candy shopping all the stores. But it is uber upscale shopping. A high end audio shop would make a killing in a mall like that.
  11. I agree. I LOVE to talk about, compare and contrast different systems and different gear with people. I LOVE to talk with others and compare and contrast our opinions. I will never tell someone what they hear is wrong. How do I know how their hearing works? My screen name alludes to this - I am fairly well versed in high end audio. But I come here with my tail between my legs to learn, listen and share my experiences with no ego, no agenda, and no pride to force my opinion on others and tell them I am right and I am wrong. Let's be honest, it's not like even if we wanted to we could change peoples opinion on an internet board. I celebrate the DIFFERENCES we all like and hear in audio.
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