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  1. whew, i am late to this party! when i first started doing research about klipsch, i did a lot of reading on this forum before actually atking a demo. i was set on the rsw series subs. after the demo, i was sold....until we started looking at prices. wow, there went my dream of having an rsw sub. so then i looked into other subs (like svs) for me, i just was not going to spend over 1000 dollars for a sub. i think this is true for a majority of folks that use this forum for info, not as a hang out forum. so i think all the svs talk comes from REALLY excited people that find out that they can get a sub that really performs for A LOT LESS. that was my case. i wouldn't trade my klipsch refs for anything, and will always stick with them as i dearly love the sound. but also, my svs does things that the rsw series won't (and for less) until that price gap is closed, you are going to have a hard time getting more klipsch sub talk. it's a great sub, looks really pretty, but may be out of reach for most ht enthusiasts that drop by. sorry if this offends, but svs is going to get free advertising because they really create excitement in the sub world, you can't touch their price to performance ratio. that's my 2 cents.
  2. Toyota forum - Where is the cheapest place to buy sandpaper and bondo? Bronco forum - do they make a fiberglass tailgate? F Series Pickup forum - Will 35" swampers fit under a 18" lift?
  3. ...or C17 H17 NO (C2 H3 O2)2 (heroin) just kidding... now where's my rubber tubing?
  4. i bet they sound wonderful, but the design is just wayyyyy to out there for me. i think you either love the way they look or hate it. unfortunately, a speaker cabinet in the shape of a giant male genital region might sound better than anuthing in the world, but it would take a lot of coaxing to get someone to put it in their house...barring a few individuals. maybe i am just not "with" the current trends. oh well, my ole' refs seem do be doing fine without the pointy dustcaps.
  5. where is the "deleted folder?" bet there is some interesting stuff there... ...political threads, JFK, cAIn, area 51...
  6. it would be cool if the forum software would match up identical IP addresses from posters and under your forum name and "poster level", list all your alias names. think that would cut the fake newbie crap?
  7. woo hoo "insane poster" free posts until this ship sinks
  8. wow, had to jump in this one too as the thread heads to the early morning chopping block...
  9. harry, go buy a run of "fancy" wire and a run of "home depot" wire. hook one of each up to your mains and set them side by side, then hook them up to the A and B terminals of your amp. then sit down and do an "A B" comparison. let your ears be the judge. the "wire debate" opens up a big ole' can of worms. test it for yourself is my advice, and return the "fancy wire" if it is the same as the "plain wire"
  10. yep, i bought a run of expensive cable and a section of plain copper strand 12ga from home depot. couldn't tell a bit of difference. if you think about it ... what wire is run "inside" your speakers? what about the terminal connectors? "inside" your amp? etc. point being, if you are going to notice a difference in wires with good gear, you probably also dust your driver cones daily to prevent "dust distortion" everyone will have an opinion on this one
  11. good one, got an out loud chuckle from me...although the spoon would need to be warmed for my comfort.
  12. yep, not going to try a fix on my own. i called and found out that all i have to do is take it to a repair center (30 min away) and drop it off. nice. i dread unhooking all those cables...ugh. even worse, i will be forced to listen to sound emitting from my TV!! the denon tech said it sounds like a bad ground inside the AVR somewhere. said it would be relatively easy to find. i hope easy and quick. thanks again for the thoughts! i'll post back when i get it back.
  13. i am pretty sure it isn't in the VCR or satallite output as the problem just started the other day. the chances that both units that are hooked up to the AVR seperatly going bad are slim. also, if it was a bad output in the auxillary equipment, pressing up on the bottlom panel/floor of the AVR would not make the sound come and go. thanks anyway for that suggestion, the more i noodle this in my head, the more it looks like i will be boxing this thing up. i guess i will see tomorrow when i call denon. just odd that an AVR would do this under 2 years old. i paid enough for that AVR, figured it would last a while. hopefully i just have a fluke AVR that can be fixed...or maybe i will get the newer model anyone heard of denon's AVR's commonly going south? i had not.
  14. i called them and the suggested that i contact denon for a RA # to return the amp, this way it would save me from driving 1.5 hours just to pay them to ship it off. i don't think they will do a swap as the new model of AVR has come out since i bought this older one. i don't think it is the RCA jacks as it only does the problem in DD and DTS NEO. if i switch to any other mode, the output is fine. thanks for the suggestion, anyone else? i forgot to call denon today
  15. ever heard of this? my denon (with 2 months left on the warranty..whew) will have this problem only 2 of my inputs (satallite and VCR) the CD player and DVD player are unaffected. here is what it does. on dolby pro II and DTS neo, the sound will cut from normal, to almost nothing randomly (as if it was a bad cable connection) imagine a news anchorman talking, everything is normal, then all of a sudden, jam a wad of toilet paper into your RC3/RC7 center's grills and cut almost all the sound to your mains. very annoying. so when this annomaly occurs, if you switch to DVD or CD, the sound is normal --- or if you switch to stereo, direct, 5-ch simulated, or other modes--it is normal. so i checked and swapped the cables around and it still has the problem. here is what i worry about...if i slide my fingers under the back of the amp and gently lift up, i can make the problem come and go as i please. also a light tapping on the top of the AVR causes the problem to come and go. SO, what do yall think? sounds like a repair to me, unless i am missing something. thanks in advance!!
  16. ....whew, i almost jumped in and continued the hijacking of this hijacked thread originally about hijacking.
  17. yep, to echo the other poster, try moving the speaks around....not much, but just a few inches. i was surprised to see how much of a difference 4 inches in/out of a corner made to my graph. what ended all of my insane graphing/obsessing was taking readings on different days without changing anything...you will see differences. i think if i farted while making measurements it gave me different results. remember, in the end, the room won't be empty, your accoustics will change, so this is just to get "kinda" flat. all that and if you move your spl meter over a foot, you get different graphs too. i see it as a losing battle, so i don't worry too much about it now.
  18. i think it was either a winnie the pooh "blustery day" or a batman and robin episode...not sure. i still have a bunch of these in boxes, it will be fun one day to break them out for a listen.
  19. wow, thanks for posting that pic. that is the same unit that was in a beach house we rented throughout my childhood. i clearly remember the 8-tracks and the "thing" that is a small black rectangular box that fit down over the TT rod...no clue to what is was or did, but i do remember getting it stuck in 8 track slot when i was young...oops. i do remember i thought it sounded great as this was the time before my family went hi-fi.
  20. T_Shomaker, we just crossed messages, but i would post your site in some of the hot topic threads that you can tell are building up steam and headed for the mods chopping block. i think you are casting out the lure right, just in the wrong place. you'll get more bites if you cast the lure in a school of fish who are hungry for some more "relaxed" bait. if that analogy makes any sense...
  21. i know, i worked on making it sound nice, but that is as good as i could get it. the initial few plugs for a new site was fine, but when i see the following: 6 members 7 members 9 members 10 members 17 members 20 members 25 members that departs from being a "plug" and becomes irritating. the first announcement of his new forum was made on 24 JUN. since then (mostly due to the repeated membership update posts) it has topped the general questions list for over a week now. i think the klipsch forum members have had time to see his site creation and don't need the constant updates. like i said, if folks are going to join, they would have already done so by now. this was my attempt at a subtle suggestion that the usefulness of such constant updates is reaching the limit. just let this thread die by natural causes before fini comes and kills the thread seriously, plug the site in threads if they start turning hot as a place to divert the inappropriate posts...i think you would attract more members if you strike while the iron is hot...as this iron has been out of the fire for about a week now. sorry i could only get this down to about 100 grit.
  22. T_Shomaker, i just took a quick visit to the site, i think it was a good idea, but seems to be a kind of spruce goose. i hate pop-ups and was bombarded by them when looking around. not for me, but maybe you will attract those here who want to troll/flame/politic. good luck but i hate to say that they crowd that your forum is supposed to attract wants more of an audience than 25. edit- also, not to be mean, but the constant "update" of membership is starting to get old quick. it looks like a cheap advertisement, if folks are going to join, they will, and if not, they won't appreciate seeing every 5th membership update being bumped up to the top of the general questions forum. just my opinion.
  23. thinking about how loud that concert must have been only a few feet from the drivers makes me cringe....the only thing i could compare it to was went i went to a nascar race in bristol tn, track is like a bowl, and i had no plugs. it wasn't too bad until the green flag drops...there is loud and then there is so loud it makes a totally different kind of noise...weird, you have to experience it to know what i am talking about. luckily, we weren't planning on staying but for a few laps as we were with a company that was inside the gates and we got to stay for free if we desired. so much for my life as a nascar groupie.
  24. glad you had a blast at the concert but you gotta use some plugs! when music is that loud, you will still be able to feel and hear it just fine. i was a u.s. army tanker and have seen a lot of the "old-timers" that didn't believe in using plugs who now can't hear worth a poop. i think of it this way, i can either enjoy super loud music now and not be able to hear it as clearly later... or i can use some precautions and enjoy music the rest of my life.
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