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  1. Craig, Your family is in my prayers. I have a very close friend who has MS. When she was diagnosed I was unknowing about what that really was. I got the book "Me and my shadow" very good read. I still need to send you a Scott! hehehe
  2. mandi

    HDTV - WOW!

    Okay, Help me out here. If I get an HD ready television, I will still need to get a DVR from my cable provider so I can get the HD signal?
  3. What are the dimensions of your room? I think it looks great!!
  4. Well, I will try to post a pic but this is what I have done. I had some heresys sitting being not used much so I decided to set them up on the rear surround channels, but I kept them up front. I have an Academy center and my cornwalls are about 14 feet apart (center of speaker to center of speaker). I have some old cabinets in between the TV and the corns so I up the heresys on top of these laying sideways with the woofers closest to the TV. The AVRCV (pioneer 811S) allows a fixed 7.1 setting that splits some tracks and always sends a little to the rear surrounds. I like the look and it sounds pretty good, these rear surrounds left up front kind of help "fill in the gap" or maybe widen the sound stage. I don't know someone that has better ears come over and tell me what you think. hehehe I just know that so far everyone that has walked through the front door has just shook their head and consolled my wife. The only thing that would make it look better is if............... I could get Gilbert's Industrial wood cab. Heresys!!
  5. My first purchased speakers were Heresys, but they were purchased with a room mate and he kept them, my second system was the accoustamass 501
  6. took me a while to remember my password, remembered it after I made another account. I am still curious about the one day auctions
  7. Oh, yes that is what I was thinking. I lived in Brussels for two years and loved Duvel. How about a little Kreik (sp)
  8. I have a fixed and rotary ticket but they are not current and I have not flown either in fourteen years. Helis are a blast but are more fun the closer you are to the ground, but also more dangerous down there.
  9. I was actually kind of hoping that I had a really HOT one that was selling for mega bucks and I think I would have still played it just so I could say I did, and for FREE. hehehe I used to have access to hotwheel cars and I would find the treasure hunt cars and give them to little kids right in front of collectors, the look on both faces was fantastic. The little kid getting a free hotwheel and ripping open the package so he could try it out on the store track and the collector almost crying over the treasure hunt package being ripped to shreds.
  10. I checked the ones I have on Ebay before opening them, none really breaking the bank and no butchered babies.
  11. My wife showed up with a huge box of LP that a coworker said I could have! It was actually four medium Uhaul boxes. What should I find but almost double of every Beatles album! One was opened and the other still factory sealed. I have had a blast playing never before played LPs. Hmmm, they would probably sound ALOT better on something other than my radio shack TT.
  12. I have moved to High School football. I can see a game every Friday night for under 10 bucks and the kids have not been tainted by the money (YET). I am about sick of the HUGE salaries (to play a game) and we just turn our heads on the drugs. RW should be banned, but as long as there are lines to be written in Vegas the machine will keep on rollin. I will admit I would take the money if I had the talent so I guess that makes me a hypocrit (sp). So, go Bulldogs and go Hogs (I could really care less about the Hogs, but when in Rome)
  13. Arkansas slug bug - for beatles beep beep it's a jeep - for jeeps van slam - for vans PT Cruiser, give you a bruiser and then of course the ole "ABC" game for signs
  14. Wangdang you hit it on the head. If interested in military and leadership, he should think about West Point, great well rounded education with a military leadership twist. I also second Georgia Tech. If it is a small school, how about Colorado school of mines. Good eng. program.
  15. you looking for one of those 144 month loans like they give on RVs and Boats? There great, you buy a 10k boat and wind up paying about 30k for the thing. There is an old saying, if it flies or floats rent it don't buy it. The saying I heard about cars is there are only two types, those that run and those that don't, get you a cheap toy.
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