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  1. Yeah, just think of it, for example if you find a friend the state owes 5 billion dollars or even 4.7 billion and you get say a one percent finders fee youd be rich. That would be more money than I make in one month.
  2. ---------------- On 2/4/2005 9:23:13 AM fini wrote: You calling me lazy? I'm give folks a chance for free money. I turn people on to Craigslist's incredible deals all the time. I fix folks pictures, explain at length how to insert them into their posts because the forum software is so friggin' unintuitive. I should stop being so lazy. ---------------- So true! And dont think all that has gone unnoticed. fini, youre a great asset to this forum. (Is the word asset permitted on this forum?) Im a fifth generation Californian (5 times weirder) and theres not one red cent at that site for me. At least I dont owe them money.
  3. ---------------- On 1/31/2005 7:59:49 PM thebes wrote: Also there is a lot more posting down in this section of the Board, and hopefully our efforts have helped folks to realize this is a goog place to be. ---------------- This IS a goog place and I love it!
  4. ---------------- On 1/25/2005 6:49:37 PM paulieparrot wrote: I thought raffles were illegal unless they are for charity? ---------------- The money goes to Hope.
  5. ---------------- On 1/17/2005 1:59:41 PM dragonfyr wrote: Considering more Sony 7506s are used in the studio by musicians and engineers than any other headset, I am ALWAYS amused at how so many casual listeners think that they can surpass the quality of the original source by their tweaks and home-brewed magic. Personally, I simply strive for the REPRODUCTION of the source material as accurately as possible, and if the mix or production stinks, then I can complain about it, but I don't pretend that I can "fix" the source material as so many others do. (After all, how many have an EQ to vainly try to do exactly this!? ;-) So, if you think that radically distinct and separate soundfields offered by headsets are more accurate than the blended sound field referenced when the source was mastered, by all means spend your money to your hearts content! And I love(sic) the quaint dismissal of technology simply by referral to a company's name! If only life were so simple. So does this mean that ALL Sony equipment is inferior? And does that mean that NO digital media can pass muster? (After all, they are a primary patent holder along with Phillips!) How simple the world is for so many here! ---------------- My sentiments exactly! I have a pair of 7506s and researched it thoroughly before I bought them and came to the same conclusion as dragonfyr. There is nothing to say Sony cant have one of the best headphones out there just because they might have some that are not the best. Ive seen these cans many times on TV newsrooms, studios etc., stopped my VCR tape to verify they are 7506s and sure enough they are used by the pros.
  6. OK, I get ya now. I didnt even go to the language menu when I watched it, I didnt know 5.1 was an option on the disk itself. Mine defaults to English DTS. I set it to English 5.1 and removed the disk then reinserted it and it was back to English DTS. I guess I'm your typical jamming customer. LOL! But I thought I was buying DTS and that's what I got, so I'm happy. What I mean about the Yamaha mode is, for example, I could set it to 2 channel stereo and that's the way I would hear the movie. Or Prologic II or DTS or concert hall or 7 channel stereo or whatever.
  7. Yeah, way slow here, wasup with that? I just quit at one point. I think Klipsch should give us our money back!
  8. Maybe I dont understand. My Sony DVP-NC685V DVD player sends it to the Yamaha and then it goes to the TV and speakers. The Yamaha determines the mode. There doesnt seem to be a big difference between Prologic II and DTS with this DVD.
  9. ---------------- On 1/14/2005 4:20:08 PM thebes wrote: One original in perfect shape Marantz 8B tube amplifier for: $50, that's 50 bucks, that's fifty schmloas, that's 50 ducats that's ten fins, that's one half a c-note. YEAH FOR ME!!!!!!!! ---------------- Lets see here, you payed: $50 50 bucks fifty schmolas 50 ducats ten fins half a c-note -------------------- $300 total Not such a good deal after all, now is it? Congrats, sure looks purdy! (Purdy? Purdy as a paintbrush eh?)
  10. I bought the new version on 1/11/05 the release date and on my Yamaha RX-V1400 it doesnt default to anything, it plays on any mode chosen. Leeloo oo!
  11. The Best of Grace Jones This is some older music but there are a few good tunes on it especially her version of Libertango (Ive seen that face before). Libertango She also does a version of Edith Piafs Vie En Rose. Check out these clips, they are the same tune! Edith Piaf "Vie En Rose" Grace Jones Vie En Rose
  12. For me, the words Search and Go in white on gray are passable and then Choose in black on gray is more difficult and the white type paragraph upper left Klipsch offers a number.... is the most difficult to read and the one that is hard on my eyes. Heres an idea: Klipsch is a research company, print pages with different type/background combinations and different brightness and pass them around to Klipsch employees and time them to see what can be read out loud the fastest and with the least eye fatigue.
  13. Right on, thanks for sharing that. Thats good exposure (so to speak)
  14. Brendan: I have a 17 Trinitron monitor set at 1152x 864 resolution. The contrast problem is in reference to the contrast in the colors of background and print. Some combinations are easier to read than others are. Most books are printed black type on white paper. If Klipsch is set on the white type, check the Paradigm and JBL sites, both are brighter white type and easier for me to read than the Klipsch type but still, white on black is more difficult to read than the inverse. The brown on brown on the lower part of the Paradigm site is very hard to read. Hope this helps. http://www.paradigm.com/ http://www.jbl.com/jbl_speaker_systems.htm
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