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  1. kain, (i am being serious, really) have you thought about trying out for one of the "reality shows" in the U.S. like survivor, big brother, mtv's real world, or road rules? the casting directors for these shows love to stick at least one outspoken person who really knows how to "push people's buttons" the best example i can think of is puck from mtv real world. you have that against the norm/grain attitude that i think could land you in one of these shows. if you think you get into some good discussions here, imagine what you get into when they mix you with 8-10 type-a 20ish year olds. i personally would tune into that show just to see what you could get into i made it to the semi-finals on one of them, but wasn't contraversial enough to make it to the final cut. just a thought
  2. i don't think that any of us believe that the U.S. does everything "right" but we are in the position of being the most powerful country in the world. the U.S. didn't get into that position through sheer accident, it took blood, sacrifice, and a civil understanding of human rights. with that, comes a responsibility to help other humans around the world. we are not perfect, nor claim to be, but someone has to step up to the task and i see no other superpowers left that are willing or able to do that. of course the U.S. will be hated by others, it is the same reason students hate strict teachers - or teenagers hate their parents. we are the easy target for international back-biters. so if you choose to be a butcher, dictator, or leader who disregards human life...yes we are going to get to deal with you eventually, but you may have to take a number...your time will come.
  3. here is my 2 cents i was a tanker (armor) and it is still male only. i would have to say that front line fighters like armor, infantry, or any front line fighting force that depends upon close quarters with other soldiers needs to be all male. why? in my experience, men are naturally attracted to women (the way God intended) and whenever my soldiers were around females (clerks, supply, etc) it naturally caused a distraction. it's build into men to like women, like it or not, men will not be focused on their mission 100% if sally soldier takes a round to the arm...now if billy the butcher takes a hit, you slap a pressure dressing on him and yell at him to shove another main gun round into the tube and suck it up. if it wasn't for this natural protectiveness and attraction to females, i would welcome any female (that passes the physical fitness test, tank crew gunnery skills test, etc) into my tank crew. i am fine with females in choppers, air defense artillery, and other positions that do not fit in my first paragraphs category. (i hope my wife never reads this, it always sparked the nastiest arguements)
  4. rare... i have cut down on red meat a great deal since i became a cardiovascular man. the only beef i eat now is the really lean stuff. too much of anything (minus ht) will usually do you no good, but i have participated in a heart cath. and have seen what blocked coronaries look like...no plans to do that to my heart so i keep the beef intake lower now. i even like gardenburgers but still like ruth chris' meat.
  5. good stuff...go 1st brigade combat team!!! that was my old unit, weird hearing them called out on the radio this morning. i bet the last chain of command is sad they couldn't have been at the reigns when this went down...well let the book deals start. i can see them now: "capturing saddam, a colonel's story" "spider hole, a soldier's point of view" "looking for a place to poop and i found saddam!" good job 4id 1bct, raiders!
  6. tank - i was a m1a1(d) abrams tanker in the u.s. army hokie - i graduated and was commissioned from virginia tech, mascot - hokie "tankhokie"
  7. ok, i think i have some dimensions for yall on these: 26" by 18" by 15" these are rough but compared to 12" ceiling tiles behind them, should be close by 2-4 inches. does that nail down the identity of these?
  8. either he didn't have it hooked up/turned on or he was a tanker or field artillaryman who has lost the 20-80 Hz hearing range no offense, but your dad may be smoking crack cocaine - or either regretting his blose purchase
  9. i am 4 of 10 clicks on the svs cylinder. -4 on sub output of denon avr 75 dB dialogue of finding nemo...and up to 108 dB when darla taps on th fish tank. rat shack spl c weight slow response.
  10. i have the 2802, which is the model the 2803 was upgraded from. i am really happy with the avr. i looked at it and the 3802 (3803 now maybe) and for the price jump vs. features i would actully use, the 2802 won hands down. i think it is a very clean sounding avr with the reference line and have had no complaints since i bought it last year or so. with the ref's you have plenty of power (90 watts x 6 channels) and each channel has a seperate amp...i thought that was cool. so there you go, my low-brow review of the sister avr
  11. prod, not owning nice gear-leaving it outside... in my paranoid world, unless i lived in a gated community with full roving security patrols and cameras in the bushes...i wouldn't even leave my $19.99 wheelbarrow outside. it took me a while to get comfortable with the idea of leaving holiday decorations out all night. paranoid delusional---yup, just a little, but it makes life that much more fun
  12. ....but sleep could not come to the young boy, so he went to the window to peer into the clear winter night, and that is when he realized that there wasn't a gathering of screech owls outside, but instead his neighbor had set a small bose cube on his porch...playing carols into the night....... good thing ear, he may had never recovered...
  13. tom, are you guys going to include floor anchors for that??? can't imagine what a driver like that would do if it was in a lightweight enclosure. hmmm...maybe you could put it in a PB2 box, align the ports so they are facing down, install removable filter bags behind the ports, then sell it as a sub that also scoots around your floor and vaccuums while you enjoy a movie/music! the "subbcuum" patent pending
  14. ha, i like captbob's 3rd memory the best. i admit i was thinking in today's thugg world terms and not back in the 50's. that changes a lot. i still shudder to think about dragging a klipsch outside. (much less in the snow) i am however overprotective of my speakers...probably stemming from overturning one of my father's mains when i was horseplaying in the house as a kid.... oh the beating..... angry daddy..... no not the dreaded yardstick with metal tip ahh how we are shaped by our past....
  15. klipschfoot, are the selling fees that bad? i never did the research into how to sell anything on ebay...are they a fixed rate or %? all, thanks for the good tips here, i am not too saavy on url links and the like.
  16. correct me if i am wrong here, but back then it would have been a heritage line speaker...if i have done my math right, at age 13, it was probably a klipschhorn. so their neighbor lugged that heavy beast outside AND LEFT IT THERE ALL NIGHT!!! the article stated his father was not wealthy and was a hard working man, i can't imagine that his neighbor was filthy rich to the point it would be no harm to him to have such an expensive speaker snatched off his porch in the middle of the night. the details of this fantastic story don't add up to me. decades ago, heavy high end audio being put outside for the night, working class neighborhood... sorry david wilson - take your load of manure elsewhere i like a real man's story, Paul Wilbur Klipsch, a great inventor, engineer, scientist, service veteran, pilot and legendary eccentric no fluff about x-mas, no house full of smoke....
  17. wow, if i hadn't read that most services will never ask you for credit card info via email, i would have probably checked that out. thanks for the warning. it is amazing how official that looks...even the link with the www.paypal..... thanks for the reminder, it is easy to become complacent with using the net more and more...all the while crooks are becoming more and more saavy. i echo fini: ---------------- DO NOT give out your information unless you are absolutely sure the website/email is 100% legitimate. ----------------
  18. drbill, i am sure he would have no problem w/me asking about the speakers and i am sure he wouldn't hold anything against me. this is tough to put into words, it is sort of like playing spy...without the real possibility of being captured and killed. you get to be sneaky and under-handed but all at the risk of being thought of as "possibly disturbed" -- and with the added bonus that you are still doing legal and moral things. i guess deep down, i have an additional (and secret) level to my maslow pyramid of needs...the need to be naughty. it is just a good thing that my naughtyness only extends into the legal/moral realm as i am a God fearing man and also have a healthy phobia of prison . now back to my sneaky ways...heh heh heh
  19. amidst the wife's scornful looks as i was secretly snapping pics of the speakers in church, i noticed how i missed doing sneaky things. fini, i am thinking that the hymnal is not thick enough to hollow out for my larger camera w/zoom. but i am going to figure out how to get a better pic of these. it would be no fun to just ask...so i am thinking of hiding the bigger camera in a heavy coat (as it is getting cold) and then snapping a few up close pics. i will also work on an estimated size for the cabinets. this has turned into way too much fun for what it should be.
  20. 190 lbs i never really took a good look at the weight on the b4...moving a 70 lbs cylinder is a piece of cake compared to that....ugh. that is like moving a stack of 4 cement bags all at once...whoo watch the back and lift with the legs...and i know that asking the mrs smilin to help move it would be a very poor idea. well think of it this way, you didn't spend around 25,000 dollars for a 400 lbs block of aluminum....i wonder how the guys that have one of the mrs subs ever move that thing into position--bobcat? small indoor crane? ha, well vaccuum the carpet around that glass really well and hold tight, once the initial waf blows over, the less intense it can get. good luck in getting that thing setup and snap some pics of that good lookin' sub when you get a chance.
  21. ok, it has been a couple of weeks, but i finally snuck a picture of the klipsch speakers in my church. the resolution is poor but it came from a palm pilot...discrete anyway, the only thing you can't see is the klipsch badge at the bottom center of the grills. it says "Klipsch" in a 3-d cut-out letter format (not printed on a plate/placard) and the letters are white with black edges. i haven't been able to find any pics like these on the site or on the net... do you know what they are??? thanks!
  22. 70 hours!! man, i take my outages that are over a couple of hours as a major deal...we are in a new area so all is underground here, just new construction kicking it of occasionally. ugh, i feel for you gary
  23. i did some diggin' in the old college stuff and found my old luxman amp. it was a lv-111. basic amp, i found online that it was a 1988 model with 44 watts per channel. my dad bought it for me whe i went off to school...i believe it was the floor model...haven't played it in years, just can't get rid of it - the pack rat in me i guess.
  24. ...smilin was found earlier by police in his home. from what an inside source has told reporters, smilin was "shaken to death" by some mysterious force. authorities are not commenting on the strange death and have no suspects in the case. as one officer said "i have never seen a man's body in that kind of shape before....it's like....(crying)...it's like he was vibrated to death.." the officer also added after our interview that he did notice an extremely attractive "wooden ottoman" that seemed brand new.
  25. ear, i think they are using "super cavitation" to achieve underwater speeds like that...i just thought it was still in the research phase. i am surprised you can buy that kind of sub at circuit city...figured the navy would use contracted ship builders....hmmm
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