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  1. I calculated the meaning of life once. MoL=42
  2. Congratulations, Gary!! Good to see you passing along the good fortune.
  3. Hofy


    This is standard procedure for Boze. Do you think they want to put on paper how bad their speakers really are? That is exactly what I told them after they refused to give me any specs several years ago. They didn't even have anything to say to me after that, they just hung up. I was even asking almost the exact same question as you concerning the bass cut off for using a sub. I have also pi$$ed off a car dealer because of Blose. I wanted to get one of their vehicles but didn't want to pay for the standard audio system which had Blose speakers. I asked him why I should pay for something I was going to have to rip out and replace. I was asked to please leave the lot.
  4. Buy them! I got my KM6s (KG5.5 px model) off eBay for $400 a couple of years ago and I am still super happy with them.
  5. From what I have been reading the Denon recievers are some of the best HT receivers. I have noticed they include a phono input. This got me to thinking, how do these units do for music? (I listen mainly to rock). I currently have an Onkyo TX-SR500 and it does pretty good for HT but really lacks in music. Thanks
  6. First off let me say that Panasonic makes some good stuff. Yes my RP82 DVD died on me last week, but I know of 3 friends who have Pannys some that are older than mine and havent had any problems. I still remember consumer reports blasting the Rotel 855 just because it didnt have a headphone jack. That was probably one of the best CD players I have ever owned.
  7. Here it is for now. I will try to get a new page up soon.
  8. Hi, everybody. I am still here. I work a job with alot of long hours away from home, so I am not around much anymore. This may not be the longest thread out there, but it has to be one of the oldest at over 4 years now. I still have my V2.400s and use them when ever I am home. (I do have to wonder how much these famous speakers would bring on eBay.) I had made a page on geocities with all the pictures but was taken down for some reason. My other one of the CueCat is still up and it is older. Go figure. Someone did a screen capture of that page , I'll see if I can link to it for your viewing pleasure.
  9. So, flat black WalMart spray point wont cut it? I have used linseed oil on a pair of walnut finished Bose speakers. atleast they looked good. All kidding aside, the best thing about oil is if you mess up or are not happy with the finish, a little steel wool and you start over fresh again.
  10. Computer? Is that the proper term for my interweb machine? Time to go listen to some cylinders on my Edison.
  11. Found it. Thanks. Been away so long I am not used to all the new stuff.
  12. I noticed in my personal profile that we can list our system profile seperate from our signatures. Where is this system profile suppose to show up?
  13. Can't we all just get along? "Dodges flying brick"
  14. I asked her. She replied, what else would you hook up? She will have a DVD player and a Satellite tuner. That's it. Tape deck? No. Turntable? no again. VCR? Nope. Most people have already gotten rid of their turntables and tape decks. More and more people are getting rid of their VCRs also. I can see her point. I looked at my HT set up. All I have hooked to my Onkyo receiver is my DVD, Satellite, and VCR. I haven't used my VCR in at-least 3 years. I do have a separate set up for 2 channel audio only, but that just a CD player and a Turntable hooked into it. So now I am really thinking, too. What else would one hook up to their HT? Maybe streaming in .mp3s is about the only thing I can think of. Do manufactures have an inferiority complex? Do they need to put in all the extra jacks to show, "Look how big mine is"? While I continue to search for the receiver she wants, think about it.
  15. Yikes $4000 for the Bel Canto! That kind of blows the budget. On the low end of things I have found the Pioneer VSX-C301. Perfect set up on inputs. It however lacks S video, Component video, and good binding posts (just has the cheap spring clips). The search goes on.
  16. Thanks for the welcome back. Been busy with a new job. Bad news is I work ALOT and am rarely home. Good news I get big pay checks. I see some Klipschhorns in my future.
  17. They are looking to stay under $1500 for a reciever. Maybe more for seperates. I looked at NAD still overloaded on the number of inputs. The search goes on.
  18. I am searching for a receiver or pre/pro unit that does not have everything including the kitchen sink in it. 1 stereo, and 1 six channel analog input. 1 each coax and optical for digital. Is there a high quality audio/videophile type unit out there? Thanks
  19. Seeing how my Panasonic RP82 just died overnight, I will be going with the Samsung 841.
  20. How good of an amp is this? Made in Japan. Point to point wiring. 6BM8 output tubes. 6CA4 tube regulated. Price was right, FREE.
  21. Thanks for the input guys. Guess I should have never doubted the Klipschs. I still may have to try the Straight 8s someday. Just not in my main system.
  22. Has anyone here been able to compare the Bottlehead Straight 8 against any Klipsch speakers? If so what results. Thanks.
  23. I watched a few other auctions for Scott front panels from this guy and they went pretty low. Be interesting to see how high this goes in the end. 299 front panel auction
  24. Wow Dean, I was just about to ask the same question. Here is a site that did a build of one of their kits http://www.triode-systems.com/ (World Audio Kat88) Currency converter http://www.xe.com/ucc/
  25. Eico HFT-90 It is mono without the multiplexer but sounds darn good. $20 off eBay and they are always on there.
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