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  1. With the effort to improve the sound with the Lascala & Cornwall I was wondering if anyone has thought to apply the same idea to the Heresy I, II, or III?
  2. Any one know the specs or where to find them?
  3. Does any one know if cabinet gets in the way of the dispersion pattern of the midrange & tweeter horns? I understand why they're assembled into the cabinet like that, but I thought by now Klipsch would have figured out a way to mount the horns from the front.
  4. Cascade Pride's Rocket Java! Ground to the Turkish setting (powder). Then brew in an espresso machine or coffee press. AWESOME!
  5. My `73 455 GTO! Nothing like burning rubber when shifting at 5,000 RPM!
  6. I have a pair of 4.2's. They sound better than my old Pioneer HPM-1100's, except not as much bass. The best sounding 2-way speakers are Klipsch! My Heresy II's are brighter with less bass. Not sure which one I like best.
  7. Have been browsing other audio websites lately. Seems to be a lot of Klipsch & Cerwin-Vega! haters out there. A lot of people still think horn loaded speakers sound like PA megaphones. I have Klipsch & C-V's and love their sound. I've removed the speaker logos so friends that hear my system don't get biased before they hear them. I've had one friend dislike the sound. However, he owns a pair of Bose Series IV. Some people are just stuck in the mud.
  8. Anyone know the woofer specs? Looking to improve bass, as others have. I've read somewhere that the woofer is designed 6db down from the rest of the system. THat would explain the lack of bass if that's true. Eminence sells a a woofer, Delta 12LFA, rated at 94.5 db/1watt. Think this could work? I already run a 12" subwoofer. It sounds good, but it's not right. No matter what the setting, I know I'm running a sub.
  9. What I have done is this: I have a Carver C-1 pre-amp that has two pre-amp outputs. One output goes to a Carver M400t. The second output has a Yamaha C-50 pre-amp connected to it. The patch cable goes from "pre-amp out" of the Carver C-1 to the "Aux" input of the Yamaha C-50. I have access to three phono inputs in this configuration. Two volume controls. Output of the Yamaha is dependent on the volume control on the Carver. Hope this helps.
  10. Thinking of upgrading my Heresy II woofer to Eminece Delta-12LFA. Anyone with experience with this woofer? Want more bass without having to rely on a sub, which I already have. Always looking for something to upgrade.
  11. Bought a pair of 1986 Heresy II's for $200 off of Craigslist.com. They were originally Oiled Walnut, but now are painted black. Fortunately the paint is one coat and I can see the wood in a lot of spots. I will return them to WO. The serial numbers are sequential! They sound great.! All components are in great shape. Inside cabinets were a QC tag with employee sign-off. Talk about quality! My kg 4.2's have more bass and less midrange. They are keepers for sure. Right now they're connected to a Technics surround receiver. Today I'll connect them to my Carver C-1 pre-amp and M-400t. Compare them against my Cerwin Vega DX-9's. Can't beat the pricing for used Klipsch speakers.[<)]
  12. Swapped out the JBL's with the Klipsch. Sure enough, they're blown. For twenty years these JBL's have been powered by a Carver m400-t power amp without fail. Now in the last three years they've been powered by the Technics reciever. I know I haven't driven them hard, but I wonder if the LF content from DVD movies may forced the H class reciever to clip a lot over time; enough to slowly blow the woofers? Over excursion? Time to shop for more drivers.
  13. I picked a pair of damaged KG 4.2's that need two crossovers and a horn lens and diaphram. Who would carry these parts?
  14. Fredzy, If you decide to go with new speakers would you consider selling the components, minus the cabinets? If so, how much? Been looking for KG 4.2 guts to mate with my lonely 15" woofers and cabinents. My KG 4.2's sit on a five inch tall box pedastals bolted to a 10" diameter Lazy Susan. Easy rotation.
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