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Found 8 results

  1. https://poconos.craigslist.org/ele/d/belle-klipsch-pair-with-issues/6507418611.html Belle Klipsch pair, with issues - $1200 (Greeley) hide this posting © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) Local pickup only, for obvious reasons (130 lbs apiece). Fabulous sound, lousy cosmetics. The grill cloths don't match, and these babies need to be refinished (if they're part of your main show-off rig). Aftermarket ALK Universal crossovers (the originals, no longer available). The 15" woofer in one bass bin is intermittent (a poor connection at the barrier strip on top of the bass bin). I fixed it once before by cleaning the strip and the screw that holds in the wires to the crossover. The barrier strip needs replacing. $1,200 cash and carry, in Pike County, PA.
  2. A pair of very clean Belles just came up for sale locally. I love my Fortes but how do Belles compare?
  3. Located in Boise Idaho. Have truck and willing to travel with in reason. Klipsch Belle's in walnut. Have upgraded Crites AB-2 cross overs in them. Switched to rf series in my theater so these are just too big to move into my office long term. Relisted due to no call no show buyer. Thank you for your interest.
  4. Hi everyone, I am a long time lover of Klipsch but have always purchased non horn high end stuff. Wanted to start a project by getting a set up with the La Scala's, Belles or Khorns (Khorns would not be the best for my listening room). I am looking at this as long term project where I will be making a significant investment over time. I want to audition some first before I buy a pair of used speakers. So if anyone in the forum in Southeast Louisiana would be gracious enough to let me hear their speakers I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone!
  5. Hello, I am very new to this community, starting just today. I am the original owner of a pair of 1981 Belle Klipsches. A while back I had occasion to email back and forth with a tech at Klipsch about whether my speakers needed anything to keep them sounding good. He recommended buying crossover kits. Since I am not the best with a soldering iron, I sort of dismissed the idea. However, in discussing the issue with a learned colleague, I am reconsidering the change. My speakers are in mint condition and they still sound great to me. However, if a crossover kit will help make them sound even better, I am for it and I will figure out how to get the updates installed. Can anyone tell me: Are the kits worth the money and time it takes to install them? What changes can I expect to hear in the sound with the new mods? How difficult are they to install? What is included in a kit? How expensive are the kits and where do I get them> Anything else I should know about the kits? I also have a pair of mint 1978 Heresys. Should I upgrade these in any way? These are used as the main front speakers in my basement home theater while the Belles are my "high end" system speakers. Thank you! Scott in Minneapolis
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