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  1. staygroovybaby


    I have not been on for a while. The forum has become like so many others. Arguments, nasty comments, no respect for others, getting off topic. I love Klipsch speakers, but there are others out there just as good for the same and better prices. Everyone hears different. Everyone likes different music , at different levels and so on. I have owned so many types of speakers and agree Klipsch are in the top line up, but there are others just as good, again same price range. You enjoy what you enjoy, melted or not good is good. I wish everyone good health and the very best in all your endeavors. I,m gone.
  2. Mr Klipsch ( IMO ) was the first to come close to finding that mythical unicorn we all look for. For this reason he deserves to wear the kings crown. However if you reach that status be aware there will be many that will try to dethrone you. But lets be realistic about the unicorn for just one minute. It will never be found, it does not exist. Its only in our head and will always be. So for me, I have stopped my hunt and moved on to more important things in my life. For those of you still on the hunt, good luck, Paul Klipsch raised the bar extremely high.
  3. Great, sounds like things are Rocking & Rolling. I have not followed the Museum and its progress and was just curious. I hope it continues to grow and get bigger and better.
  4. Does anyone know if the Klipsch company has made a donation to the Museum?
  5. Not a clue. It all about the money & what we can afford. We own 10 acres here and have it up for sale. Truth be told, My wife & I work hard and have given to too many people that had their hands out. Our property is valued at $175.000, I hope to net $10,000. When this happens We will go to the end of the drive and decide to turn right or left
  6. Listings will come soon with photos. Going through more BS than my mind can absorb at the moment. I have a set of cornwalls, set of heresys, some sony high end ES gear. Some more items, Just need to chill, Battling neighbors , deaths in family, land dispute, Have been working with a bank on a loan consolidation, the loan was approved 18 months ago and I still dont have it. I see a very dim light at the end of the tunnel, I think it might spell out Bankruptcy. If anyone on the forum is an attorney, I sure would appreciate asking a few simple questions.
  7. My wife, She keeps me sane in all the turmoil.
  8. We don't get snow this far So the powers that be filled the state with the flakes. To anyone who lives here I mean no offence, Its just I am surrounded by flakes. PS I am selling everything I own and getting the H--L out of this state
  9. Alabama 30 minutes from Mobile & 30 minutes from Pensacola .
  10. I man called me yesterday about a pair of Klipsch Heresy's I have for sale. We talk for a while and set up a time for him to come take a look and listen. I live in the country a bit, but I am 3 minutes off the interstate. He has an hour drive to get to my home. This morning he calls me and says he is at my driveway. I tell him to drive on up and I will meet him in the yard. He states he cant come up. I ask why, his response, you have a dirt and gravel driveway. And then he proceeds to inform me, that I should have told him my driveway was dirt & gravel & tells me how I wasted his valuable time ( in a very nasty way). My driveway is a little less than a third of a mile long. I told him to sit tight and I would run some speaker wire to the end of the drive so he could listen to the speakers. He really goes off at that point & informs me , he is going to flag my speakers from craigslist. Has the world gone completely mad or is it just me? Last week a man came over, spent 3 hours listening to every speaker I have for sale. He narrowed it down between two sets. So I politely ask what will it be, he looked at me and said his wife would kick him out of the house if he brought home a set of speakers.
  11. staygroovybaby

    new here

    70;s yes, But i think it went, I;m OK Your OK, I believe it was a Zig Ziglar thing, but i am not sure. I was wrong one time before in life.
  12. Be Nice. Be Kind. The word Fugly should not have its feelings hurt in relation to this ad. I took my Fugly meter & scanned it over the photo and for the very first time it did not register. All my best to the seller.
  13. If everyone on the klipsch site chips in a dollar or two, we can buy them and keep them in the USA. I will go and pick them up, keep them at my home and everyone is welcome to come and listen. I would even be willing to let you take a photo of you standing beside them, for a nominal fee. ( i think a dollar for each photo would be fair.) Almost forgot , I will need gas money to go pick them up. Peace love & harmony to all, so what do you say, lets get those dollars rolling in. ANYONE? ANYONE? ANYONE?
  14. . These speakers may make someone happy. I wish the seller the best. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder. But I had to close my eyes when I saw them. I owned a set of UREI model 813 B time aligned studio speaker a short while back. One of the ugliest set of speakers you ever laid your eyes on. But the sound was out of this world. I was going to keep them and build new cabinets around them and add grills. Someone heard them and made an offer I could not refuse. Selling them was just one of those times you look back and say, what was I thinking. Hope these Khorns find a good home.
  15. WHOA, WHOA, I did not say I never cut the grass. I use to cut it all the time before I was married. Or was it before I found Klipschorns. OK now I am a little confused, Surely I must have cut the grass at some point.
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