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Found 12 results

  1. Thought this might be a good idea, since questions tend to pop up here and there regarding the Epic series speakers. Since the owners of the Epic series generally tend to hold on to them a long time, also thought it'd be nice to have a thread where we can swap info on setups, mods that we've done, problems/issues, or any other info that we've come across. Plus, it'll be interesting to see how many Epic owners are out there and active on the forum... All Epic owners owe Roy Delgado (Chief Bonehead) our thanks for designing these...he did a fantastic job! Below is the information directly from Klipsch on how to determine which of the 3 versions your CF-3/4 are. EPIC Series Production versions – Rev.1, Rev.2, Rev.3 Rev.1 – Start of Production in Spring of 1994 These models had 5" long port tubes Networks used OFC (monster cable looking) clear jacket wiring. Horns in these models were gray in color. Rev.2 – Fall of 1994 These models had shorter 2.5" long port tubes (to raise the box tuning) Networks had a component / value change to correct for the new ports. (The network wire was still the OFC used in Rev.1.) Rev.3 – Summer of 1995 to end of production in 1996 These models had new lighter cone woofers (new vendor) (these cones aren’t nearly as stiff as the originals and can be deformed much easier by pressing on them) Networks were changed to compensate for the new woofers Change in network wiring to colored 16ga. like what is used in Legend KLF networks New horn material that was 20% glass and was painted black. Serial number decoding for EPIC Series models (or any Klipsch model made from 1990-1997(?)) Production Years Description Example 1990-1997(?) DOY Y2Y1 # # # # (135791234)
  2. I collected a few of these a while back to play with... never ended up using any them... They were all labeled K-64-KN so they were originally used/meant to be used in the CF-2 with a K703 horn. You likely already know but in case you don't, this is the exact same driver used in the K-63-KN (CF-3 and CF-4) it was just mated to a K603 horn in that assembly. Speaking of used/meant to be used... I am not fully aware of this guys past life/lives. I know what little I did with it and that the driver still test good but can't say with any certainty how new or used it actually is... just trying to be honest. Driver is dated Nov 4 1995 I have this currently listed on ebay for $130 shipped within the continental US (I would prefer not to ship internationally) Side note: I actually have a CF-2 crossover lying around in the garage somewhere if some one might be interested in that too... no horn though Edit: All of these have been sold off as of Feb 2018
  3. Hoping someone who's owned Epic CF-2 or other Epic series speakers can help - I picked up a pair of Epic CF-2 speakers this week but they don't sound so great. I would have failed them at the demo but thought the space might have had something to do with dissipating bass (1,500 sq. ft. garage with bay doors wide open). What don't I like? Simply put, they aren't nearly as musical as the pair of KG 3.5 I bought two weeks ago. The highs are decent, but mid range and bass are both muddy and poorly defined. The KG 3.5's playing Eva Cassidy "Live at Blues Alley" blow them in detail - and they're not even that detailed! So, what gives - is it possible this is a bum pair and need crossovers replaced? Or is the KG series more musical, more natural-sounding? Is it too much to ask for CF-2's to handle 2-channel duty; are they better as rear surrounds above 80 Hz? Any help would be appreciated - thanks! --Scott O.
  4. For your consideration I am offering a pair of rare E pic CF-3 vs3 speakers. These are in great condition, all original with consecutive serial numbers. These were my dads, he was a huge audiophile who only bought the best! Local pick up in St Louis, MO. Sorry these are not available for shipping. I am asking $575 for the pair, accepting offers! Please feel free to ask for more details or photos. Thanks to everyone for all the help!!
  5. No affiliation https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-epic-cf3-speakers-in/6538681489.html These classic Klipsch speakers are rare, and very highly rated. Go online and read the reviews. This pair was in storage for 20 years, and are in mint condition.
  6. Time to sell my KV-4 - it is in good working order - there are a couple of small nicks on the back corners of the cabinet and the front grill has a small crack in it and a small discolored spot. Looks good - but it is not in mint condition. Really would prefer local pick-up. Thanks!
  7. somebody buy these, i just bought a pair from Orlando, denver would have saved almost half the shipping.ggggg or, if one of you is driving through denver to say seattle, pick them uo for me will ya? help a brother out... https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/6071567616.html
  8. Well, one of my cf-3 woofers has a bad voice coil i believe, it is not the dust cap because it does it with the dust cap off, the spider is in good shape and not loose any where... So that too me seems to lead to a voice coil... Please let me know if you have a spare woofer you would like to sell or if you know of a place that has them. Thanks
  9. Updated price Set of Epic CF-3 Version 1. I need to make space. Sold These sound incredible. One of the cabinets has a long scratch in the veneer on the side of the speaker. I have this facing towards my wall so you can't see it. The speakers have their grills and badges. This would have to be local pickup in Southbury, CT.
  10. I have a pair of Epic speakers in need of touch-up paint. Any thoughts specifically for the MDF front face, which appears to be somewhere between flat and semi-glass black? What about for the black veneer on the top and sides? Thx, --Scott
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I have a pair of klipsch epic series cf-3 version 1 that I want to sale. I'm moving to a smaller apartment so these will be too big for my new place. My cousin sold them to me when he moved to a new house. One of the klipsch logo is gone and missing one of the spike. Other then that its working perfectly. Smoke free home. $850 or obo. I'm from houston by the way. I just want to sale them and get some bookshelf speakers.
  12. I'm looking to upgrade to some newer smaller stuff. I wheel and deal on eBay and thought and I may have a better chance finding buyers here. The cf3's are black and cosmetically in good shape for their age. The cf2's have no enclosure (except my custom one they are in now) but I do have all the parts including the damping material (volume of damping material can be installed as designed that way). The drivers are in great shape. The KV-4 center channel has the same horn as the cf2's. It is in good condition as well. I'm doing some photographing this weekend so I can post the pictures soon.
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